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“You’re FAKE news” John Stewart OWN CNN

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  1. 0satanisboring0 says:

    Oh the irony, Stewart making fun of King and Cooper for foreigners filling their slots after they leave CNN.

  2. john says:

    i just watched the whole video. he never says "you're fake news".

  3. DeadSlash says:

    Rick Sanchez… I missed that episode of Rick and Morty.

  4. Jackie Gray says:


  5. upplsuckimcool16 says:

    If cancer were ice cream I think it'd kill people faster than cancer does now, imagine brain icecream…….. Stick to the comedy Stewart.

    PS. Dear god, don't give john stewart god like powers to help the people of the world.

  6. bob bobo says:

    Jon you could say the same thing about the Nazis, they were tenacious they had a strong point of view, they knew how to get things done….

  7. LJR Limited says:

    Lets hear this liberal handjob talk about Obama and Hillary giving weapons grade uranium to the Russians. National security is nonexistent under liberals.

  8. The Saltiest Shake says:

    What happened to this Jon Stewart?

  9. pearlacustomk100 says:

    wait…. so '50 stars', a pretty obvious channel of the right, is using editted footage of Jon Stewart from 2010 to prove a point. So… editted… old… completely undetached from anything remotely similar to Jon actually stood for… That sounds a like like '50 Stars' is putting out FAKE NEWS!!!!

  10. Karma Bankz says:

    308 people watch and believe in fake news. No wonder they can't beat Yogi the bear in the ratings.

  11. Billy T says:

    he OWNED CNN… fucking dramatic titles on youtube are so fuckin stupid. he OWNED cnn… fuck off.

  12. John Thomas says:

    John Stewart talks good smack but he doesn't know what he is talking about… but if he did know, he would lose viewers doesn't get

  13. charles lewis says:

    Jon Stewart is the only libtard based in reality, and with a pair of nuts. Always has been. Even when you disagree with him he can make you laugh at both his and your view, can’t beat that.
    Trevor Noah is everything he wasn’t and made a good show unwatchable. I need a leftist with a brain I can watch.

  14. Octavian Caesar Hibernicus says:

    What the hell's a parkasmitzer?

  15. silkyskills85 says:

    Everybody arguing over left and right, liberal and conservative. Nobody seems to wanna think for themselves anymore they just wanna go with the group. You are not a liberal or a conservative, you are a fucking individual with your own brain. Use it.

  16. Michael Root says:


  17. Antonio C says:

    John Stewart is a perfect example of "You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain." He used to call out a lot of hypocrisy on both sides in the media, now he's just a soros owned puppet to the liberal media. He became what he hated. Lunatic

  18. Douglas Freeman says:

    That was hilarious you the last person out of a burning building that was awesome

  19. Politech says:

    they are trying to create FAKE HISTORY for the future. Fake news is all propaganda for the future! https://politictech.wordpress.com/2017/10/27/mainstream-propaganda-fake-news-fake-history/

  20. Adam Finnegan says:

    True and honest to god man Stewart is, he goes on cnn and basically says that even though he doesn't agree with them fox does their job better than better than cnn does. Fox is the only major republican network and there like 7 dem networks, 8 if you appreciate comedy (cnn) and everyone knows it

  21. Kelly Pagano says:

    I was with him until he said Anderson is doing a good job

  22. Skinny Dugan says:

    Like a bunch of babies who didn't get what they want and r having a tantrum now fucking scumbags

  23. CB775NT says:

    Fox is way better than fully fake CNN, but Fox is still fake news as they always agree with leftist media about all fake terror attacks "false flags" like Vegas, Sandy Hook, Boston fake bombing, Aurora, 911, OKC, all British fake truck attacks, fake concert attacks, etc. BTW all entertainment is fully controlled by "occultist jews" loyal to Satan and deal with him directly. That's sports, movies, tv, music, and any big money entertainment.

  24. mike smith says:

    I'm not a big John Stewart guy but that was great . lol

  25. John Sullivan says:

    Stewart Slamming The Clinton News Network as…

  26. ron stewart says:


  27. Brock Neilon says:

    The thing about people like John, they aren't moved by emotions like so many these days and if human beings have one thing we should NOT be swayed by it's our emotions. Yes they are important but logic should beat emotions every time it can effect someones life intensely.

  28. Jesse Curle says:

    Chad Nationalism is the future. That is all.

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