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UK Defense Minister wants YOU to fight Russia in fake news wars

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  1. Pete fromtheIsland says:

    Start off by muzzling Peroxide Boris and ScareCrow May, for they spread Fake News.

  2. xXRAGING- DEATHXx says:

    Gavin…"ShutUp & Go Away" you little Weasel….

  3. nucdn says:

    Well this is good isn't it? Now the UK government has asked for people to expose them as fake. Go at it.

  4. ChangeFutureSeeDPast says:

    What’s fake news? Fake news a event that happens and different governments will manipulate the story as if it happened how they want you to see the even. Fake news is real news but how sometimes they want you to worry sometimes they don’t want you to worry that gives the implications how they wanna manipulate your mind of how see something that’s before your eyes. Fake news real behind closed doors it’s fake when the secret comes out.

  5. Al C says:

    The guy is obviously a dick.

  6. ZirrelStudios says:

    We have a bunch of morons running our government :-/

  7. M Ch says:

    The guy is in a desperate need of psychiatric assistance – like NOW!

  8. 1woksape says:

    This will change your life forever today. For Christians on youtube: 1woksape super deliverance

  9. Kayzef2003 says:

    Boris: Foreign Secretary
    Gavin: Defence Secretary
    Teresa: Prime Minster

  10. The Jews Are Our Misfortune says:

    The new British cyber propaganda war, a variation of the Israeli Hasbara? As if we didn't had already enough of it.

  11. Steven Gutierrez says:

    I have a hard time taking British leaders very serious now.

  12. Kersh says:

    This is the most ineffective and unwanted cabinet we have ever had. May, gove, Williamson, Johnson, Rudd and all the rest. Hated by the majority. At a time where we need a strong government. Great

  13. DHSNAKE says:

    Thank you RT for yet an other excellent news article. Informed populations are populations hard to brainwash and control. Those who fully understood what that defence minister were saying understand who spread (or at least try to spread) misinformation to counter "competing narratives".
    Thank you RT for actually informing us citizens about how our own governments are gonna start an information war on us to keep us VOTERS slave to the will of those few that make the invisible hand of the state. Those some call "the elite" that we never vote for or even see in spotlights but their influence sets the directions our "DEMOCRATIC governments" go towards not the voters. Thank you RT for preparing us for what our "good politicians" are gonna start doing to us. For example, how they are gonna convince us people that war against Syria or Iran is rather necessary. Or why not Russia or China? Because wouldn't it be for these countries tireless efforts, Syria would've already fallen. Mainly thanks to Russia but Iran and China are also doing their best to hold back the global imperialists that want to take over all land and resources yet here we stand, against you USA BRITAIN and who ever else joining up behind YOU. We are your own countries and the rest of the world's populations and our lives don't belong to YOU to control. Hey defence minister of United washed up Kingdom, you are displaying your weakness not strength when you are openly saying: "We need to spread misinformation because the truth is that we are the aggressors trying to push for taking control of the globe and it doesn't serve our interests to tell everyone what we're doing. We need journalists that will reflect the opinions and narratives of the state, we need people good in software engineering and digital communications (WorldWideWeb) to create software's that will send out or propaganda text in different social media platforms, disguised as actual human users (bots) To spread our narratives and try to give the impression that the general opinion is in line with the views and goals of the state. Last but not least, he wanted "people good in getting the message across" or people commonly known as trolls to spread misinformation in order to confuse, spread propaganda against countries standing in the way of his country and it's allies and also to some degree act like the bots but of course with greater adaptability in case of being questioned and confronted by real people and it's views and propaganda or misinformation campaigns uncovered for the masses of social media users to see.
    Britain, you are showing your weakness and giving the impression of falling apart. Please continue to do so. You are damaging your self more than your enemies would ever do and it suits them well. Please go on.

  14. FDK says:

    It's a bit funny how the Trump hating establishment has taken the Trumpism "fake news" to heart. They don't understand though that Trump was talking about them.

  15. Madi go says:

    Fake news uk 😂😂😂 employees.🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥 Nein danke! 1000% Bricks Fan.

  16. Greg Mieg says:

    The truth will always prevail. These reptiles are trying hard though

  17. Alan Forster says:

    I'm gonna be a Russian bot and a British bot, a British double bot.

  18. Eki Rasche says:

    Shut down the BBC and it´s done, no more fake news.

  19. fullupper says:

    In other words , the average citizen has begun to notice all the lies the government tell and they want to make the lies more palatable by using experts at lying . brilliant idea , young man and it should work very well .

  20. Nightmare says:

    Ah , cyber war? Bunch of faggots , im not russian but im ready to kill british cucks , then rape their wives and the queen

  21. armadillo platypus says:

    Gavin Williamson is a piece of shit who does the bidding of the Banks, weapons manufacturers and big corporate. He does not give one fuck about the people of Britain, and he does Not speak for the vast majority of British citizens.

  22. Swordinhand says:

    The Russians don't need to fake news. Telling the truth is much more damaging narrative.

  23. Heiner Ali says:

    Wonder if this recruiting rap was what they told Snowden and the others were told ? Can't imagine that intelligent people who still have a SOUL…would ever assist evil forces !!!

  24. Bezz80 says:

    The UK defense minister is a war criminal and should be hung. I'm American, not a Russian bot. How do you like that combating of fake news Gavin, you filthy pedophile piece of shit.

  25. Mike Miller says:

    Hey Gavin Williamson, when you said that Britain's enemies would use use disinformation to change the narrative… Did you mean The UK Govtards will lie to the people? We already knew that, so no change then, right?

  26. Doris Marinela says:

    Uk empire fall down long away

  27. Doris Marinela says:

    Only its lenguage still remane

  28. p says:

    Most of the fake news comes from the government.

  29. rolland mousseaux says:

    -the jew empire can whip no real army as history shows……and their money monopoly is on its deathbed…..hopefully then the wars and genocide will stop

  30. Štěpán Pytlík says:

    Russians! Please! Don't believe at least this shit! You can't be so much brainwashed… I beg you! Please don't believe this video!

  31. Steel CAD says:


  32. Voltage controlled Ovulator says:

    Time to play
    Truth or dare
    With the new Devil
    Badder than the last one
    Spin that chamber

  33. Randy Hartono says:

    Yes, Die for The Liars.. Hahaha

  34. Armed Liberation Xecutive says:

    ©™ ALX ⚖ Observations ✍✍

    MI6 MI5 all disinformation experts. May is going Corbyn is arriving.

  35. PlacidDragon says:

    Williamson looks like a schoolboy that is in well over his head, hehe….

  36. Żabka says:

    I troll only for Kek and his prophet Pepe (PBUH).

  37. Lazarus Issass says:

    This shows how afraid Britain is now that it's black propaganda and lies are being increasingly seen through by it's own population and the wider world in general. This is painfully frustrating for it especially as Britain's spent billions over time in the creation of a police state. The UK is a deceitful, slimy, dishonest, abusive, warmongering right wing( ie fascist ) country which cannot under any circumstances be trusted.

  38. Sebas Eu says:

    How about telling the TRUTH for a change? If msm take the oath to tell the truth for 6 month only, will make a huge change in public opinion. But no, WE tell half-truth, cosmetic truth, maked-up truth, PC-truth, no-truth and YOU HAVE to defend us. Hilarious!!! They are insulting our intelligence!

  39. NightWaves says:

    Oaky I'll help him.Don't worry England. Because nobody cares about us unless we are extorting their lives and casting laws to bugger them into paying more. So if it's other countries getting the same treatment we give you citizens tough luck. Your ancestors lived with it so stiff up.

  40. brian kilmury says:

    All msm is fake news

  41. Jan Schlossar says:

    did williamson also drove a white van when he was selling fireplaces?? says it all..

  42. IRINAVLAD.69 says:

    My God! You will forgive me, but gazing at this from Russia, I'm starting to think that this is some kind of schizophrenia or crazy …

  43. Brendon Maartens says:

    Goblin warmongers run swamp pit number 10.

  44. assault and battery says:

    Why do we all call attack ministers, 'defense ministers?

  45. The Greasy Strangler says:

    uk should fight their own propaganda

  46. Marilu 222 says:

    Well our government are experts at 'Fake News' like if the Skripals had a pinhead of 'Novichock' their organs would have shut down and they'd be dead. Letvinjenco gave interviews from his deathbed so what's the mystery all about?

  47. tom conti says:

    uk defence minister can eat my sheep shit.

  48. Donald Lewis says:

    I thought that UK media was always working for the UK armed forces !!!

  49. Tracy Griffiths says:

    RT makes the best Muppet programmes ever

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