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Tucker: Progressives hate Trump so much, they dislike the US

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  1. Timothy Allen says:

    Trump is the bestest intellectual that ever blowveated gibberish.

  2. Jim Schuck says:

    A civil war is on the way and our side has all of the guns.

  3. Itwt says:

    sTuckher, if you are talking about some article by some site, read it before commentating on it…They had some valid points:" Slavery would've been abolished earlier, American Indians would've faced rampant persecution but not the outright ethnic cleansing Andrew Jackson and other American leaders perpetrated, and America would have a parliamentary system of government that makes policymaking easier and lessens the risk of democratic collapse." But let`s face it, Journalism is not what Faux news is known for, it`s just talking heads spewing Ultra-right-wing-nut propaganda….

  4. Jack MeOff says:

    I thought the we already have felon enfranchisement.

  5. Andrew Sullivan says:

    The symbol for the Democrat Party (a jackass) suits them very well.

  6. S L says:

    Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. – Yoda

  7. strongbad666 says:

    Disingenuous 101: TC would have said the same thing 4 years ago or 10 for that matter. The only thing that is different now is you have a President of the United States who is a Republican who has two accomplishments: 1) Neil Gorsuch and 2) Tax cuts; I don't think the public cares about the first one that much but the second one doesn't poll well and actually hurts Republican Party house, members/candidates, when they poll test it as a campaign issue. So when neither accomplishment is politically salient, you make shit up.

  8. John Grytbakk says:

    The Left is pure evil.

  9. desenutz2012 says:

    Libs are fucking ridiculous

  10. Jack Jones says:

    Tucker, they hate their own country wherever they are and whoever is in charge. But ofc they hate Trump most, as he is opposing them.

  11. Donl Roupp says:

    If We The REAL & Legal American People had Not voted for Trump, we would be Socialists by now. We were set-up!

  12. smalltownusa says:

    Really Tucker? Why are you ignoring the obvious. Disappointing. These people hated the US before Trump. They are just being more vocal about it now, using Trump as a reason they cant control themselves.

  13. TheGroovyJones says:

    America was better before it got immigrants from across the Atlantic ocean in New York harbor. MAGA.

  14. Furd Felmer says:

    Guess what…all you trump SUCKERS…China , as of Monday, July 9 2018, has STOPPED all buying of USA logs…THE #1 buyer of logs here in the west is China. The domestic market does not even come close to the Chinese market…don't believe me, look it up.

    Thousands of JOBS will be lost here…the logs ready for shipping to China will sit, and become more degraded in value…month after month, as this stupid idiot trump, keeps his "trade war " with China going.
    Worse, China will not stop buying logs…it will simply find another supplier, possibly New Zealand…when that possibility happens, China has no need for the US logs…and will never come back, even if dumb ass trump stops the 'trade war"…..too late donny…you screwed up.

    And if China wants, it could put new tariffs on every single product walmart and amazon sells, manufactured in China.

    Think about it …bubba's. Your big daddy, trump…screwed up big time.

  15. William Hooper says:

    Tucker Carlson likes Eating SHIT so much that he BEGS for Extra Servings !!!!!

  16. Peter Ros says:

    Trump is like a used car salesman, at least with a used car salesman, you get a car

  17. Pat Melton says:

    Democrats are doubling down on themselves. I'm so glad these idiots are no longer in power. That is God's Will.

  18. dee jay says:

    They can move.
    We don't care

  19. TheUpsnDowns says:

    Sucker Carlson embarrassing what’s left of the GOP. 🤪

  20. Tyler Maugle says:

    Tucker not mincing words in this broadcast.. Gloves are well and truly coming off… Dirty cheating dems

  21. Billy Taylor says:

    Wrong. Tuck! We love America so much we will stand up for her in the face of that orange grifter.

  22. Thomase Synek says:

    They found the voters didn't want to eat their food, so they decided to import different illegal voters to eat their food.

  23. Haemosu l says:

    They already hate the US. Trump just exposes them.

  24. understone says:

    Surprise….divisive party rhetoric from republican national tv

  25. understone says:

    As an independant, I will vote for just about anyone that opposes trump. This extremist ahole has driven not just Dems to extremism.

  26. brian lane says:

    The cops should have ignored her and kept the statue of liberty open.

  27. QuickFury says:

    Get off of the Statue. By the way, how do you think she got up there? It would be extremely difficult with out a ladder. I am still wrapping my head around how that woman climbed the statue of liberty.

  28. My Favorite Planet says:

    The truth is the left and the Right are run by the same people at the top. I'm done with the Right and Left's ping pong game. Neither side cares about what happens to people. Thats why I became an Independent. To each his own.

  29. Freedomrun32 says:

    If you think every one is a racist I have to ask this,why would you want to live your life thinking you are surrounded by racist's ?

  30. My Name says:

    How can a single network be so race baiting, racist and anti-American than Fox Network? This is America folks, we have a right to free speech and freedom of the press. This woman is a U.S. citizen so it's HER Statue of Liberty also.

  31. Brendan Tnias says:


  32. gary smith says:

    Let's see California's future: elite – democratic of course – rules;
    middle class disappears; everyone works for a minimum wage but can't afford rent and joins tents-living; plenty of jobs to get taxes off of workers, but living situation stagnates; healthcare unapproachable; non-education (Betsy deVos will explain that part) plus multi -cultural/racial/ethnical complications in daily interactions ( over even minutia misunderstandings)
    Simply said, it's a very well designed plan to keep the game rolling while keeping people (especially young) entertained, indoctrinated, education-disinterested, fashion- frenzied, .. and alike.
    Tucker Carlson, Not always I agree with your points, but I do respect you. I appreciate your logical/intellectual curiosity to seek the real point/truth in a subject matter.

  33. imagrandpa says:

    Where is tucker?

  34. knowTRUTH2013 says:


  35. Myrddin Oklovap says:

    I would like to point out the 100 percent verifiable fact that "our statue of liberty" was constructed and paid for by France.

  36. Antonio Lim says:

    I just wanna say that the problem why popular vote messes up when leveled against the college electoral vote is a simple mathematical ratio and proportion case…if those two systems of voting were on a moveable scale rather than a fixed scale the popular vote will always agree with the electoral vote.

    Simply put the total popular vote cast by each state or territory or city (like DC) should be determining factor of how much share in the college electoral total vote weight (against the a fixed total count) a state casts and not a fixed number based on census or residing population. This way there will never be a disagreement between popular and college electoral votes…and voters will be more enticed to vote never the mind if they are a gig or small state because their votes will actually technically count…it will lessen the political campaign gaining to focus only on swing states and it levels the voting landscape across all stakeholder states…the more voters vote in a state the bigger chance to have a larger share in the ratio…so your vote will have a say.

  37. noapology88 says:

    The Left already hated America. DJT just makes them hate America more than ever.

  38. Frank Zappa says:

    FOX CNN and others are fake news – they spout opinion and not news. These so called 'news' outlets only cater to weak minded people who flock to listen to the flavour of BS they enjoy.

  39. Jason Smith says:

    My tolerance is about at its limit…some people close to me need to chill out- or the boot cometh.

  40. Paul V. Montefusco says:

    These people have become the American Contra Liberty Union. They do not LISTEN and therefore do not benefit from the SPEECH they use, and neither does anyone else. They are the very antithesis of what is progressive.

  41. Philip Easton says:

    This guy is fucking moron. Today (July 16), YOUR President just gave Putin a BLOW JOB in Helsinki! You fucking people are dumber than a bag of rocks. Pulls your heads out of each others' asses. Put your money where your (shit talking) mouth is fucktards! Democrats are NOT leaving. If we did, all y'all dispshits would be speaking Russian in 2 years! YOU PEOPLE ARE MORONS, AND TOO STUPID TO REALIZE IT. Keep listening to Tucker Carlson…and FOX NEWS. None of you jerk offs are patriots. You don't even know what the word means. Trump came close to committing treason today. WAKE UP FUCKTARDS!

  42. Satevo says:

    Well wait. Since you want to "Make America Great Again" wouldn't that mean you dislike America?

  43. Satevo says:

    Tucker you are a disgusting disgraceful hatemonger and everything wrong with the right. You enable people like Trump and his supporters to hate and persecute others and a co conspirator in this treasonous and shameful administration

  44. Peter Ros says:

    We rather take our vacation somewhere else than in the US. which explain sharp downturn of toursm in the US since Trump took over.

  45. Brother Indy says:

    Stop focusing on the left vs right, conservative vs progressive, liberal vs whatever the opposite is. Stick to what's going on and the facts. This does nothing but further the divide. Come on…

  46. Ken Brown says:

    They need serious meds

  47. Smoke Signals says:

    Time to fight dirty? The left has been doing that from the start. Remember the treasionus hillary? That was the beginning. Now the left wants to pick a fight that they will loose, get beat…AGAIN, just so they can play the victim…AS USUAL. Wake up ppl. This is their playbook..A SORDID ONE!

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