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Trump: Deport immigrants without ‘judges or court cases’

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  1. czg123 says:

    Concrete Floyd =) xoxo

  2. William Grant says:

    God bless our president Donald Trump !!

  3. onlythewise1 says:


  4. onlythewise1 says:

    these are not immigrants there invaders

  5. Diego- Kiwi says:

    Every racist bitch is saying that people shouldn't be welcome but you white idiots stole it.

  6. Carolina Jimenez:Manga Banga says:

    Immigrants make up most of America so,complaining about it and trying to make them leave is just gonna make this place empty.And you can't blame people for wanting to come here for a better life for their kids in other countries it's terrible like Salvador or Mexico due to the lack of law,poverty,and gangs that exist.
    It's not their fault it's like that and in Salvador exists one of the worst gangs ever that kill and destroy everyone and everything.

  7. kyle simon says:

    dont come here if u dont like it dummies

  8. roni thacker says:

    If Mexico is that bad, to the point everyone is fleeing…..
    Trump needs to completely takeover. If anyone on CNN actually cares… running isn't the answer!! Fix the problem, it's a better long term solution.
    Destroy all gangs, drug cartels, Remove corrupted govt, police,
    Deport all illegals, dreamers, and legals with criminal background. #MAGA
    #rebuild #savemexico #letmexicoflourish #notmychildren

  9. jean luke says:

    CNN is Fake News 🖕. Watched Hillary, Bill and Barak (barf) and other libtards calling for tougher borders since 1994.

  10. greg zanow says:

    go trump all the support from the greens party australia

  11. Lance k Johnson says:

    America is a country of Immigrants, you all came here from somewhere else.

  12. Ronald Matthews says:

    "Illegal immigration is wrong, plain and simple"- Democrat minority leader Chuck Schumer.

  13. Hayden Watson says:

    Obama set it all up now you got these bitches blaming trump

  14. Ham&Pizza says:

    Haha lol he said illegal immigrants not “Deport Migrants”😑

  15. Leonard Washington says:

    Trump 2020 to all you CNN supporting brainwashed fake news fanny bandits!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  16. Dirt Cat says:

    Retard immigrants are funding their own destruction by paying smugglers thousands of dollars which then go to the cartels that ruin Central America. Complete idiots!

  17. george in-virginia says:

    Repulicans hate non whites.

  18. N¡ghtshade * says:

    Title should be "Trump deports ILLEGAL migrants without judges or court cases."

    Oh wait, this is CNN, I guess they "accidentally" forgot that, again.

  19. Marie Jones says:

    What was/ IS the NDAA?! You idiots make me sick!

  20. Y Gui says:

    Repubs want to talk about democrats owning slaves, yet they cry when democrats want to take down Confederate statues lol

  21. 1DOLLAR 1 PEPSI says:

    U know what build the wall in tijuana theres full of white trach KICK THE GRINGOS

  22. Daryl Leckt says:

    its not a crime to be an asylum seeker.

  23. Rafa YouTube says:

    Impeach donald

  24. Jeff Putnam says:

    Is this about illegal or legal immigrants… enough said! Finally a president that wants to protect its boarders. Imagine that. How corrupt weve become in the last 20 years to allow this mess to happen. Thanks for nothing polititions and past presidents. Now its time to drain the swamp. Were still waiting.

  25. TP 2 says:

    In America if someone breaks into your house your allowed to shoot them and stop the threat… It's amazing democrats not only think we should let invaders in and feed them with OUR tax dollars but we shouldn't be pissed when there breaking into our country….If there's no borders anymore then all democrats need to unlock there doors and house them with THERE money and time not mine

  26. uppermostking02 says:

    18 minutes of CNN? I can barely watch 1 minute.

  27. On Texas Time says:

    I abhor CNN. These are ILLEGAL invaders!

  28. Dan Ferguson says:

    So glad for my mute button. If your paperwork is deficient, that's a one way ticket home. Why are judges needed? If you are legal ICE knows it, and more importantly, if you're not, ICE knows even better.

  29. Sarah Lynn says:

    Constitutional rights are human rights. I could care less what a piece of paper says, I know what my heart and mind say is right.

  30. james 311 says:

    CNN do you not see this coming my God #walk away.

  31. Jah Senor says:

    deport deport

  32. Debra Legorreta says:

    Criminals don’t cross the border illegally. They pay off the cops.

  33. Debra Legorreta says:

    Trump loathes MS-13 so much, he’s going to spend a billions of taxpayer dollars deporting children and women to stop it.

  34. Andreia Reminiec says:

    Shouldn't the 0 % tolerncy extend to the white house? Ivana trump along with her children should be deported as well… Melania & Baron as well!

  35. Andreia Reminiec says:


  36. Lesly Martinez says:

    By the looks of the comments there is so much hate towards illegal immigrants y’all white folks don’t know the struggle immigrants face being here you don’t know their motives trust me I’ve met some immigrants and they are decent people stop labeling immigrants as criminals,drug dealers,rapists you don’t know shit about them I hate how this country has so much hate towards them they are people to! America will never ever ever be a white nation America is a mixed of races and cultures there are hard working immigrants that do jobs most Americans wouldn’t consider doing trump is dividing this nation there is hate wherever you go under God’s eyes we are all the same!

  37. onlythewise1 says:

    cnn = liars

  38. onlythewise1 says:

    cnn = liars and miss leading of news shame on them

  39. Kat says:

    He's doing something right or they wouldn't of slowed down and stopped coming. It's big brother showing tough love.

  40. eze says:

    20% of El Salvador is in the USA.
    Should we let the whole country in?
    Just because you come from a poor country doesn't qualify you for asylum.
    Neither if you have a bad husband.
    Its a complete joke.
    Coyotes making all the $. Social MEDIA TITANS.
    enabling ILLEGAL border crossers.
    People from India are # one in illegal border crossers. Not Europeans.

  41. Рафаэль Преза says:

    Due Process does not necessarily require the presence of a Judge.

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