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Watch Justin Trudeau’s Face After Trump Calls NBC Fake News

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  1. denisthemenace13 says:

    NBC = not only fake news but accomplices in covering up for hollywood rapist scum like weinstien

  2. Commeca Guizmono says:

    How could "Sophie" be that calm?!?…

  3. wheelmanstan says:

    absolutely ludicrous, who in the hell would ever say they want 10x the nuclear arsenal they already have when there's only ever been 2 nuclear bombs ever used and they have possibly the largest nuclear arsenal in the friggin world? at this point I wouldn't doubt that even the foreign leaders know that America really is battling fake news, at first I'm sure they figured it was too crazy to believe but by now they've surely been keeping an eye out for it, they're probably just too afraid to speak about it

  4. Lily White says:


  5. M Krump says:

    I like Trudeau his smile going high… medium… mid medium… higher… half medium and finishing by neutral focus.
    It's gonna be in tip-top-shape

  6. Nathaniel Botha says:

    Trump is an ultra-confident badass! Love it! Trump 2020

  7. vannmanndann says:

    look at Trumps hands, he's showing what he thinks of Justin Truedope …
    Its ASL sign language symbol for "vagina"
    As a canadian taxpayer, I agree.

  8. Orville Fredrick says:

    Trump sits like he is wearing Depends. Maybe he should make some commercials for adult diapers he is in his 70's. He could sell them in his pro shops at his golf courses

  9. Pro-Planet Earthling says:

    Where is the Trump Drool-Wiper-in Chief?

    Trump gets all misty-eyed and salivates when he talks about Nukes….

  10. Family Phone says:

    why did they look suprised? they already knew they were fake news. GO TRUMP.

  11. Rocco Starbuck says:

    Poor trump having to sit next to that canadion mangina.

  12. S Holdsworth says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't the long position in a job Trudeau has ever held??

  13. Rail Rider says:

    I quit listening NBC lies 12yr ago…..

  14. Jack says:

    Look at how Trudeau is sitting.
    Doesn't he sit like a little girl?!

  15. Robert Baratheon says:

    So many intelligent comments in the comment section…

  16. Barry Guyer says:

    I missed it.
    What wrong with his face?
    I didn't see anything

  17. Saro M says:

    the Canadian feeling uncomfortable lol

  18. UnderFunded inc. says:


  19. E.A. Hawley says:

    Jfc Trump is so disgusting.

  20. E.A. Hawley says:

    Liberals are morally superior to cuntservatives. Never met a right winger with honorable beliefs. Just ignorance and hate.

  21. tmla says:

    Trudeau is so hot! I want to suck him!

  22. Bones Toner says:

    Trumps got the big boy dominant spread, Trudeau's balls must of been removed as a child. Oh wait

  23. Frank Arrietta says:

    Jihadi Justin the feminist. Loser.

  24. Stephen Smith says:

    Trudeau, a boy in the presents of a leader…and he knows it.

  25. d kell says:

    JT's vagina is bigger than his wifes

  26. Michael Kubovcik says:

    Love that US is on the track of true leadership.

  27. Duncan D McGrath says:

    Can Justine be any less of a man ?…..sitting there like the twink he is.

  28. Kag Ang says:

    Lets see, Trump saying he didn't say something back in February, when three others say he did. (1) what's his lie count now ? 1,000 plus ? (2) His memory is such that he doesn't remember things he said the previous week, how is he going to remember what he said in Feb ? He just doesn't like that people report what comes out of his mouth when its not convenient for him, so it gets labelled 'fake news'. If it weren't recorded, he would be denying he said Puerto Rico was in the middle of 'big water, ocean water' and labeling that as 'fake news'.

  29. Bon Chance says:

    Traitor Justin Trudeau
    Faux Muslim..
    Muslim Brotherhood Advocate
    forcing Canada into a Planned Chaos
    Vomit Producing Smarm

  30. michael preston says:

    This asshole and his fake bad ass crap is going to get this nation killed.

  31. forever says:

    Trump is a sick pedo. The proof is on utube.

  32. forever says:

    He's teaching Canada how they can be pedos too.

  33. Don-Fugn Worry-AboutIt says:


  34. Mustang Medic says:

    How can you not love Trump??? He just makes me smile when he says it like it is.

  35. Ryan Smith says:

    Trump manspreads. Trudeau doesn't need to

  36. eyes wide open says:

    The difference between america and Canada is Trudeau is a beta cuck and trump is an alpha male

  37. Krice .Kaber says:

    Well said Mr. President, show them you're not bluffing

  38. MegaMoiiSe says:

    Trudeau c un crisss de ASSCLOWN MORON NWO sucker!!

  39. chris leonard says:

    Justine sits like a girl, Trump man spreads. Cuz Justine has no balls or maybe even a dick in his pants, he's probably a female to male tranny and his wife's a guy.

  40. myprophet1 says:

    Your description said what??? A blend of bs and gibberish.

  41. MrAndom says:

    Tip Top Shape lol

  42. Mike Gorgichuk says:

    Mr. Trump, do you remember Justin, stutter, stutter, Trudeau say during your campaign that Justin would refuse you entry into Canada if you requested it? He did it, now you can make him eat crow. Just saying. From an embarrassed Canadian. ?

  43. hytk64 says:

    Trudeau is an absolute incompetent assclown, don't listen to the media. He is not nearly as popular in Canada as you might think.

  44. Jotinder Singh says:

    "tip top shape" ? I'm a fan

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