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Trump: Innocent People Don’t Plead 5th; His Lawyer: I’m Pleading the 5th

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  1. Mungo Munro says:

    What's so bad about it?Loretta Lynch,Susan Rice,hell obama's whole damn administration did it.One person on Trumps team invokes his constitutional right and you all have a field day.But we get it.You have nothing else to bring to the debate.Trump has done not one thing wrong in his political life,and whatever he did years ago has nothing to do with what he does now.You looked over Hillary stealing the nomination from Bernie. You didn't care about Benghazi.So what if she stole the Haiti earthquake funds.So why make a big deal over it.

  2. CButtonshaw says:

    So the mob pleads the 5th eh Donny? Explains a lot

  3. Wordavee1 says:

    The irony just keeps coming….!

  4. Yellowwood says:

    Uhhh, I think he is going to be found guilty and Pruitt will be fired.

  5. Chester Micek says:

    I've heard so many simple minded people say, "Trump says what we're all thinking." No, Trump says what uneducated, low brows think. The simple fact is that a really smart cop or lawyer can make an absolute fool out of someone to the extent that they incriminate themselves. I actually saw this happen. The 5th Amendment is there to protect all of us. That said, I think Cohen is on the dumb side for attorneys and I think he's a bag man and a fixer for Trump. More plainly, I think he pays Trump's bimbos off. No matter, he has the right to the 5th and the burden of proof is on the prosecutor. As a matter of fact, Cohen's use of the 5th is a good way to smoke out what the prosecutor actually has up his sleeve. Finally, none of that detracts from David's accurate point that Trump is a hypocrite.

  6. Nader Bijarchi says:


  7. Brandon Kaercher says:

    When you please the 5th you incriminate yourself you might as well please guilty

  8. jason w says:

    Of course, only guilty people plead the fifth.

  9. lyni50 says:

    Ivana Trump-a-lot. 😁

  10. Roger Martin says:

    He's a DISGUSTING human piece of TRASH !

  11. Daniel Zúñiga says:

    That's what happens when you spit upwards, at 90°.

  12. TRUMP HATER says:

    Why the long face Michael … look like a sad blood hound

  13. BPD MF says:

    Trump will deny it and his fans will agree he never said it because they are partially retarded.

  14. Fiend Matador says:

    I really wish Mueller would suplex Trump already.

  15. Harry Dirtay says:

    Better call Cohen.

  16. Peter Williams says:

    Doesn't that imply that he's guilty of something?

  17. Patrick Mike says:

    Leaves video to watch Chappell say Feeeeef

  18. Debra King says:


  19. Tsuka 2104 says:

    Trump already saying he hardly had ties to Cohen… 🤦‍♂️

  20. darkashtar says:

    It makes sense that pleading the fifth would be able to be used against you in a civil case, after all the burden of proof for criminal and civil cases are different.

  21. Joey Albertson says:

    america needa obama trump is destroying our country

  22. Shannon Bloom says:

    Actually, Michael Avenatti is now saying it may slow down his deposition but Cohen will be required to plead the 5th question by question.

  23. Alex P says:

    Mob lawyer is going to get the Manafort treatment, 300 years in prison.

  24. gateway833 says:

    I mean any lawyer will tell you too plead the fifth in any case, in any situation, regardless if you're guilty or not. I'm not implying that Cohen is innocent by any means, but just donr incriminate yourself, and don't talk to the police.

  25. beanie0112 says:

    Wouldn’t it be something if it ends up that pussy saves the country from the disastrous trump administration…porn pussy, at that

  26. Nx Doyle says:

    Oh well, he's just exercising his Fifth Amendment right. I mean y'know, it's the Constitution and stuff. So I'm sure there's nothing criminal going on. I'm sure that the president is only concerned with working for America. That's the impression he gives when he is playing golf or spending large chunks of his day on Twitter.

  27. dudewheresmyjunk says:

    A 5th won't do it…
    I've been drinking since this asshole took office!!
    I've had countless 5th's and it's not helping!!
    Maybe I need to talk to his 'Candyman' VA nominee!!

  28. DC Sizzle says:

    Lmao David seriously fell for the "the 👌 sign means white power" myth. Wow.

  29. MrHarris73 says:

    Cohen is a lawyer the way me and my boys who used to write rap songs in high school are rappers. The guy is dumb as a box of rocks and always has this look on his face like somebody caught him off guard. And if you Google "worst law schools" and click on the first few links, Thomas M. Cooley Law School – which is where Cohen got his law degree – is consistently at the top of the list. Some much for "the best people".

  30. Dark Dan says:

    trump is an epic failure

  31. Gary Luke says:

    "There are so many ammendments, i can only chose one! I plead the fif! Fiiiif!" Lol

  32. Cheryl N says:

    Trump said why plead the 5th if you're not guilty when in regard to Hillary. How hypocritical. Now he tells his people to plead. How stupid is he

  33. Jesse Hancock says:

    Intelligent people don't talk to cops. Your a fucking idiot for that statement alone.

  34. Sonny Haskins says:

    A normal president DOES NOT PLEAD THE FIFTH……..Donald, you are also horrible- dont say that about others unless you want to be counted as well……..YOU ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW, DONALD!!!!

  35. Frank Rizzo says:

    I have to pee. Donald where are you

  36. Debra Leonelli says:


  37. Tomaz says:

    MAGA = Manafort And Gates Arrested
    MAGA = My Attorney Got Arraigned
    MAGA = Mueller Ain't Going Away
    MAGA = Michael Avenatti Great Attorney
    MAGA = Mistresses Are Getting Avenged
    MAGA = Melania Ain't Getting Any
    MAGA = Moscow Affair Gaining Authenticity
    MAGA = My Acronyms Getting Awesome!

  38. Dick Fitswell says:

    He's hiding something

  39. S B says:

    Many on here need to seriously read this email exchange Hillary Clinton..

  40. Ferroneoboron says:

    I've heard the "wp" hand sign thing before. I've also heard it described as a "666" hand sign. I get the sense it's a total meme.

  41. Freedom First says:

    Hey republican cultists, remember when trump and flyn both said that anyone pleading the fifth must be a criminal trying to hide something? Don't remember……google it.

  42. Donna McDonald says:

    You can pleading the 6,7,8,9,10, straight to HELL but you better be save your own A$$ because in prison you can't save it you gone be sombody b*tch or wife.

  43. Eric deBussy says:

    Why the Dutch subtitles? How can I recuperer the English ones?

  44. James Chessman says:

    Why do you guys have to assume that he's guilty just because he pleads the 5th? Maybe he's an introvert and he just doesn't feel talkative. 😀

  45. OSKA says:

    UNHINGED LYING LUNATIC, Sorry America you have a problem…THE MOB is now involved

  46. SetoSokotsu says:

    01:43 so that's where these "alt" twats chose that hand-sign…..WOW, XD!

  47. SetoSokotsu says:

    01:53 it must have originated from those "alt" twats et al. copying trump's speech quirk; since he always speaks like that, it would seem as though it were a s/o, but really he's just speaking; it is the "alt" twats that gave it meaning, the meaning wasn't given by trump. [@self.op_theory]…

  48. Red Carvette says:

    that's right.

  49. Farty McGee says:

    We can’t hold Dear leader accountable for this nonsense because he just spews train of thought that is essentially thoughtless

  50. Cliff Roberson says:

    Let him plead the 5th.. Money laundering and bank fraud are easy crimes to convict. His 5th pleas will just shorten the trial. Lets move it people! We are on a time line here!!

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