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US, EU expel Russian diplomats in response to UK nerve attack

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  1. Skyler Coy says:

    How do America and Russia catch up to the Chinese economy, all the while keeping everyone's enemies off balance, despite the corrupt globalist deepstate? Cold war my friends. Salvage then Savage.

  2. Defence Man says:

    I have this feeling in my gut that countries are making a bad decision pulling diplomats. I believe we need to take steps to strengthen relation with Russia, not weaken them.

  3. Chris says:

    maybe it was the USA & the UK to make Putin look bad?

  4. Carlos Levy says:

    extraordinary claims requires extraordinary evidence. Carl Sagan.

  5. GoodDay says:

    Nice set up by U.K. as always. Imperialists are mad they don’t control India and Africa

  6. Mike Akers says:

    Fear mongering. Let's worry about a war that will never happen instead of the truly scary happenings around the world. Like the weather.

  7. Dava Golino says:

    U LIE?END THE INFLUENCE OF THE EU…The USA needs to get out of The Ukraine, get out of NATO, as they like the UN are being used,directed by the EU. , We need to partner with Russia… it would crush the EU, YES, THE EU
    THAT BELIEVES ALL NATIONS, RELIGIONS AND RACE SHOULD END. we are fighting a foreign agenda. it is called the EU agenda that foments the lies about Russia and President Putin. the same EU sell out politicians want to destroy the US constitution and make us a godless, communist country. these people have our country up side down. they are criminal.
    we should be doing great things like space exploration together with Russia. The thing I do not hear is the fact that this should be a cause to impose sanctions on England… we have unfairly put sanctions on Russia and expelled the Embassies for no reason. this, what England has done to these three journalists and the fact that they are welcoming Isis fighters (terrorists) a haven and financial support should put them in a class for sanctions. False flag is covering the EU agenda, keeping
    a war environment with Russia. this is criminal, Russia is not the Enemy. Bring back the Russian Embassies. We are taking the wrong fork in the road.

  8. Ms Liza says:

    SUCKS ! Even not started investigations British already blamed Russia.

  9. facciaditosta says:

    what was the nerve attack?

  10. J. K. says:

    Too little too late.

  11. ranko 67 says:

    We kill it CRAP ? Are you happy satan followers. You want war with Russia , we are ready to fuck you Jew Zionist assholes. We are ready to die for our country. Are you i don't think so.

  12. A Sojourner says:

    I have no idea if the Russians actually did this. It wouldn't be unprecedented as they did poison one of their own in the UK with a radioactive pellet. That was well-documented. So, while I don't believe that Mr. Putin or Russia deserves all the bad press and blame for everything the Democrats accuse them of, I do believe that if Mr. Putin decided to get rid of an inconvenient Russian abroad he could and would do so.

    As uncomfortable as the thought is for most of you, almost any world leader has the resources to do this to one of their own regardless of what country that person is in. Perhaps President Trump and, the ghastly, Teresa May have information about this incident that they haven't shared. President Trump doesn't particularly care for Teresa May, so I can't see him going out of his way to take the side of a frenemy.

    I can DEFINITELY see him sending this as a message to Mr. Putin that the USA isn't going to tolerate this kind of KGB style bs in the West.
    We really don't want to appear weak to Putin, China or the DPRK.
    Our relationship with Russia might suffer for 6 mos. or so but, as it has been pointed out, Mr. Putin isn't stupid. He really doesn't want a war with the West. He'll probably expel some U.S. diplomats and some from the other countries, as well. So what? It's a tempest in a teapot.

  13. Hope thesky says:

    United kingdom dont even like Trump ….yet he did it for them.

  14. pneumatictrousers says:

    It's a bad precedent for the US to follow UK's fake news propaganda and "guilty before proven innocent" claims. Where is the evidence? Where is the US on getting tough on the UK for their spies caught in collusion and interference in the 2016 election then lying about it?

  15. Відступ Їзді says:

    The nerve agent used most likely is The Agent 441C

  16. zoki kostadinov says:

    so Russian diplomats are expels ..because UK poisoned and staged that attack ? hmm so dumb excuses :p

  17. operacrackers says:

    Where is the proof besides hearsay?

  18. earthtaxfree says:

    remember Blair and the jewish elite behind him that pushed for war in Iraq and the stories of weapons of mass destruction ? interesting thing about this event is that the people do not believe any more any politican in EU…we all know by now that they are all puppets for the banksters…and we can see how geopolitical B.S is spoon feed to the people in order for the fake world "elite" to push their agendas….not any more !! the people in 21 century finaly understand what is propaganda and how does it work..we understand that banking system is a fake and criminal system..we understand that Gadafi was killed because he wanted to use GOLD and not worthless pictures on paper that banksters print for us on every day and for those pictures on paper they take your lifes work….21 century ladies and gents…time to walk the walk not just talk the talk…!!!

  19. cjoxy1 says:

    Putin is a murderer…and Russia is a dictatorship failed state..Cold war was never ended .just like N Korea,China,Syria,Iran,Filipines TURKEY….

  20. Klaus Rausch says:

    Insolent Britons and Europeans! Disgusting muzzles!
    You can not be called human beings!
    You still get to the teeth, perverts!
    You have forgotten Napoleon and Hitler.
    Putin is a bone in your throat because he is the smartest and most honest president on the planet.
    Russia is a great power and will never be a vassal.
    You will still pay for your ultimatums.
    The most beautiful, the smartest, the kindest, the most generous and the strongest people are in Russia!

  21. TheAuntieBa says:

    Putin's long history of bullying and testing boundaries with other countries makes waffling in any way dangerous. Also, diplomatic responses are not effective with Putin, who evinces contempt for what he sees as weakness. He's a predatory leader who's been personally responsible for murder: in 2006 Alexander Litvinenko died of lethal polonium-210-induced acute radiation syndrome in Britain. Just two weeks earlier, Litvinenko accused Putin of ordering the assassination of Anna Politkovskaya. There are numerous other examples, and the EU and other European countries are responding strongly to this double murder by pulling their diplomats. Barack Obama was a weak leader and Putin walked all over him. Pres Trump has the appropriate response.

  22. Howard Kaelo says:

    Haha nahh these countries are just mad they might have lost the most valuable information on Russia and Putin,just look at who's kicking out Russian diplomats

  23. vamsi miriyala says:

    My thoughts..

    This Skripal matter has been orchestrated. Beyond doubt. Any unbiased person with normal intelligence could deduce that.

    Now that the UK has been cornered for lack of evidence and to avoid global embaressment for the May government, and backfiring of the plot, NATO steps in instructing expulsions of Russian diplomats from it's member countries.

    What next?
    Russia responds in king and as a trump card could suspend supply of RD-180 rocket engines to the US immediately, strangling US strategic space programs, just like China halting importing of garbage and recyclables from all the countries, immediately. The foundation has been set with the Petroyuan and Mach 20 missles and drones.

    It seems that WW3 has started. This war is gonna be different from the previous two. The arena and pawns are going to be the Middle East, Latin America and Africa since China is in this time.

    Funny , the so called countries that have blindly followed Britain's path, along with the US, don't realize that they have indirectly launched something that will destroy their economies from which they will never recover.

  24. John Grytbakk says:

    Idiocy. ….total failure of leadership.

  25. Jose Belindo says:


  26. Jose Belindo says:

    1:00  its the best you can do because you may not be able to arrest them unless they personally poisoned somebody

  27. A piece of fucking sliced white bread! says:

    I say we boycot the UK, damn warmongering assholes and the retarded USA with it's meh russia bullshit can suck my cock.

    Trump is proving himself to be just like all the others, I hope his hand was just forced by the deep state and not that he is swallowing this crap too.

    Pure nonsense.

    And fuck the EU too walking behind the UK and USA like a bunch of dogs.

  28. Krystle V says:

    You can kick out Russian diplomats but you can't kick out muslim rapists and jihadis

  29. Krystle V says:

    Islam seems to be more of a threat then Russia

  30. Jane Smith says:

    Anyone else interested in why Israel hasn't and won't expel ANY Russian Diplomats ?
    I mean, they are supposed to be the US's ally's are they not? I'll tell you why, because Netanyahu and Putin have been bed fellows for years, and America and other country's have been used as their own personal piggy bank for the last 73 years, writing welfare cheques that have basically bankrupted the American people, but not *AIPAC*.
    Get that lot out of the USA, and you'll be a happier country for it, and that's a fact.
    People need quit their unrequited love affair with both of these gits, and cut them loose forever, they're bleeding us ALL dry.

  31. Nelson Luciano says:

    Russian start stuff and then cry

  32. David K Smith says:

    Theresa May, speaks of Russian aggression, when she is clearly expressing the UK's aggression toward Russia, along with allies of the UK, and the US, which they have been doing for some time now… War is inevitable, first though, world leaders are to sign a declaration of peace, declaring an end to all wars, then the bear will rise up, and take peace from the earth.

  33. ctguy591 says:

    Russian propaganda scum , stop your fucken lies and propaganda of posing as Americans on these comment boards , WE ARE ON TO YOU !!!

  34. ank says:

    Up to now the US still cab find WMD in iraq…..the US and UK is the mother fxker..!

  35. shiek rabbani says:

    GOERGE GALLOWAY of bbc radio just said that the russian alexandra and his daughter were not killed by nerve agent from russia but some other poison? SO MAY and BORIS JOHNSONS dirty asses are on the line and putin will fucked them so hard that british people will be crying so loudly?

  36. Blindspot says:

    Trump is a worst leader us had ever seen us uk should understand that peace is necessary first trump said that us will not support environmental issues all bulnders

  37. System Servers says:

    from YouTube "Russia to close US consulate in St. Petersburg & expel 60 diplomats as Washington did – Lavrov" published by RT comments "Alastair Carnegie Vil Mirzayanov The co-inventor of this old 1970's WMD Toxin, was first to blame Russia, but he has also written a book, available on Amazon, (Kindle Edition only £5.99) In this book Vil Mirzaynov gives the complete formula and lists the harmless and easily available ingredients, and methodology of manufacture. He now admits that many countries could have developed this material. It is little wonder he blamed Russia, rather than admit the total irresponsibility of publishing his book following his flight from Russia."

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