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Tripura’s Tribal Youth Unhappy With Government Bid To Replace Kokborok With Hindi In Local Media

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  1. dear sir says:

    Just wait few years
    Hindi will be replaced by English in india

  2. sunep jamir says:

    you mother fucker are always dominated by Bangladeshi… because you people are very very weak.. you people doesn't know how to remain unity and strong.

  3. Suku Marshall says:

    soon the same is going to happen with Assamese language.kinda too late.
    but better late than never to know that we are indeed slowly losing our linguistic identity

  4. Nabeel Ahmed Khan says:

    Can't wait to hear the golden reply by the wisest CM Biplab Deb. I wonder where he is going to link this language?

  5. NISHANT RAWAT says:

    Tripura asked for it by electing these ppl.
    Well done Tripura πŸ‘

  6. pratik chakma says:

    Well done quint for using this platform to show the problems of the people from small states..other media house are busy showing "taimur ne kya khai aaj" xyz movie releasing today..

  7. dorjeehissey 15 says:

    That is why we should first get to know the leaders ideals then comes development etc….

  8. yomma says:

    So much for respecting tribal identity, BJP hatao, desh bacchao! Nazi India!

  9. comet samati says:

    Pha ka iong wah nong….

  10. Shanu says:

    This is breach of our democracy. Cm biplab is the epitome of stupidity and wickedness.

  11. Xxx_The Gaming Freak_xxX says:

    nice decision by the cheif minister im Bengali from tripura and i dont care about tribals they are Freaking assholes and drug addicts and freaking shitholes Tribals fuck u They trying to fight bengali people and take over our homes and houses fuck tribals

  12. Xxx_The Gaming Freak_xxX says:

    Tribals are asking for Tripura land where they would beat Bengalis up and take over so fuck u Tribals

  13. Jeffrey Khobung says:

    Stupid RSS CM… Yeh toh hona hi tha… We'll pray for you Kokboroks

  14. Mukul Maurya says:

    Time to topple the fascist government of India. πŸ‘πŸ»

  15. ashish jamgade says:

    Aur jitao BJP ko

  16. SATYAM SINGH says:

    Ye tripura m sirf 25% Boli jati hai to quint ise pure state m Lago karna chahate hai par hindi pure India m 50% se zyada Boli jati uska ye virodh kr raha hai

  17. ATHEIST WORLD says:

    ha ha they didnt understand from bjp's past ded only promise no delivery.

  18. Debashish Saikia says:

    The same thing is now gonna happen in Assam and because of the government and now its the time to unite all the indigenous people of NEast to fyt against this problem of illegal immigrants and let the beginning of genocide!

  19. Oliver Queen says:

    Those who are new to the topic,
    Tiprasa Tribals are the real inhabitants of Tripura. But, After the Bangladeshi people migrated there and became majority, all these things have happened. The Tripura CM's family has moved to India from Bangladesh just a few years back. And, Now He wants to replace the Kokborok language in Tripura. Isn't that a case of some type of invasion by Bangladeshis?

  20. T Rex says:

    Guys don’t get influenced by quints wrong reporting … fact is not as reported.

  21. hariom440 says:


  22. Ankur britto Panna says:

    It's really scary to hear….
    I being a tribal person myself understand it…so I hope and pray that their language gets notable recognition.

  23. leo messi GOAT says:

    Bjp is a cock broke partyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  24. khaan vaiphei says:

    well deserved outcome i sud say.. keep electing BJP, then you will got to see more..
    sochta tha na centre mein BJP hai to humme jyada fund milega.. abhi to fun mila..

  25. vinayan rv says:

    Suddenly mainstream media showing news about tripura. Thank god BJP is in power

  26. Nibir Talukdar says:

    The quint I request u to do a video on the citizen amendment bill situation in assam…. moreover national media is ignoring the topic.πŸ™

  27. Raj Karega Khalsa says:

    Schedule Tribes are the original inhabitants of this country it is very unfortunate how we have failed our indigenous brothers. Fuck Gandu Biblap deb every Adivasi language needs to be placed in 8th schedule

  28. bineetray333 says:

    Situation in Assam is also going to be similar within a few years. And before we assamese people realise , we'll become minority in our own motherland like the kokborok people have become in tripura. Time has come to take to the streets to fight this in justice and kick the bangladeshi people back to their own country.

  29. Faizan Ahmed says:

    Aur do bjp ko vote πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  30. Faizan Ahmed says:

    Ye wahi chutiya CM hai biplab newly appointed… jo youngsters ko pan patti ki dukan kholne bol raha tha… aese aese jhatu log CM bane hain aur Guu khau bhakt acche din dhoond rahe hain

  31. Mayank Dogra says:

    I wonder if Kokborok is being spoken in all parts of tripura. If it is then it is purely a wrong decision. On the other part if there are various local languages spoken in tripura, it should be not any problem if Hindi is recognized as official language of tripura.
    We in himachal speak lots of languages. Each district has 3-4 different languages. That's why we had to chose Hindi as our official language of Himachal.

  32. Kabla21 says:

    Aww , suddenly being 'Hindu' is not enough for these idiots. You guys colluded with a Hindi fascist group so stop whining now and go fuck yourself. haha.. idiots ! You voted for the people you deserve.

  33. TRIBAL DUDE says:

    Yo keep it up

  34. TempID says:

    Aur do bjp ko vote. These simple minded people are unable to understand that development is just a smokescreen. Real agenda of bjp is to spread hindutva and Hindi. Feeling ashamed that we don't respect their language and culture. BJP silently planting their puppets everywhere.

  35. Dinaram Reang says:

    it is a matter of unfair step taken by the CM Biplab kumar Deb… He should really realized for the shelter that he takes and living in the land of kokborok speaking people he really has a dirty mind and evil concept, toward the Tiprasa people …..Long live tipra

  36. Rajesh Debbarma says:

    Sala …kun Oska hak diya kokborok ka hatane ke liye……..

  37. LAL RINGAM says:

    Kokborok Kokborok first longues awang nani nang nai

  38. YouTube Rocker says:

    Don't call us Tribal, Upojati janajati pahari etc call us Tripuri/Tiprasa…

  39. YouTube Rocker says:

    DON'T CALL US PAHARI, JANAJATI TRIBAL UPJATI ETC we all are Tripura indigenous people.. Call us Tripuri /Tiprasa.

  40. Santi Bhakt says:

    Jishnu debbarma ko toh kud kokborok nhi aata

  41. Bikash Debbarma says:

    yes kokborok for tripura

  42. Ijyak Debberma says:

    Nrk ni bagwi no wasa rk c m ungw leura. Ang wasa rk no naising man ya I hate you Bengali for forever

  43. Sanjay Debbarma says:

    Tripura onli kkbr an English

  44. dbrma danl says:

    Tripura …..we need languages hindi…english and kokborok and about bengali they only for west bengal…Tripura is only for Tripuri people…bengali languages not for tripuri people….we want our right…every northeastern state they have their own local CM and only tripura state who totally rule by immigrants bangladeshi…so this issue will never accept…we want our tripura identity….

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