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Zedd – Beautiful Now ft. Jon Bellion

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  1. orochimaru87 vro crack says:

    the ultra song and your music ultra good

  2. Jishant Singh says:

    This just fills me up with life ❤

  3. 中村飛暉 says:


  4. Cesar Guevara says:

    Pi pi pi pikachu pika pi

  5. イニエスタです says:


  6. マイクタイソン says:


  7. おいしいれもんてぃ says:


  8. S S says:

    Still Beautiful

  9. Filomena Mayén says:

    Cancion buena.

  10. Prin sesas says:

    Picachu :v

  11. abizu :/ :/ says:

  12. Frost Katori says:


  13. Jesus Garcia says:

    He REALLY is obsessed with that clock, hmmm

  14. Giovanni Castro says:

    esta chingona su música 😍

  15. Phat To says:


  16. Ali Comando says:

    Dont Try This At 01:25 Ok Thats Dangerous

  17. Yanderette says:

    Thought I recognised this song, it's in the Sims 4 lmao <3

  18. Yanderette says:

    Thought I recognised this song, it's in the Sims 4 lmao <3

  19. old ezio says:

    How to download this music

  20. Tên tui có dài đâu mà các bạn bảo dài là sao ?.? says:


  21. Marcelo Lopez says:

    Este juega lol

  22. Kian Quig says:

    This is so good 👍

  23. Francisco Das Chagas says:

    Cadê os Br??

  24. Elizabeth Reen says:

    3 year have passed, still my favourite song

  25. 沈坤生 says:

    3:08 very much Good listen

  26. Carunmux says:

    Who's watching 2018??

  27. EDM Hay Nhất 2018 says:

    18/7/2018 ?

  28. David Guaman says:

    Hello, who see in the 2018?

  29. apv130716 says:

    Music Power Explosion? 😀

  30. Nguyen Lee says:

    vn dau

  31. Erika LAURA says:


  32. hector andia says:


  33. THE NOOB GAMER says:

    Created by beautiful mind

  34. Daniel Troxell says:

    Kristof Brandl is marvelous

  35. Van Minh Le says:

    Need Beautiful Now 2 :/

  36. Melon Gaming TV says:


  37. min yoongi's tongue technology says:


  38. Fan Alan Walker says:

    2018 ?

  39. Sonia says:

    No apta para menores de 12 años

  40. Đức Ken says:

    19/7/2018 who listen??

  41. aNuGErAh tErINdAh says:

    this song is my favourite song of all time

  42. Vitroid CZ says:

    Whoa, three ppl in cast from Czech Republic, nice

  43. ITz Stefa says:

    This meaning of video is so good,message of song and video is to be what we are,not what others think we are,and world is beautiful with every single person.

  44. ITz Stefa says:


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