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White House press briefing | July 2nd

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  1. Andrew Black says:

    Remeber when journalists asked about the children under obama? NEITHER DO I 🙂

  2. Petra josip says:

    Sarah! Why you lie so much? Everything come out fat mouth is a lie just like her boss Trump.

  3. jeanniewi says:

    For the most part, I don't even watch these press briefings anymore. Instead of removing the idiot democrat praisers who want to cause division and anarchy from the press briefings, they are allowed to constantly and consistently push lies and propaganda, and waste our time. At least put those losers in the back of the room, and let the real and honest alternative media ask questions. Maybe the fake news is just being allowed to hang themselves. Hang in there Sarah… you're doing great… don't let them scare you off… you're needed and appreciated !!!

  4. Jhoopy theElder says:

    Hey, Sarah ! What are the latest lies?

  5. Brent Allen says:

    love me some Sarah Huckabee !! very tough lady. God bless you sister!!

  6. Ea Wy says:

    Sarah for President.

  7. Jim Herz says:

    She's a lies.

  8. Evil Ways says:

    They should probably just stop having these briefings as Secretary Sara Sanders has to put up with too many crazy people who pretend to be reporters.

  9. Andrew Simmons says:

    I don't know how many times she has to say that she will not answer questions regarding ongoing legal issues or ongoing negotiations

  10. Sonia Choto says:

    God bless the United States of America! Protect us from radical Muslims.

  11. Aqua Stone says:

    Sarah you are such an inspiration to young women. Your poise and grace are remarkable and admirable in the face of all the undeserved hostility. Thank you for serving so honorably!

  12. joannafaith888 says:

    She more class, truth 👍 and integrity in her little finger than ALL the crazy lying reporters and angry👎 ignorant angry liberals.

  13. Sean Tift says:

    I say no to illegals and kick out all of these so called dreamers guess what liberals my children are dreamers also. And my dream for them is that my child isn't killed by one of these illegals ever. Because if that does happen I will get rid of that illegal myself he will be going right to his or her grave

  14. Sean Tift says:

    Yes as a tax payer I want roe Vader overturned and I want the government to stop funding and supporting Planned Parenthood that kills unborn babies as well. I'm against the lefts decision to separate children from their families myself

  15. ktehmok says:

    I like how they no longer show the reporter's faces. It puts them in their place. Namely, "it's not about you", "just ask your question and move on".

  16. marnie E. says:

    you rock girl!!!!!

  17. smokeythehobo says:

    OBAMA was SO MUCH BETTER as PRESIDENT than DOTARD trump!!!!!

  18. smokeythehobo says:

    Sanders should be fired for STUPIDITY!!!!!

  19. Malibu’s Most Wanted says:

    Secret service for Sarah and her family asap ! This is getting ridiculous the hate she’s getting

  20. Larry Steffler says:

    The left has killed 50 million babies since opening these doors. Thats eight times more
    jews killed by the Natzis…think about it….its way past disgusting, and then sell their parts for big money, got caught at it on live tv news and are still continuing this heaneous act.

  21. Jr Sanchez says:

    O boy waste of my time good thing i was bored

  22. Robert Shrewsbury says:

    The CIA needs to help surround the FBI and bring out more facts. I am sure the CIA knows a lot!

  23. Matt Marcotte says:

    First female press sec with kids.. Only the third ever… Tell me more how Trump hates women? She's truly impressive

  24. J J says:

    As someone who has watched and believed the MSM for 40 years. I will never again believe anything that they say.

  25. pitphi says:

    God will judge and punish all of you fake Christians…

  26. edfou5 says:

    Get another Press Secretary who'll actually answer at least a few questions or JUST DO AWAY WITH THESE BRIEFINGS

  27. Elizabeth Aguilar says:

    I just want to everybody knows what’s going on in MEXICO, we are under Federal eleccions And the corrupted institución on charge of counting votes call INE is trying to corrupt the results! We already choose our new President Lic AMLO, He won the last Sunday elección with over 53o/o of votes, and the opponents just got 22o/o of votes

  28. douglas williams says:

    from why Trump does all he is doing to why they killed Michael Jackson…THEM agenda reviled … youtube "degrasse lectures"
    UW 5/12/2011 comments by me douglas williams … i finished today … Baby steps # 1 to 6 … it will blow your mind.

  29. sheckler hodgdon says:


  30. G 513 says:

    Watch amazing Polly on YouTube she has a great message

  31. hazyhit420 beardog says:

    Much love Sara….may God bless all.

  32. Andy M says:

    All lies.

  33. Nicole Boza says:

    Why in the hell doesnt OAN (One America Network) have a press Pass to these little shindigs(WH press briefings)? That reporter Emerald for that network Im sure would ask some great questions, you know, questions the true american patritic citizens would like asked & answered? Wtf is OAN here instead of all these jackass tabloid writers?

  34. dee pinn says:

    You've been nice to Canada, really ! Well it's time you stop being nice. Trump build that wall we'll pay for it !

  35. SmileyDog says:


  36. eltanin awry says:

    Kim chose a potato farm over a meeting with Pompeo. That must have mashed up his day. Lmao!

  37. james sudberry says:

    Honey Boo Boo Huckabee, where forth art thou?

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