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US Military Sends USS Milius to Japan Ahead of Trump’s North Korea Summit

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  1. sumitha sumi says:


  2. Immaculate Heart says:

    China and Russia and now North Korea… all in one place right next to each other. Perfect target one stone kill three birds. If Putin smart, he should help US to get N. Korea on our side, more friends, more allies are better for us to destroy China invasion plan. China must be stopped and no excuse.

  3. Mansur Shehu says:

    Arms race projected by the United States is destroying the Human race..

  4. Daniel Tuchel says:

    Made in u.s.a all junks👎will be so easy to make ashh amerikkka 💪😎

  5. davmanx says:

    All you brainwashed kids go back to school and wait for the guy coming with guns or you can bring your dad's gun to shoot anyone you do not like

  6. David K Smith says:

    When the US and their allies do go to war with the Russian bear, and the bears allies, after world leaders declare peace first, the number of troops that go to war, and will kill one another, will be 200 million, and a third of men will be killed. A third of 200 million is 66.666667 million.

  7. nickvj030 says:


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