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Van Jones is teaming up with the White House on prison reform

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  1. Cookie N Creams says:

    CNN and MSNBC have a fat wage and big houses..
    YOU DON'T..
    Stop allowing these people to hold you only for votes..

  2. Seungyeon Ryoo says:

    It's beautiful to see the left and right working together rather than fighting, even if it's only for a fleeting moment

  3. monito24ful says:

    look at van smiling from ear to ear you nazi how could you

  4. kerry fournillier says:

    Isn't this what the so called " mad " Kayne West was saying…to have dialogue..hmmm

  5. Gary Smith says:

    Yaaaaaay communist Van Jones!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOOOOOL

  6. L Crom says:

    It's witchcraft and mind control on Van. He has to check who is in his house. This man hated the racism in trump. He would not trust this. Trump will use him to make everybody trust him. Black people don't take anti-depressant or Opiod drugs in less than 30 days they will have you addicted for the rest of you're lives. This is what trump wants to do to black and hispanic prisoners. He will get white prisoners great counseling and more. don't fall for this. Van wake up.

  7. L Crom says:

    Van spoke differently just months ago. his eyes were sincere. Look at Van today June 2, 2018 concerning prison reform. It's like he is under a trance. He has to be careful who he has in his house and around him. I am so done with this prison reform thing and Trump. may I not read a headline or watch a video or tweet about Trump. They are now going to make black and Hispanics prescription drug junkies by pretending to care about prison mental heath and more. Today's smart anti-depressant drugs and Opiod drugs can get someone hooked for life in less than 30 days. Do the research. This president hates black and Hispanic people. They will give them all the drugs they need and give the white prisoners great programs and counselors to help them. Today I have completely disconnected myself from any news videos or tweets about Trump. I am finally finished. This was the last straw for me. God will deal with him. I just won't waste my time on him anymore. It's to much. Van do your thing. have a good time. I am done with politics. Prophecy says that God will have the last word. Pray people.

  8. Eugene Jacquescoley says:

    Van: As a public health professional–I'm not with you, collaborating with 45 on prison reform. Simply, 45 offended every Black man en America, when he demanded Bam Bam's birth certificate.

  9. Coach Kay says:

    It's great to see all the leftists soy boys and gals melt down over this, throwing Van J under the bus for getting off the slave mater's plantation (Demoncrats) for once. The Libtards need some tissue to wipe their tears and pads to pad up their juices

  10. acktion jackson says:

    Not a fan of Van Jones and I probably disagree with him on 99 out of 100 issues well maybe not that many but I disagree with him on a good number of things and I fucking absolutely hate CNN but I'll give credit where credit is due the same way all these fake ass Trump haters won't do when he does something good so here goes, good job Van! Don't listen to any of these miserable hate-filled fucks that want to ruin everything, they are the real Coons, they are the real sellouts and the real Uncle Toms.

  11. Danny Draws says:

    Van Jones is a douche!

  12. Blake Hunter says:

    Key words he said " we got. NOTHING under 8 years of Obama." But Obama is still the greatest in his eyesNot a fan of the racist Van Jones but he knows the truth. This President is the real deal.

  13. Nick J says:


  14. P4P Best. says:

    He's already on the other side, he won't tell it openly just because of the criticism he will receive from the liberal media but he already is a Trump supporter, he has seen the light.

  15. Betty Medina says:

    But when they come home from prison make shore that they don’t become Homeless have places were these people can go because you have all they homeless people live omg on the street and it’s ok to help the person in Jail and prison but let’s get the homeless somewhere to go to
    we need to have love for all the people and the homeless need to come first let’s not for get about them there is prison living on the streets every day and having no were to lay your head are anything to eat and you can’t take a bath because you don’t have the help please help the homeless to get back on there feet there lives matter ❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍👍👍😇😇😇🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  16. Joanne Bailey says:

    Van Jones!

  17. William Montgrain says:

    Way to come to the table Van. Hopefully other sincere liberals can learn from you. Us conservatives need such compassionate examples to moderate us just as much. From the other side of the aisle, thanks.

  18. Stephanie Belfie says:

    It would be wild if Van Jones was a lure? Lol

  19. MC MAGIC says:

    BUT WHY DOES VAN JONES CALL OUT KIM KARDASHIAN for being “Used” by Trump & he’s chasing the Trump Train himself 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  20. Gods men of America says:

    If trump makes these changes it may be the greatest thing that’s happened in a very long time

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