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World War 3: US ready to STRIKE North Korea after years of NUCLEAR BLACKMAIL

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  1. Raju Raju says:

    Good Kim Jong

  2. Tariq Anwar says:

    . media is like a cat on the wall .

  3. Tariq Anwar says:

    media is Wall's cat

  4. Mohammed Navi says:

    very good Kim Jong

  5. Nikki Kelley says:

    You have to

  6. Qader Shah says:

    Tere baap bhookla rahahay pooray India bhookla raha hay America k lien kim is brave and honest leader of North korea.

  7. Fahad Khan says:

    india is fake news channel

  8. Biswajit Das says:

    Tu chup kar lier rendy

  9. Rajendra Saras says:

    News tricks give date and time in video to avoid confusion

  10. Syed Amjad says:


  11. Ziaul Hoque says:

    Uttar korea already ready to fight with america but america take tv channel n anchor about fight with kim jung ??????

  12. vibhesh kumar says:

    Kim jong powerful man

  13. Hafijul Sk says:

    Super power abhi oo

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