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Zhang Yichen: China can avoid systematic collapse

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  1. senator agrapa says:

    ha.. ha.. ha.. now the poor Chinese can eat three times food because of America and Europe… 1980 China was a poverty stricken nation with a 168 billion GDP only, but China has looted trillions of dollars from American and Europen markets through phoney products within past 37yrs.. However, in China
    More Than 250 Million Chinese Live on Less Than $1 a Day and 300 people use one toilet according to CHINA REAL TIME REPORT

  2. JoesJamesJungg SeaCeeZees says:

    BREAKING: Shots fired, hostage situation at California veterans home.. there goes freedom country hahahaha

  3. Leonard Wong says:

    Nonsense…. China will not collapse. ridiculous notion. China takes care of its citizens.

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