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Why Trump should meet with Putin

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  1. nighttr says:

    I Would guess PUT IN will have top!!!!

  2. sam Iaint says:

    Maybe Trump will finally get his hotel in Moscow.

  3. Tyler Collins says:

    I think Putin is a good guy, he's being setup to be the bad guy!

  4. John O'Connell says:

    A heavily armed Christian nation. Why not at least TRY to reach a mutual agreement. It’s a new day. Lets explore the possibilities.

  5. 7700778737 says:

    Comrade Trump is an enemy of the truth.

  6. Future Hindsight says:

    Putin is Trumps boss. Putin shot down a civilian airliner and Trump kissed his behind!
    Putin is a terrorist, Trump loves him.

  7. Future Hindsight says:


  8. Joachim W says:

    The takeover begins soon do not resist it will only make it worse Sorry America democracy is overrated

  9. Scott Mckenzie says:

    Trump so happy to see his daddy and make sure daddy doesn't cut off his boy since no banks in the US will touch deadbeat Donnie.

  10. Redscope says:

    Trump to meet with putin to get his new orders or maybe get a medal for turning the USA against its allies.

  11. spliffsperlunk says:

    Why? Because it will make Demtards heads explode.

  12. Robert Manders says:

    Because Trump will drop to his knees and suck his dick. I bet even lets Putin pee on him.

  13. Rae West says:

    Trump should meet with Putin because 'The Donald"needs to get his next batch of orders from his boss.. He will then proceed to give Vlad a New York sized hummer and rim job. The end.

  14. Henrik Larsen says:

    Because he need new instructions!!!!

  15. You're A Walking Dead And Do Know Its Sure Now says:

    Go hug and cheek to cheek it buddy.

  16. GiarkReleos says:

    To get permission to remove russian nukes & rocketry from N.Korea… oh and to collect his pay cheque of course.

  17. Sails Fast says:

    Friends close, enemies closer.

  18. rpc says:

    Time to improve US – Russia Relations. It's long overdue.

  19. DudeWatches says:

    You guys realize your traitors right? Cool, just making sure.

  20. Michael Newell says:

    Because they're great buddies and Trump likes to suck the Russian dictators massive cock! Up yours Fox news. I thought it was supposed to be America first but apparently Russia is.

  21. kp ps says:

    So he can thank him personally for rigging the presidental elections…then trump can also just stay in Russia too..don't forget your non American wife..

  22. Igor Zorin says:

    Baltic states and Poland what? Can anyone name one thing bad or good Russia did to those countries?
    You know what Russia did in western countries with elections? No. You don’t. Because Russia did nothing but lying western propaganda said Russia did.
    What Russia does in Syria? Russia stops the war you started.
    All the problems between Russia and Unite States caused by the fact that Russia is just a normal country and United States are the pure Evil. Stop being pure Evil and will be just fine.

  23. freewillobjector says:

    Trump should meet anyone. The rest of what this guy says is utter bullshit!

  24. Chris Van Bekkum says:

    Despit the ideological differences ( perhaps) , they both are realists and could present a united front against the real enemy , islam.

  25. Immaculate Heart says:

    The best way for both nations is to stop war and begin to work for world peace. China will invade Russia and Russia will have to get help from the US. Don't believe me, check out the Chinese policy for 21 century.

  26. AlexHector says:


  27. Stan M says:

    SO he and only he can build a hotel…

  28. Joshua Paul says:

    It will drive corrupt Washington establishment and fake news MSM nuts. I love it.

  29. Edward Overkleeft says:

    Ok, so what benifit do we get out of talking? The US has spent Trillions of dollars on Military Equipment over decades to keep pace with Russian weapons. We sell military hardware to our allies to counter Russian sales to their allies. They are our foes let's not bullshit ourselves. Russia wants the destruction of US democracy and Christian beliefs. Do you think Russia builds Nuclear Submarines for recreation. You folks that support Trump on his Russian love affair are clueless and would follow him into a bottomless pit. RUSSIA IS AN ENEMY. Remember COMMUNISM!

  30. EC S says:

    Trump Nazis should not be given due process when the time comes to send all of them to prison for treason!

  31. Ann Kelly says:

    And there's been transgressions by the US? Seriously?!!

  32. Ann Kelly says:

    Russia will NEVER be part of NATO, why would this guy think they would want that?

  33. Gary Sipes says:

    I believe its always bin a good idea and it should of done bin over with

  34. Dennis Kinch says:

    How in the Hell is it possible for a president of the US, under investigation for conspiring with Putin and the Russians for crimes against the US could be allowed to go visit Putin in private? He is not allowed to visit with any of his Trumpettes also under investigation. What if they decide on a way to hack or meddle with the upcoming election? I really feel like everybody's letting Trump get away with all kinds of crimes. They are both known criminals. They helped each other gain and launder billions. Where's the law enforcement?

  35. Free Free says:

    Trump is Putin's bitch. Common knowledge.

  36. Lego4366 says:

    It’s time to get along with Russia for once. Europe is no longer our friends.

  37. jerry Miller says:

    Putin: "You are doing great job killing democracy". Trump: "Thank you boss, I know the plan is working Bigly". Putin: "Why you have not killed pesky 1st amendment and media" Trump: "Be patient dear supreme leader and master of the puppet strings" Putin: "Destroy economy and kill all opposition or I show pee pee tape and make you pay back money" Trump:"Thanks boss, and should I put on my knee pads and take out my teeth again"? Putin: "Yes Donnie, don't suck so hard like before"

  38. IvanPlayStation4LiFe says:

    this guy is delusional about russia

  39. DeVstatrOmga says:

    "Trump wants to meet with Putin alone, with no other aides present on either side, in Helsinki this month. That means no note-takers, witnesses, or official record." ….. yeah, totally normal right?

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