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Trump denies Cohen claim he knew about son’s Russia meeting

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  1. Kyota Tsushima says:


  2. andre brewer says:

    Trump For Prison 2020

  3. Charles Cabral says:

    The 🍎 doesn't fall far from the tree lier

  4. cesarcdx says:

    The President from hell.

  5. TMA L X says:

    ©™ TMALX
    Transnational 🌏
    Observation ✍✍✍ ✍ ✍

    Cohen flips followed by indictments for Trump money laundering then impeachment proceedings and resignation.
    Doesn't finish his term 👌

  6. David Brown says:

    Trump would throw his son under the bus to save his own ass.

  7. Franco Yauri says:


  8. rjmidnite says:

    Cohen's facing 25 years he's going to say anything they want to hear! The proof is in the pudding! 1 year and a 1/2. No proof at all. Still lol. Your all morons!

  9. zigyzigy13 says:

    All you have to know is this and you are good to go.
    Whites are born LIARS and DECEIVERS in order to always "trick" on others for his own WHITE agenda.
    At least MOST of them are, if you want to argue/debate with me about the factual "reality" that they will constantly, dishonestly, and shamefully deny.

  10. 6Lilies6Phillies says:

    Tinkle Tinkle Little Tsar, Russia Put You Where You Are!!

  11. rjmidnite says:

    So when they have no proof Cohen gets 25 years. Sounds good to me! He'd tell them anything to get off 25 years is a long time. I'd be making all kinds of shit up! Lol I hope he gets 25 years serves him right!

  12. Dapper Laughs says:

    "WHAT DID HE KNOW, AND WHEN DID HE KNOW IT" -The beginning of the end

  13. onlythewise1 says:

    turn coat cohen another word for him traitor

  14. Jose T says:

    Fake news

  15. Moz A says:

    gotta ask, did Rudy Gouliani, trying to defend President Donald Trump's credibility against Cohen's instead inadvertently started a public debate on who's the pathological liar, Trump or Cohen? Could Rudy's strategy backfire on the President, if more damning evidence comes out about Trump, especially in the emoluments case which may show Trump's tax situation?

  16. Alfred E. Neuman says:

    Fake News

  17. csl1616 says:

    A honest and honorable man lie all his life ??!!

  18. John Preston says:

    Donald Trump does nothing but lie…
    Impeach this ORANGE RUSSIAN OPERATIVE !!!!!

  19. sdkee says:

    Whenever I hear "ties to" I think "bullshit". In sales, everyone has "ties to" everyone else. This is all bullshit.

  20. TradeBasedOnNaturalResourcesAndClimateNotSlaveLabor says:

    Even if he had, there is nothing illegal, immoral, or unpatriotic about meeting with foreigners. Just another great irony considering the fact channels like this appeal to foreigners.

    You might be surprised how many anonymous foreigners here complain about foreign influence on our country. Never assume the America-basher is an American. Many if not most are cowardly anonymous foreigners hiding behind their mother's skirt. They usually fess up when confronted but they love the masquerade.

  21. rumination says:

    Cohen has such an untrustworthy face. Why did they trust him from the beginning?

  22. rjmidnite says:

    You can't make a tape say something that's not there! We're is the proof of anything it's been a year and a half! Let's say trump knew let's even say trump met with Putin himself. That's not a crime what so ever! So if he did know so what. It's not a crime! Cohen is facing 25 years for his crimes alone , wouldn't you make up anything they wanted to hear to get out of it,I sure would even if I knew it was a lie. I'd say he slept with Putin lmmfao. And I was there because it was a threesome! Roflmmfao!

  23. dar1 says:

    Giuliani and trump calling anyone else a Liar, if just plain funny as hell!!

  24. onlythewise1 says:

    trump the best president in a long time . Obama was president from hell , the left who is darks mostly hates whites , is a evil group of people

  25. Andrew Sinclair says:


  26. Dubjax 24 says:

    trump is the enemy of the American people, he works only for himself and Russia.

  27. Joe S. says:

    That's lie # 122,897 for Trump.

  28. T Dutch says:

    I never had pee pee sex with that man Vladimir Poetin,

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