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US or Turkey, who is the aggressor?

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  1. brent oz says:

    no matter what turkish borders will be safe.

  2. Strykerr Rukerr says:

    When Syria offered Kurds autonomous region,they sayd NO.They wanted Kurdistan,separate borders from Syria country. Now Turkish forces advance, and Kurds say we need help from Syria we r syrians. What a joke! Pay for mistake. Kurds got chance,they fcked it up!

  3. Rider says:

    good turkey

  4. Mikail Ağırbaş says:

    WE BOTH LIKE WE SUPPORT TURKEY KURDS the Turkish army is BOTH Because we are Muslims

  5. Dark Ages Return says:

    Both want Syria. The Kurds are just protecting their territory!

  6. Memo ozzy says:

    ISIS is dead !!!usa needs to go back… but they keep making new chaos so that they can keep staying and invading other countries .!

  7. Nicky Larson says:

    Go turkey go , support from France

  8. Turkey is real isis Turkey is real isis says:

    Turkey it means real isis and real terrorist .. turkey 🦃 should be kik out from nato

  9. Berk Alpman says:

    turkey is the nato, nato is turkey…..the usa is a terrorstate…. motherfakers…`s time for the usa get out the nato….

  10. iZi Ozy says:

    Turkey has all the right to protect there own borders… us has military on everyone’s border…it’s a joke

  11. Rashad Ovchuoglu says:

    This is not kurdish forces . This is terrorist forces. They doesnt live in syria, all places they take are not their, manbich is arabic place, kobani also, halep is turkish.what the fuck doing ypg in syria? Same thing what DAESH does. They both are terrorist. When you change the name Osama bin Laden to Obama will he be a different man? No he is same terrorist.

  12. Edward Blazirk says:

    Not Kurdish!!! Ypg is not Kurdish…. 12 millions Kurdish is living in Turkey…. we are Turkish and destroying terrorism together…

  13. The One and 0nly says:

    Israel is using the Kurds to split up Syria and build a second Israel

  14. Mart Maameele says:

    If you want protect your borders, make borders strong enough, dont invade wit your army to other state or nation territory. If other states too will protect their borders by such means there will be total chaos of war everywhere in the world.

  15. Mustafa Arikan says:

    Turkey is not attacking Kurds. Turkey is attacking a terrorist organization named ypg and pkk. Get your facts straight.

  16. Erex Jeffri says:

    USA is a poison to Muslim country they want district whole Muslim country… one day USA will pay all his demon plan… fuck you USA don't come to Philippines we will cut ur head

  17. ApaleutosMits says:

    Turkey invades Syria and uses isis scumbags,Kurds fight for their homes.

  18. Alex Balci says:

    Guy from usa saying ypg didint do anyting wrong what tha fucking lier the thingk world bleave this bulshit ypg are killing women and children's and teking a way people children's take them train camps thed kid nee to be going school's not be cam war machine thed what will happen when usa creating terorist organisation's around world world will be better place whit usa .

  19. Ozzy Sabba says:

    Turkish Operation against to terrorists {ppk-ypg). if this's against to Syrian civilian or Kurds then why TURKEY PROTECT 5-MILLIONs REFUGEES, including arabs, kurds, turkmen, yazidis, opens border for all civilians. Turkey s been safezone for all when the bad time comes,.

  20. Arif Akbar says:

    love turkey_support turkey from Bangladesh

  21. ahmett emre says:

    not kurdish fighters, they are only teroristssssss.

  22. JonTurK Pixelon says:

    Is United state a country in Asia or Europa or Africa??? is it member of EU? is it member of Middle East? is it a city in Israel or Syria?

  23. امید شاه says:

    turke is trorist

  24. Sam Hussein says:

    The first duty of government is to protect it's people. No country can tolerate terrorists at its borders.

  25. Erik Lerouge says:

    sorry but this vidéo is only for those who understand french no transalation .

  26. Diakon Medstudent says:

    Erdogan is fooled by the prests in tehran!     
    Turkey was once the hope for a democratic middle east but its turning into one of the most terrible diktator states in the world!!  Freedomseekin turks should stay up against this tyrranic man before its too late!  he has allready sent thousens of turkis people to jail! 
     Erdogan has started this war, first sending the turkish millitary he was aquizing for coup against him to be killed, and than he wants to play hero and to win the elections yhat are coming in summer of 2018 so that he can establish a total diktatorship like the have in Iran and Syria. Turkish people should wake up and realize this before its too late!

  27. halit halit says:

    turkish states and terrorists ruined

  28. Jason gojchi says:

    you will be hanged just like Saddam Hussein

  29. Rian Rian says:

    Bravo Turkey. From Indonesia

  30. Zidaan Nazir says:

    well done sir love u from j&k Kashmir I love u from Kashmir…really hero

  31. Attila Theturk says:

    US existence only brings conflict to whereever they want to bring "democrasy".! YPG/PYD/PKK is a group of marksist/leninnist kurdish rebels which are also kurdish nationalists. (marksism and nationalism together is also funny). Notice that Syria is a multinatinal country which includes Arabs, Kurds, Turkmens, Cherkes and many others and US is supporting only a group of Kurds. Isn't that interesting that US is supporting a marksist terrorist group while Russia is against them and declaring that they are terrorists..?

  32. Lalit Rana says:


  33. Casanoah Casanoah says:

    Ladies and gentlemen this is a typic american strategy just like with saddam and osama they dont want a string moslim population in middle east so they can control the oil but syria or iraq has enough oil and america smells it from miles away and now comes turkey to say no my friend you go back to your side of the world this is my border you have no danger for your country but america hates it if someone speeks out “democracy” in americans eyes

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