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US band North Korea ships, businesses

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  1. Proud Gujarati says:

    It's ban/banned not Band.

  2. kim mipi says:

    infuture usa world power full kick out

  3. Rahul A says:

    Hail USA

  4. Dayanand Naidu says:

    It's banned not band!


    Us sosent want to attend the meeting with kim….cant say so in public ao put more sanctions just before the talk….. bitchs want to play the world police forever

  6. Joseph Cahn says:

    WTF do indian barbarians even try to speak.English which is a European language, and that too with horrible accents and spelling?? BAND?? WTF!!! I want all indians to be kicked out of Europe, savage temple going ragheads. Spreading filth in Austria😠😠😠

  7. muhammad abdullah says:

    third class news channel with regular spelling mistakes.

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