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Trump admnistration is being distracted by Mueller probe: Tom Dupree

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  1. Halsted Willoughby says:

    What a moronic title.

  2. Daniel Jansen says:

    It’s time to bring this Which hunt to a close so many important things that needs to be taken care of.

  3. CHAS1422 says:

    I just purchased a Russian Matryoshka Nesting Doll for my daughter. I was shocked when I looked at the base of the smallest doll. There was a sticker that said "Vote for Trump"!

  4. Romulas Ex says:

    Give me liberty or give me a bj

  5. tee says:

    …..if there are sooooooo many things to be taken care of, maybe that should have been the agenda as opposed to hanging out with the Russians, ya think? Has there ever been an administration that EVERYBODY in it has a Russian friend?sheesh…..

  6. Joe Easley says:

    If Mueller wraps this up with nothing to show for it he will be embarrassed. He is now in the futile process of saving some dignity. If he can get Trump to fire him he thinks he can actually come out a hero.

  7. Jonathan Vanboskerck says:

    President Trump would be a fool to submit to an interview.

  8. The Good wife says:

    This better end quickly.

  9. Randall Holloway says:

    This talkshow lady is funny. She would say, she thinks, it's a massive distraction to be investigated for criminal activity

  10. Sandi Que says:

    DJT Admin needs to stand strong. He's in control and in the right. This country needs this Admin to keep working for the American people. If necessary, take issue of subpoena to SCOTUS to get their opinion, in order to stop pussyfooting around.

  11. Long Tall Texan says:

    Trump is a lying scheming crook with Muller and his Federal investigators (386,00 people total across 7 Federal agencies) looking into his known crimes. Trump may be president but his crimes are just plain old scheming crook things he has seen many a crook convicted of. Trump being distracted and bothered now, after doing the crimes, is laugh out loud funny stuff. Hey! Trump…American laws apply to your crimes and you knew that when you chose to break them. Whine, cry, and swear all you want…all the other losers ahead if you, did the same thing.

  12. Joe Smith says:

    Trump is gonna be FIRED like the crazy rosanee🤣🤣

  13. Taxed Payer says:

    tRump doesn't want it to end, that's why he started spygate to lengthen the truth coming out BEFORE he can get his "discrediting campaign" into full swing. He and his family business is "owned" by foreign investors who are getting policy favors from the oval office. Why were Russians in the oval office hrs. after firing Comedy?

  14. Coolie says:

    Fake news

  15. The Good wife says:

    #Free Tommy Robinson

  16. Strphen Smith says:

    Europe's afraid to cancel the Iran deal because it's going to leave back to Christopher Steele author of the Trump dossier and Robert Mueller and they're going to be in trouble

  17. Raymond Holder says:


  18. Strphen Smith says:

    The molar and Christopher Steele the British spy better hope the queen doesn't cancel the Iran deal

  19. Sidney Monkey says:

    No golfing, tweeting, or FoX…
    and viola, his schedule is clear until the impeachment…

  20. Mustaffa Beenie says:

    When y'all look at what Pres T had done since his Election… Trade/Jobs/Regulations/TaxCuts/VA too much to list… and then hear Pelosi, Schiff and Schumer.. they all have NO MESSAGE! except try to take Pres T down…. Black America WOKE UP! as did many other folk… Democrats have no message and are DONE! Proud to be a Black American under MY President Trump!

  21. Jason Coleman says:

    More like the Hillary investigation is being stifled by the Trump/Russia investigation !!

  22. Juan Carlos says:

    first base? lol.. they are on 3rd…

  23. Max Mustermann says:

    Why? Did Trump do a bogey on hole 7?

  24. David Krpan says:

    We need a trade sanctions on Britain and Italy to make them follow their constitution

  25. Ron Lee says:

    Smiles alot you arent in the
    whitehouse how THE hell do you know what Trump is refering to. Go eat SHIT

  26. Elizabeth says:

    Trump has done nothing but divide people in two categories: Red necks/hillbillies aka "Idiots" vs everybody else aka "Smarts". Time for Muller to wipe his face on the floor!

  27. Jas Bloom says:

    How can he focus on anything except the mueller probe- he’s worried how much dirt they have on him. Everybody knows that trump is the dirtiest guy around that’s why we voted for him. He said it himself who better to fix the system than the guy who played it. He’s a genius 6 times a bankrupt but he’s the richest around now how smart is he.

  28. Steve Angell says:

    Obviously this is a I hate Trump interview. He must be a love Hillary man.

  29. Trond LOLOLOL Tverback says:

    Donald "The Teflon don" Trump is loosing power ! "I'm not a Crook/I'dont recall/I pledge the Fifth !

    LOLOLOL (No Nobel to Donald "The Clown" Trump !) LOLOLOL

  30. Ed Bear says:

    Mueller is an American hero

  31. Kathy Fewell says:

    They are hanging on to this investigation for the money and to stop President Trump from making America great again!

  32. Vivian Pough says:

    Bull, Trump brags almost everyday how much he accomplished in a year and a half. The Mueller investigation isn't stopping the Trump administration from functioning in the least. 😅

  33. Jeffrey Roark says:

    If this is distracted can't wait til its over. He's gotten more done in a year than everyone, after Reagan, did in 28 years!

  34. TheZephlol says:

    They are distracted because unlike Obama or Hillary, the Trump administration knows they are fucking guilty.

  35. mikeofallon says:

    Dear Fox: The Mueller "investigation" IS the distraction. Wake up.
    Trump admin sting is in place. Trump 100% safe since day 1. Mueller is dirty (ya think??) & cooperating.

  36. Randy Keller says:


  37. Milcheck MJ says:

    I don't blody get this!!! One video I'm watching saying Donald Trump should seck Mueller, the next video I'm watching saying Mueller is getting Donald Trump to be EMPICHED! Can enybadie tell the blody truth what's what? You media maybe making lots of money no matter what you report, but you are planning mind games with the VONRABLLE people who deserve the blody truth and stop wasting our money on you tube so we can listen 👂 to boolshithing UGENDERS!!!!!!

  38. Err gag says:

    No interview. Trump has too much to hide. He's a worse crook than Nixon

  39. J McD says:

    This is for those who don't know Robert Meuller clearly by now…..

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