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US Military ‘Prepared’ To Face China and North Korea Ahead of Major Asia Conference

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  1. juma mnumbwa says:

    I knew it that he's not alone ,Russian China are with him their baby north ko,if you dare touch her they will come upon you,they have been waiting for you,they know the game that you're playing to their allies ,stop middling other countries and start to rebuild your country's economy,you'll be finished

  2. vLadimir L says:

    Is this lie or American gov is full of mentally retarded people?

  3. Leonardo Jenner says:

    Americans better prepair them self in digging huge amounts of Graves for their soldiers! Don't left your polluting corps in others countries but take the waste with you when you leave and buries it in your own American soil!

  4. dragondescendant1 says:

    what take so long? China has been prepared long ago, islands are militarized, missiles, bombers in place. trespassers will be evicted from South China Sea as soon as trespassers enter. McArthur had learned his lesson well.

  5. Colin Tan says:

    The trumpeter will walk away at the last minute due to his Deep State swamp monsters.

  6. bubbles pop says:

    American propaganda

  7. Kata Semut says:

    Time to bring Asian Miltary to Americunt Mainland.

  8. Kevin Harsley says:

    I knew it Russia China Iran and North Korea we're trying to pull a fast one on Trump the United States. Trying to do the sneaky bull stuff that their typical of doing. I knew this was coming along time ago Little Kim cannot be trusted trying to fulfill Daddy and Grandpa shoes those shoes are worn out now he's playing with the big boys now he needs to learn that. American stick together and we have NATO what's left of it after Trump made changes to stuff. But trump knows what he's doing so America does not need to worry. If anything put more sanctions on China heavy sanctions on North Korea more than what we have on them now. Eliminate the China Island they got built out there. Look everybody it's inevitable World War 3 because people think they know everything and they know nothing. Peace to you all and God bless America! Go Trump!

  9. Mk Rana says:

    We pray for the peace everywhere in the world inluding Jerusalem.

  10. Mighty Warrior says:

    Red Dawn coming !!

  11. Strong says:

    “China’s facilities, Chinese islands and reefs, are primarily for civilian purposes and, even if there is a certain amount of defense equipment or facilities, it is for maintaining the freedom of navigation,” Li said. – MARCH 24, 2017

    I'm glad they're for Freedom of Navigation, you won't have ANY problem with other people sailing through then.

  12. Regalado jr Ballares says:

    Tirahin na yan. Pagtulungan yan 2 buanga

  13. Bon Crieved says:

    Go now destroy China.

  14. J b says:

    Whoever IN the USA GOVERNMENT that gave or sold our USA militery technology TO CHINA HAS COMMITTED TREASON and must be prosecuted to the fullest. THEY ARE TRIATORS TO USA "PUNISHABLE BY DEATH" The USA citizens don't care how fare up the chain of command goes the ones involved my be charged all involved

  15. J b says:

    Xi Jinping is playing with fire. He thinks he playing USA like a fiddle? CHINA Rekoning day with USA is coming to a head.? Our USA NAVY is going to make these fake islands disappear back under the South pacfic sea. Flatten them out like a pancake. USA and it's allies by all means necessary is going to inforce South Pacific sea shipping lanes to stay open and free from al aggressors

  16. Jack Lee says:

    Confucius said if you declare war on others, you must prepare 2 sets of graves!

  17. busylifemeto says:

    Keep yourf fucking snouts out of their business and their IS NO RISK You a-holes YANKS just want an excuse for war to justify your outrageous defense budgets

  18. Russian Troll says:

    Stupid dickheads. The time has come. Act like a reasonable nation or you will be told to get stuffed politely. Go home.
    All these matters could have been settled easily in the past if it were not for Rogue Nation number one acting like a thug.

  19. Anmer Zheng says:

    Trump government are joking.

  20. Allen Young says:

    What is next? What does it mean "serious consequences" from the White House If China keeps building air and naval facilities on seven islands and they will be fully operational in few months? Will the United States carry out surgical strikes on those artificial islands by using American superior air power if China does not back off from intimidation and coercion in the Indo-Pacific?

    Don't you know the worst thing is to do nothing. The United States has publicly declared that it does not plan to abandon its vital role in the region. U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis said clearly that America is in the Indo-Pacific to stay. This is U.S. priority theater.

  21. Abey Abraham says:

    I knew Xi jing ping wud bring a great war…nice work Xi bcaz of u many will die while u shit in ur golden closet


    Keep the chink stinks out & any commie red period trail 😂 🇺🇸 🇨🇺 😀 😀

  23. suanna moleta says:

    usa France UK Germany is enough to take on China

  24. Love Mr says:

    Go Trump!Destroy them all!

  25. Mr Dynamic says:

    Nukes are not Real…they are a Hollywood trick and have been heavily debunked… stop spreading bullshit…

  26. Mr Dynamic says:

    Say no to war kid's….

  27. busylifemeto says:

    America needs a BIG HIDING to teach them a lesson

  28. Arabian Eagle says:


  29. mikeklassic78 says:

    Propaganda….trump is set to meet with lil kim later this month…so stop with the bullshit fear mongering.

  30. Dan D says:

    China can vaporize more than a few dozen American cities, and there is NOTHING you can do about it. The Chinese are prepared to exchange cities one for one, is the Pentagon prepared to do that? If Trump is the “unpredictable” president that he wants us to believe he is, he would have invaded North Korea by now. He talks big, but carries a small stick.

  31. chico chico says:

    Fat trump cant do jack shit .china and Russia will wipe america of the plannet including zionist mother fucker isreal .

  32. Happy Face says:

    Guys this is what we call "Fake News" lol

  33. Crazy Eights says:

    Let's fucking do the dam thing then common. They want to test us let's die in glory come the fuck on

  34. Mynor Gonzalez says:

    They look like criminals hahaha.

  35. Kay y. Hong says:

    Russia, China and Iran should conduct joint military exercises in the Gulf of Mexico and off the coasts of New York and San Francisco. How would the U.S. Feel?

  36. silent watcher says:

    US never learned their lessons on Korean war, Vietnam war ,Afghan war. They lost so many men in these wars. How many more Americans are they sending to death?

  37. Johnny Conley says:

    By the way, China has a 200 million man Army. Our military is spread out way too thin. We have soldiers in different Countries all over the planet.
    The last thing we need is a war with China or Russia..
    To tell you the truth, we don't need to be at war with anyone.
    If we go to war with a superpower,
    we will have to reinstate the draft.
    We would be in a no-win situation.

  38. Ian Webb says:

    Donald Trump will always be the bully on the block but knows America and China would be destroyed if he try's China's patience. America will never invade a country that has nuclear weapons, this is why North Korea needs to keep theirs. America is a weak country that will only take on another country that would likely lose a war to them when they only have conventional weapons to use against the American nukes.

  39. john63ny says:

    What is america doing in geacia duego when it is not even near US? Who is meddling into other sovereign country n dictating on others. Do what u preach.

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