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Trump Blasts Mueller’s Bogus Russia Investigation Exposing The ‘Dark Dirty Secret’ He Hid

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  1. Travis Brightwater says:


  2. Tina Zagumny says:


  3. christina corbett says:

    Impeach is so yippee bye bye liar

  4. Gary Lexus says:

    We are first and foremost a nation of LAWS Trump…Just ask MARTHA STEWART and BERNIE MADOFF? You need to put these criminals like Obama and the Clinton's behind bars and then Obama Deported back to Kenya so this Never happens again.

  5. Frank Joseph says:

    Here I am, Muleface Mueller, you know where I m at – Mickey Mouse

  6. Edward Clark says:

    Mueller needs to in prison.

  7. J S says:

    Trump thinks he can disarm Mueller by talking bad about him. Anyone who cares what Trump says about them is nothing.

  8. JAE, There's nothing like a NA'VI* says:

    Jeff Sessions WON'T DRAIN THE SWAMP OR TAKE DOWN MUELLER AND HIS CRONIES BECAUSE HE IS ONE OF THEM! Doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to see what He's doing to "Stone Wall" any investigations into this, with Mueller!

  9. Linda Reyes says:

    Mueller pig Clinton devil doer

  10. Larry Maxwell says:

    Robert Swan Mul'er, Jackass is more like it! Mul'er is a Rabid Wolf in sheep's clothing! I'll be glad when they take Rosenstien, Mueller, and if Sessions is one of them, take him down too, right along with the Clintons, Obama, Comey, Lynch, Rice, and all the crooks involved since this deep shit state began! Cheating, lying, stealing, money grubbing basturds that reek with corruption at every level! Hollywood, the fake news media, the sick actors, and powerful liberals, The NFL and NBA, and all the liberal Democrats that hate our country and don't love democracy and freedom of speech, these type of people hate people that love God, our country, and people with moral family values! They will all die sooner than the sicko's think some day will pay for all the sin and corruption they have bestowed on others!

  11. Loulou Ray says:

    really! that's why the investigation is still ongoing! just because George Papadopoulos committed crimes before he was involved with the trump campaign doesn't mean trump didn't collude with the Russians. Papadopoulos has been wearing a wire for months now. we laterally wouldn't be hearing anything if there was no collusions.

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