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Trump Kim summit: US President Donald Trump arrives in Singapore- BBC News

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  1. Digong Punisher says:

    Trump haters are mostly drug addicts.. Mr. Donald Trump's pls.. kill all your haters because most of them are dug addicts. That's why they hate you. Obama is soft and weak and stupid

  2. B M Wright says:

    Fake news BBC, shut up

  3. Lineage2Ertheia says:

    if u love peace in the world, u love Trump. Simple.

  4. Antonio romero sch says:

    kim jong un say late on to trump , I have a present for you mr trump , and kim jong un put a misil at mr trump ass ,jajaja

  5. Donald Mark says:

    Are you in need of a Business/ Personal Or even an Investment Loan, and you have been turn down by your bank of any establishment EMAIL US TODAY [email protected]

  6. mahesh reddy says:

    Trump did .it
    what an idiot obama couldnt do

  7. Rude Dude says:

    Surprise! No one was in allowed in the meeting besides Trump's closest mafioso boys so the lies from this Administration can continue unchecked. 'Cadet Bone Spurs' who dodged the Vietnam draft with the help of his daddy and crooked doctor while Americans died overseas will now be able to ad to 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf's'Β  thousands of Lies spread through Sanders, Conway, and Fake Fox News, the propaganda arm of the White House.Β  BTW Conald,Β  Are your taxes showing all of your Russian Investments still under audit??

  8. Rusty John Bartolay says:

    Finally a leader that brings results…

  9. Sanjay Shetty says:

    TRUMP 360.

  10. shawn chartrand says:

    about time justin grew some ball's

  11. DayDreamer YT says:


  12. DayDreamer YT says:


  13. DayDreamer YT says:


  14. DayDreamer YT says:

    Donald whyyyy singaporeeeeee why not California or something?! My country ain’t famous

  15. Chan B says:

    Trump rules

  16. K Siva says:

    Well Done Trump and Kim for the step towards world peace. Trump changed the history. Very happy.

  17. 500 SUBS WITH NO VIDS says:

    The thumbnail πŸ‘Œ

  18. LootableCorpse says:

    goddamnit bbc fuck off with the clickbait

  19. Richard Tweten says:

    He called it right! Trudoopis is dishonest and all about his best interests.

  20. Nadeem Malik says:

    After they backtracked from Iranian deal, do their contracts have any credibility?

  21. MrRRHHMM says:

    Even the BBC can't FAKE this, good news story…

  22. Nor Cal says:

    Trump 2020

  23. Ray Adams says:

    Only a fool would ask a country to DENUKE And only a bigger fool would accept that kind of deal.

    The World is more peaceful with nukes. We can't watch Pyongyang, Moscow or Peijing being looted like Baghdad, Tripoli and now Damascus.

  24. jerry calvert says:

    And this ladies and gentlemen is why these two guys aren't negotiating a deal with Kim Jong-Un.

  25. kereem yorukan says:

    donald duck look's like a coward person,
    he 's affraid to war with north korea,,,
    idiot's u trump!

  26. N S says:

    Happy Birthday President Trump.

  27. Simon Carroll says:

    No Kimmy's BFF??? Wheres Denise Rodman???

  28. Nepsitercoverland says:

    false peace…. thank me later…..

  29. you will meet the ghost. If you do not subscribe, says:

    pray for peace..

  30. Kashif Saad says:

    Trump and kims meeting war bells ringing over pakistan new troubble usa new puppet n korea

  31. avi b says:

    Good luck mother America born to you a boy in a parable 87 pounds Beautiful blond and masculine with a gold word full of respect and wisdom kept for the saints and also has a beautiful name Doland Trump Gd bless you mother America We in Israel are proud to be the allies of the state loyal to us strengthens us and gives us The power to continue to face those who want to destroy us on a daily basis Thank you America Thank you Excellency Trump

  32. Yenling Ng says:

    I want to find a reporter How to contact

  33. Randy Thomas Davila says:

    His name is President DT fools..

  34. ujjwal manandhar says:

    Right… right….. right….right…….

  35. Faye Sang says:

    I applause President Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un very historical meeting for a diplomatic dialogue for Peace .

  36. Raymond Patrick says:

    Trumpforce ONE

  37. KatiushaVN4 says:

    The mileage of the Cadillac One travels onboard more than it actually travels on wheels.

  38. Yasir Rind says:

    Trump pig boldog the in world or soprot Terriost great leader north Kora Love u form Pak πŸ‡΅πŸ‡°

  39. sheckler hodgdon says:


  40. OH Yeh! says:

    President & First Lady Mrs Trump πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  41. mudita bajpai says:

    Trump kim summit singapore

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