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Will Pompeo’s North Korea trip quiet the fray over his State Department nomination?

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  1. 1 says:

    kimmchi kim has alot to lose can you say saddam wait and see

  2. Green Onions says:

    No if Trump fired Muller it would look like an adult shutting down a bunch of three year old wasteful money spending corrupt dirty sell out their own country (to terrorists?) liars throwing a temper tantrum.

  3. twaters57 says:

    After what happen in Iraq and Libya and what just happen in Syria, North Korea would be idiots to get rid of their nuclear weapons.

  4. Bill Smith says:

    Congress needs to Vote for Mike Pompeo for Secretary of State to help Trump bring peace with North Korea in our lifetime. Bringing peace with North Korea would help members of Congress be reelected in 2018.

  5. blanca José says:

    The plan is to turn over the ME to the terrorist state of Israel. Nothing more you need to know.

  6. TheCarin12 says:

    Is it legal for a citizen to travel to another country and engage in diplomacy?

  7. Leonardo Jenner says:

    Is Kim jung Un really that stupit for letting American Zionic Neocons intimate and manipulate North Koreans to end their Nuclear programs?
    Only the North Korean nuclear defence programs are the only guarantee that Americans not attacking them!

  8. Jay Ramon says:

    awesome…. Larry is the true journalist and reporter….

  9. Tommy Cease says:

    Thanks Russian propaganda whores

  10. Cyber Stressout says:

    We still dealing with a lot of "non-senses" in the crazy Trump administration. While American People "real issues" still being ignored by both parties and the media still playing a low entertainment role for distraction and cheap propaganda.

  11. Christopher Anthony says:

    This Chris Shay is a goddamn dumb dick … this stupid motherfucker is an insider and repeats the Government propaganda … the dossier was fucking fake … there is no Russia collusion to help Trump in the election. Trump won out over 17 other Republican DUMB DICKS in the primary to get the fucking nomination. Because Trump is a fucking Duck and all you fucking Talking Heads got it wrong along with the two-face corporate cock sucking WHORE HillBilly Clinton you have to save face and blame it on some outside force of EVIL who helped this fucking JOKE win the POTUS position so you stupid motherfuckers can sleep at night and fuck your wife with some kind of respect … learn to report the FACTS, Larry … stop being a Bubble Gum Talking Head

  12. Chris Weinert says:

    Mueller pt 3 is just as corrupt as Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, etc.- or else he wouldn't be there in the first place!
    How has HRC not been executed for treason, election fraud, meddling, war crimes, etc?

  13. Chris Weinert says:

    AIPAC is who you should ask, regarding our foreign policies in the middle east.

  14. Mueller Trumpsbane says:

    Trump has given Kim Jung exactly what he wants a voice on the world stage, he has no less than 5 countries wanting meetings with him, Trump has already failed

  15. HBC423 says:

    did y'all hire Larry King?

  16. Daniel Baro says:

    I had no idea Larry was still around. Takes me back

  17. extra solar says:

    depends on whos context of 'concern' gets questioned. for the corrupt shamed power authority obsessed election rigging dnc, no, they want 'their guy' which pompeo is not, despite his lack of 'respect' for moscows military insecurity lectures. for the fanatical 'neocon' obsessed truthers who conveniently fail to frame the proper definitions or acknowledge the presidents consistent pre and post election victory public affirmation for pompeos and several others expertise, its quite possible. for much of the national leadership and americans that recognize various communication content fluency advantages suited towards resolving advanced diplomatic realities, of course.

  18. John Bush says:

    All you bolsheviks go screw yourselves.VIV LES DEPLORABLES.

  19. Sinjinbin 64 says:

    Who knows? Will Jesus return?

  20. Benny Harriston says:

    no wonder this guy is former

  21. Phil Everitt says:


  22. Крах Росії says:

    The Putin Tribunal is waiting for Georgia, Syria, Ukraine …

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