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Woman Dubbed ‘Permit Patty’ Has Gotten Death Threats Over Calling Police On Little Girl | TIME

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  1. just a NBA PLayER says:

    I don't care. She really deserves it and she gotta face the consequences for her actions and death threats is the right decision

  2. C.R. Evans says:

    pls tell me why she took did a photo shoot with time magazine like she is a celebrity when she is really a monster

  3. Greg Wallace says:


  4. MikeJ 2016 says:

    She’s a lying bitch she said she was pretending to call the police they have 911 recording of her calling the police. that white trash jar of mayonnaise should drop fucking dead.

  5. coolshariq says:

    Cry me river racist fat bitch you deserve it.

  6. King OfAllDishwashers says:


  7. Kolbe Sparks says:

    Idk if she deserves death threats but she deserves all the hate she can possibly get.

  8. Odyssey to Jérémie says:

    Good. Hope she dies.

  9. Sa Sa says:

    she beefy like bbq becky

  10. MichaelWilliamH says:

    Well deserved.

  11. FULL MOON says:

    What about the horrible discrimination for all non white people…..? How about when white little girls sell lemonade out of their house? do they need a permit too? This is not right!

  12. FAMOUS LOS says:

    She deserves it

  13. FAMOUS LOS says:

    More like chicken patty

  14. Karena Colon says:

    Maybe next time she won’t pretend to treat to a child. It’s too late to apologize now she is sorry cuz she is getting treats. What comes around goes around. U should have been so rude

  15. Dark Side83 says:

    She learn her lesson.

  16. zealuv African says:

    I feel sorry for white people at this time. If she never called police what's the noise about. If it were reverse no one will hear of it. Reverse racism. Sorry white people.

  17. LightGuard 112 says:

    Thats what she gets for being crap to people on the internet

  18. Kerri Jane says:

    Crocodile tears

  19. 1 BiggSUMO says:

    She did call the police the audio is leaked lol what a lying ass racist

  20. Yung Rome says:

    Lmao off at her victim playing. I don't believe any of the death threats. Death threats are a white ppl tactic of fear.

  21. Professor Sweetmeat says:

    So? Who hasn't received death threats?

  22. Tru Story says:

    She should, wake her ass up.

  23. Tru Story says:

    This is what you get you piece of Shit

  24. Onetazien says:

    She feels sorry for herself. Crocodile tears.

  25. Jeff Sulyma says:

    Permit Patty can eat my butt.

  26. Mohamed Jama says:

    Fake tear fake apology anyone can tell that. She is horrible person

  27. K. says:

    She claims that she was pretending to call 911, she also claims that she called the security guard and not 911. Inside Edition had proof that she called 911. She said she was being respectful, when she really wasn’t. She’s literally a liar.

  28. Billy Ray Valentine says:

    Women and their petty power plays.

  29. A J says:

    white women over 30 who are seeking attention.

  30. Darth Heisenberg says:

    Typical Trumptard!!! Always blaming minorities for their insecurities lmao!!!

  31. og Diss says:

    Good we gotta get rid of these

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