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‘We’ve been silent for too long:’ Fla. students discuss their movement

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  1. Ryu Hadouken says:

    Look how the Maryland school shooting was stopped today.

  2. Whorey Whorerson says:

    i wish someone would punch him in his smug face

  3. Cheep Cheep says:

    Fuck these Hitler Youth sponsored by CNN 😂 what a fucking joke hahaha another school shooting today and 500,000 new NRA members in 6 weeks. So yeah these Hitler youth aren’t accomplishing anything

  4. Glenn Kirste says:

    DAVID HOGG…HELLO FROM CALIFORNIA !!!!!….YOU GRADUATED WITH MY DAUGHTER 4 YEARS AGO…THIS GUY IS A LIAR ..AND A CRISIS ACTOR !!!!!!!…insane if you believe this shit….also..he was just rejected from Long Beach State, admissions.

  5. Rea Ality says:

    Here is news you will never get from the Washington Post. Follow the money. Learn for yourself who is funding these anti-gun protests. Who is behind the funds used for food, travel, housing, materials, protest signs, registration fees, and security. Only then can a person understand the anti-American, anti-Constitution influence, being asserted here, by taking advantage of the emotions of this tragedy and these young students.

  6. Andy M says:

    I think they need to add a straight guy to the mix. Then more people would feel connected to this group.

  7. JPD says:

    I've purchased 3 ar-15 since these little shits went on their tirade

  8. ElJefe45acp says:

    I I me me I

  9. ldc5238 says:

    Other kids die and you survive to become famous off their deaths. The left has no shame. Stop falling for the Communist propaganda. The Communist control two thirds of the world. If America is to free and dangerous for you to live in, please move to China or Russia, I'm sure they will welcome you with open arms comrade!

  10. PEDROJELLO says:

    I got an idea, everybody stay home no more school

  11. Agent Orange says:

    "You need to act. (Looks over to the others) Acting is incredibly important."

  12. green meadow says:


  13. Marie Johnson says:

    Time for The children to get mental health treatment. David Hogg needs medication. He is unwell and afraid. The trauma has taken a toll on him. Group therapy medication and professional health treatment!!!!! Parents beware?????

  14. Andrew Ximenez says:

    “Vote on the side of human lives” I forgot that having a different political view than someone makes you not care. David Hogg is a worthless immoral person

  15. Mr Wheels says:

    David Hogg's father is the FBI agent who squashed the investigation into Nikolas Cruz.

  16. David Alley says:

    JOIN THE NRA!!!!!!

  17. bqtero 123 says:

    I understand they want people to remember this event and that we do something about it. Even though, I disagree with most of the things they say, I respect them for speaking out, I'm a student too and I don't want to feel afraid to go to school. However, they're fighting for the wrong things in my opinion. Adding more laws and bans won't stop people who have the intent to kill. They will keep finding ways to harm others. They won't stop just because you add more laws, if they were willing to commit MURDER one of the WORST crimes ever, why would they follow more laws for gun control? We need to be getting mentally ill people help and have better background checks, have the laws enforced better. Banning weapons is a huge bandaid over the issue and doesn't solve the root of the problem. An inanimate object is not something to blame. At this point, the students are using emotional appeal instead of reason and are expecting everyone to go along with what they want by using everyone's love for children's lives against them. Even if someone votes on the opposite side of their views, doesn't mean their voting against a child's right to live or life in general. David Hogg needs to choose his words more carefully, because that statement he said in this interview offended me and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels the same way.

  18. First Last says:

    Building a career on the deaths of their classmates. If they want to save lives they should protest Planned Parenthood

  19. JJ Hart says:

    Their movement is a libtard movement which is the same as a bowel movement

  20. NW Bigfoot says:

    These CUCKOID KIDS just reminded me to renew my NRA MEMBERSHIP.

  21. Saddam Hussein says:

    These kids do not realize that they are just puppets.

  22. James Care says:

    So let me get this right. A local boy that is famous for getting himself on TV by harassing a lifeguard, just so happens to go to a school with a shooting. And to add another coincidence all the county sheriff deputies refuse to do their job. ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND then the kid that is known in the media already is placed on a pedestal as the great giver of gun control wisdom and is above all reproach. Hmmmmmm…..

  23. DMG2FUN says:

    What can you do that is different? Name a gun control law that only affect criminals.

  24. Emma Vega says:


  25. mark anderson says:

    Kidslivesmatter: the FBI and police are responsible for NOT doing anything……not the gun. The gun did nothing. Cruz was in control. The FBI/police was NOT in control.

  26. none yea says:

    They aint been silent long enough mine as well call it the walk for communism if you dont like the constitution get the fuck out

  27. 12 Digits says:

    Let me get this straight. So Dylan Roof can enter into a Black church in Charleston, SC, and gun down and kill in cold blood nine people. (Families were adversely impacted as well) That event received very little coverage in the news media.

    Students in Parkland, Florida are gunned down and murdered – a terrible thing – most of whom were White kids. But this gets national headlines and marches in Washington?

    Where were you White kids, where were your parents, your law-makers when innocent Black lives were gunned down? Did YOU protest? Were you outraged? Where were your voices? Or, did you really not care?

    I think we as Americans are hypocritical and full of shit because time and time again people of color slapped in the face and showed the true mentality of America. The only time there is national outrage when someone is murdered like this is when it affects White people.

    Oh! NOW gun violence is acceptable? It should have been unacceptable when Black and Brown people were being gunned down long before this event.

    Many of these young White children carry the stain of a twisted mentality their mothers and fathers passed on to them. That stain is that it all about them and no one else. Their lack of raising their voices in this same manner when Black and Brown people were victims of the same types of senseless and heinous murders.

    You said nothing. You did nothing.

    Did you shed any tears?

  28. Aek Sinsang says:

    You are the fake news from jews

  29. 2middy says:

    There movement should go in the potty pan

  30. MrJamberee says:

    Enough of these punks

  31. Heavy J says:

    my grandson is 4, I just bought him his first rifle…….LEGALLY

  32. derail14 says:

    the only worthless things out there are the gop & the orange lier.

  33. ese.hombre says:

    So these are the some of the darlings that bullied Nikolas Cruz since middle school. That's 5-6 years of bullying.

  34. w p says:

    Where's a good suicide bomber when you need one ? so sick of these bastards !

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