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Trump blasts leak of Mueller questions on Russian probe

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  1. ferrark1 says:

    Robert Muller leak these questions

  2. Swordinhand says:

    Any plans to move to California CBC? Since you are so fond of humping the DNC's last leg, I am starting to think you are colluding with Russia too and I have about as much evidence as you do which is nothing. When the smoke clears and all these deep state monkeys get what is coming to them I hope the BS media goes bye bye too. We don't need your false narrative. Canadians with any measure of intelligence can see what is really going on, regardless of how you feel about Trumps character. Do your own research people. Nothing to see here.

  3. Hugh Williams says:

    It's amazing all sorts of leaks out of Whitehouse media says nothink the second a leak to help trump comes out the media explosion and not one question about Russia collusion

  4. Dolena Robinson says:

    May be he should look in the mirror like when he used national enquire to print stories about him in past

  5. Nancy Prevost says:

    Please Canadians: don't give trumps US politicians and friends an opportunity to breathe past his crimes

  6. J R says:

    None of Mueller's business.
    Discontinue this farse,stealing millions of taxdollars.

  7. kyawlinn kyawlinn says:

    Get out Myanmar Burma army in Arakan country

  8. kyawlinn kyawlinn says:

    Let's go to AA army friends

  9. krelfurnace says:

    Almost certainly Trump "leaked" the questions himself. He has used that tactic many times before. However, it does nothing but help shore up the fanatical, delusional beliefs of his "base", and will have no effect on the slow-grinding wheels of justice.

  10. Anthony Sharp says:

    Why would this good POTUS give nasty Mr DS operative 'Mueller the culler', any cooperation at all? It is an obvious witch hunt.

  11. Kvn lang says:

    Cbc news is disabling comments on their propaganda videos … that says a lot

  12. Johnb says:

    This is a drummed up list of so-called questions for Trump.

  13. Laurie Linn says:

    If dRumpf doesn't sit down with special counsel, I think it leaves them wide open to charge Kushner, Jr., Ivanka, etc.

  14. Travel-With-Me! says:

    This is to make Trump STOP focus on America first… We are paying the FBI for what??? CLEAN FBI HOUSE! WE HAVE BIG PROBLEMS in America and they are focusing on drama? Playing games!! Have them do that on their own time. Not been paid
    #trump #congress #america #News

  15. Nils Telle says:

    Did Trump allow the leaks ?

  16. Jim Churchill says:

    So the questions were leaked most likely by the king of leaks trump.

  17. Clamatris McCoy says:

    I don't. know what they talking. about????????

  18. Marylee deFerrari says:

    There is a report by The Hill on the MSN site that says that it appears the questions were leaked by Trump organization. I believe that is something Trump would do because of the Forbes "incident" . . . he pretended to be someone else when he talked to them to be included in Forbes report as one of the wealthiest people. He leaked them in order to attack Mueller and the investigation. This is how this man thinks . . . I hope more and more people begin to understand what kind of guy he is. We have a problem and it is less about collusion now. Whether or not he colluded and whether that can be proven is less relevant because we are seeing signs of a mental health issue that makes him unsuitable for the job. We should separate the issue of collusion from what we maybe seeing. The collusion issue is clouding the ability of some to see what's in front of them right now.

  19. DM Tea says:

    Hey trump supporters, you'll believe anything the liar says, won't you.

  20. The Blade says:

    His "team" leaked the questions so Donald can prep. But….

  21. John Boy says:

    Backwards reality

  22. Alison Jansink says:

    Duh It was Trump's legal team that leaked the Mueller questions, not Mueller. Trump is right for a change, it is disgusting. His legal team got their training off cereal boxes obviously.

  23. Slippery Sleuth says:

    Clinton fired fbi director sessions the day he stepped into office not a word… Crickets… Witch hunt Marxist takeover of the US. Enemies from within

  24. Alison Jansink says:

    About the last chance for Trump to resign with a slim tatter of credibility left to his name. It is about to go down hill for him really fast from now on.

  25. Eric Martin says:

    Mueller's only job now is to disrupt the office of the president. it has been proven Trump did not collude with the Russians. the real story is with Obama and especially Clinton.

  26. 351nang says:

    Refuses to answer???? has yet to be asked ! Dickhead.

  27. Everblue Freediving says:

    Lol…the questions were from Sekulow's notes, he refined them during his talk w Mueller. His take on potential questions. They were not Muellers list of questions. So Sekulow had his list of suspected questions and it got leaked, meaning someone on Trumps team leaked….lol…even Trump doesnt know what the hell is going on…

  28. kokukyvuquable says:

    Trump leaked it, part of his no collusion BS

  29. josa rebelo says:


  30. Darrell May says:

    If Mueller didn't tell Trump that personally then it doesn't mean squat!,,,

  31. Adrian Flynn says:

    Mueller's investigation is tighter than a vacuum seal. This HAS to come from trumps team in order to warn people who are guilty and to smear Rosenstein and therefore undermine Mueller's position.

  32. Don Sharp says:

    If I were Trump, I would plead the 6th amendment, you want answers, speak with my attorneys!

  33. Akbar, Allard Freichmann says:

    The orange shithole is leaking. Bigly.

  34. spiffcats says:

    This investigation is such a joke. Trump won, killary lost, its time for people to get over it and move on.

  35. aura tetri says:

    Mueller who worked for the previous Obama adm, Comey and Hillary is untrustworthy. Questions are definitely a trap for a non-politician seating president who I think is a smart leader. The president is dealing with the deep state who desperately trying to stop the continued investigations of the horrendous political crime they have committed. Americans are slowly waking up to the truth. Mueller has been compromised.

  36. Marko says:

    The Best FREE news!

  37. Fred Blankly says:

    Lot of angry Americans here
    Trumpeting Donald Dennison propaganda

  38. Dan says:

    Russia, Russia, Russiasto, Russiastorm, Ussiastormy, Stormydan, Stormydaniel, Stormy Daniels, Stormy Daniels!

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