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Twitter & Trade Wars? Trump left with several options after North Korean test

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  1. Michael Maxfield says:

    Did she just say "War is never something the United States wants,"? Better stand clear of her nose.

  2. Teddy T says:

    Trump needs a suit like superman but instead it says supertard lol

  3. Low C C says:

    Twitter is causing war? It caused. Bitchy girl must cook dinner. US must deal direct. Do not hijack UN.

  4. The Health Body Fitness says:

    Go To War But No Nuclear weapons from Any one Lets Do this Old Fashion North Korea little Bitches Fuck Russian Fuck Trump Fuck North Korea An China Sell outs Punks Go suck Balls Little Fags North Korea

  5. The Health Body Fitness says:

    This War Will happen Long Down The Line if not With Trump they will put Another White Racist Cunt in Office But it Only Take One

  6. Jackpot Dave says:

    Oh dear..☠️☠️

  7. John Nordstrom says:

    This vial contains enough anthrax to kill millions of people… Oops, wrong script. North Korea has enough nuclear material to kill millions of people. There, I got it right.

  8. Ruby Honey says:

    Loves war

  9. fat cat says:

    Take out the little fat man.his own people will thankyou .

  10. nucleardubs says:

    NK nukes are FAKE AF

  11. Deepjaya Sharma says:

    Why are we even listening to and bearing with USA, the only country which has and making the world a dangerous place than ever…
    I think it's time to stand up against this evil empire and show it it's place for once and all.

  12. Tom Tom says:

    Why is the American UN envoy alway such an obnoxious, lying, petty, nasal voiced, leather faced cunt.

  13. superfurball89onyoutube says:

    US come up with a Agreement with NK before this shit gets out of hand

  14. Rafique says:

    NK can show all his ballistic missile. UsA will always hv more

  15. mad dog says:

    hope they nuke one another,both regimes are rogue terrorists, however USA is worse.

  16. Megan Ramirez Manchester says:

    The USA can destroy North Korea, China, and Russia. The USA is so powerful than doesn't need help. Go ahead with the Third World War.

  17. Franco FF Guitarist says:

    Who the fuck is the United Homosexuals of the Satanic Snakes and who the fuck is this old Prostitute?

  18. John My views says:

    Time for Trump to do a Nixon and go to N Kor as he did say it would be an honor to meet Kim.

  19. yogiudo says:

    In 1991, the US had 100 nukes stationed in South Korea and they removed them in exchange for North Korea halting their program. Who reneged on that deal. Freeze for freeze will be waste binned imho.

  20. WhatUwant? says:

    It's not about the money when u r up there it's how u control it.

  21. luffebassen says:

    US ALWAYS seeks conflicts! Fucking terrorists

  22. Kipper says:

    Lets look at worst case. So China is pushing to bring about a gold backed Yuan for oil system once it is able to buy into a soon to be listed Saudi IPO. And as we know from Iraq and Libya, any country that tries to get itself off the US dollar for oil system is screwed. So, if the US follows trend, that means they are going to have to go after China and a good way to get that war started would be to turn NK into a situation where invading is their 'only option'. China would then come in on the side of NK as it has said it would. America and it's Asia/Pacific allies would then battle it out with China on the Korean peninsula just like the good 'ol days. Meanwhile, if we then assume that Russia gets alarmed by China getting attacked by the US and comes to the aid of the Chinese, knowing that it will be next, the US would then be able to pull in its European allies to attack the Russians. The Saudis might show up but no one can take a middle eastern army seriously except for maybe Turkey's. And there you have it, WW3 and the US gets to keep the world on a dollars for oil system and sets up a global hegemony.

  23. kreative Oras says:

    why dont we just put Kim and Trump in a ring and let them fight it out, Trump is just too dangerous for this world

  24. Guillermo Salguero says:

    it would be nice to have the leaders of each nation box each other out and that be the end of it.

  25. Callandor says:

    "The US does not seek conflict"…LOL! With so many wars and various military actions since WWII, lol!

  26. truthseekers says:

    Nikki shut the fuck up woth war monger whore.
    Are you ready people? WWIII will be worse than any flood or hurricane in Houston. You saw how prepared those people were. God didn't help them, get ready, prepare your shit.

  27. HuSia Cat says:

    Twitter war… laughable for adults.

    Twitter is and always will be, the useless piece of skin between the twat and the shitter.

    Which is why it's a common political 'tool'.

  28. Casey Bowman says:

    Type in; American officials holding dual citizenship. enjoy

  29. Mr.General Af says:

    With that attitude of UShit diplomats ! Everyone is fucked for now ! Unless russia threat both NK & US to back the fuck down or we make you !

  30. grammz0123 says:

    this sounds like a declaration of war against the world..the US deserves everything that's coming to them!

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