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WATCH: Massive fire in Napa, California | Monday, 9 October 2017

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  1. Vanessa Rosemund says:

    Yes Someone is watching. Thank You for your dedication. BE SAFE

  2. Jekku says:

    Dude BACK UP.

  3. cencal49 says:

    Santa Rosa area under siege..Who is next..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZREdrHRf4f8

  4. lovinlife always says:

    What is going here how omg hope no one is hurt

  5. c v says:


  6. Artistic Endeavors says:

    Does this mean the Cabernets will have a smokey oak balance next year with a hint of blood oranges?

  7. Emily Morales says:

    Where are all the fire brigades….what's happened to them…. you should maybe call Australia fire fighters to come overthere and help…we have some very good dedicated firemens down here I hope there are not much deaths and fatalities…God help USA and us all

  8. Three star 3% 1776 says:

    these were caused by an asteroid (fireball) cluster that impacted….looks a bit like somebodies getting a bit heavenly wrath….PRAY while there is time

  9. King's Servant says:

    That's what happens when you molest the children. The LORD is not playing with you people you better repent. OK so many of you won't so just get ready for this all over the world cause the world will not repent. Many people wold rather go straight to hell then repent. they like the world and it's delusions. Their are no aliens only demons that are you people making you sin. Once you repent they have to leave you and you will be baptized with fire and the holy Ghost which is God. But many of you men don't want that you want to cover the women's head and oppress her like Paul told you too. Even though God gave Paul into the hands of the Romans to be killed because God is NOT AN OPPRESSOR OF WOMEN!! You people worship men in the bible not God cause of your lust to control and dominate people. Well, there is a deadly price for that and God showed you with Paul. God lives in the women that believe in him. You men are not going to silence the LORD IN the women. God can see your evil in your houses and this is judgement. The demons in you are lying to you. They know full well that they are responsible for this fire. the LORD is punishing you people that won't repent cause the demons won't leave you until you REPENT AND STOP GOING INTO FALSE CHURCHES. THE WORD IS FOR YOU PEOPLE OF GOD LEAVE THE CHURCHES THEY ARE FILLED WITH DEMONS. PRAISE GOD FOR BRINGING JUDGEMENT ON THE WICKED FOR RAPING AND KILLING AND HUMAN TRAFFICKING PEOPLE. YOU WICKED TAKE YOUR FILTHY HANDS OFF THE PEOPLE!!!

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