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Trump Confirms: US-North Korea Summit in Singapore Back On

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  1. Robert Shaver says:

    Good Luck Mr President!

  2. Mk Rana says:

    Good luck Mr.Chaiman

  3. Tia Armstrong says:

    U S A Strong man

  4. maldonado johnaldieh says:

    Man I hope this really goes well for all involved

  5. Kata Semut says:

    NOKO still mulling…
    Yes or No…upto KJU…this is how real Boss work.

  6. fawn999 says:

    well all I can say is..if it happens .that would be a start….possibly a start t having peace with n.k. an hopefully everything will go well….bravo!!!!!!!!

  7. Albino Scorpion says:

    Never have Press or camera's involved until after the meeting 😂😂😂😂

  8. Albino Scorpion says:

    Now iv watched the entire video, Mr President was being directed by top security North Korea.👍

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