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Unpopular Opinions w/BlackCriticGuy – Anime Podcast

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  1. ggdsmd says:

    Unpopular Opinion of Mine: I hate The Wind Rises. It is the only Studio Ghibli movie I dislike, which is weird because most people love it.

    And about over hyped anime, in the Ghibli world Grave of the Fireflies and Howl's Moving Castle are WAY over hyped, it has annoyed me so much and has even made me like the films less than I originally had prior (I still love them though).

  2. spncryang says:

    Hell Yeah black critic guy

  3. Rodric Alvarez says:

    MOE IS GREAT NICK! We agree on something

  4. Rodric Alvarez says:

    I need to watch School days because I'm spoiled lol

  5. Fullmoon Phantom1412 says:

    I loved the game. It would have been great if it was more thought out, but it was fun all the same. I got all of them. I struggled with the games and had to move over to VNs. I quit at the big boobs question. I named some US ones, but none where that was the primary setting. The best I could think of was characters that go to the US at some point in the story or space westerns. I thought of sports shows too. I did not think of Baccano and I haven’t seen Eden yet. I was able to struggle through all of them. Coming up with the necessary numbers.

  6. Kazeshi says:

    That explains the tweet….

  7. Fap Warrior says:

    I’ve been a fan for a few years I love anime summit. Dani is a delightful treat and I hope she’s here to stay for realsies

  8. BlackCriticGuy says:

    damn this video was GREAT!!!

  9. Kevin Garcia says:

    Had to knock danny to the bottom Attack on Titan is 🔥 both seasons

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