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Your World With Neil Cavuto 10/17/17 | Fox News Today October 17, 2017

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  1. Gerry Fernandez says:

    Rob O'Neill knows the score. There is a monolith called Islam but is is founded on lies. They want to kill or subjugate us but have been unable to unite sufficiently to complete the task. They fight and kill each other almost as viciously as they kill us kaffir. Unfortunately most of the "elite" outside of this murderous ideology think it is islamophobic to even have a conversation about the goals of islam. Every civilization or culture it has infected has been assimilated or has fought to resist.
    We have imported Islam to the west not realizing that the Ideology itself is the Trojan Horse. Leftist, atheistic ideology has pervaded the educational system, the mainstream media and liberal politics. We are soft and blind because of this.
    Most of us (including moderate muslims) need a "Red Pill" experience

  2. Edith Rose says:

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    The Players Football, and Others are WRONG for KNEELING~ This is not for anything they are saying but it is in the black Neighborhood says it is to stand against WHITE GEOCIDE! And the White people do not even know what the cause is for! in 2019 to 2028 a white Geocide has been created in the black race. It is in the muslim bible to kill all whites and make a Black America that is Islam.

    Islam Bible
    Pslam Bible?

    See the problem! Why they are saying the Bible was taken from Islam Bible and History.

  3. jillian Sanschagrin says:

    I'm actually pissed about this Obamacare crap

  4. Jacko B says:

    That green beret guy needs to butt out because he is an idiot. You cannot have the president of the U.S. blackmailed into submission. Fk the NFL, it is a racist organisation that is protesting white America.

  5. Dominick Delaurentis says:

    NFL is racist

  6. Dominick Delaurentis says:

    I love fox. The mainstream media is obsessed with a war on cops & white Americans. I don’t pay them any attention anymore. They say white Americans are racist while they behave racist not us

  7. Dominick Delaurentis says:

    Neil is one of the best people

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