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‘US digging its own GRAVE’ North Korea threatens WAR as Trump’s warships loom over Kim – DAILY NEWS

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  1. jo mitri says:

    Kim has a hard head though

  2. Branden Funk says:

    It's clear that Trump has no intention of doing anything or else he would have done it by now , unfortunately North Korea has called our bluff over and over and over again .

  3. Srinivasan Salem says:

    USA has almost lost, when it took away its war of words.

  4. Tina Olewiler says:

    trump is trying to avoid WW3 and exhaust every diplomatic effort first. I think TRUMP IS handling it exactly like it should be handled. Once an all out war is called there is no turning back. TRUMP can't win because if he acts upon anything than hes aggressive or just looking to start a war, and if he don't act than hes passive or never going to do anything about it. So hes going to be incriminated either way. The situation and choices are not to be taken lightly and hes only trying to solve it diplomatically before taking the more drastic approach.

  5. jo mitri says:

    Kim wants to play tough silly child's play wont grow up

  6. jessee sky says:


  7. johnson rewan says:

    North Korea millitary is nothing compared to the very advanced USA millitary, if a war was to eventuate, it would end in 6 days or less as only USA jet fighters could cover whole of North Korea like heavy rainfall

  8. larry099 says:

    In some ways it's fortunate for the North Koreans they don't have access to the outside world or media. That way they don't have to bear the embarrassment of their fat ignorant leader Marshall Man Baby

  9. Billy McAuliffe says:

    America won't do shit unless it's allies go in first as always

  10. Barry Smith says:

    Someone's gotta stick up for themselves Americans always trying to police the world if you've got oil you're the enemy

  11. Barry Smith says:


  12. My Point Of View. says:

    Chill out with the u.s digging its own grave. Its nk who is digging his own grave.

  13. rdmac66 says:

    I feel sorry for the rest of the country because if your not in the military you are in poverty. No food, electricity ans so on.

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