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Top 4 Reasons CNN Gets Called “Fake News”

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  1. Don Chizz says:

    The fall of CNN has been a great sight

  2. Lee C says:

    Sanders was using the term "fake news" ironically you moron. The problem with CNN is that they bother putting idiot right-wing talking heads on their panels who just disrupt. They should be more like Fox News, pick a side and go with it, stop the pretense that you believe all points of view are equally valid.

  3. Oumar Diallo says:

    From the rebel media ! Fake news is a compliment ! You people have an agenda ! Muslims are Terrorist in a Majority , the left is destroying countries , LGBTs are fake ….so please you are to the Extrem right what cnn is to the left

  4. Joseph Montante says:


  5. gettothebottom ofit says:

    CNN, the most trusted name in FAKE news, period! Quote me on this! I'm Sharing them getting busted spreading lies for the umpteenth time, so sick of this crap!

  6. B Rob says:

    great video. msm is evil

  7. Mike Puorro says:

    CNN showed their true colors during Desert Storm, nothing's changed. 'live' footage from in front of a green screen or set!? No Thankyou.

  8. Rigoberto Lopez Mateo says:

    Go to the app store and rate them 1 star review and fake news.

  9. General Tone Hall says:

    Clintons first win as a lawyer….

  10. Hyberean Glastonbury says:

    Chris is a loudmouth cocksucker.


    Cnn used fallout 4, as proof of russian hacking. Yes they got busted for it.

  12. Steve Witt says:

    truth hurts. hahaha. fake soros agenda news

  13. Steve Witt says:

    she said a small black hole would suck in the entire universe, hahahaha

  14. hllboi817 says:

    Facts dont favor his position when you report them CNN, because whos to say youre not spewing bullshit every second of the day

  15. LazlosPlane says:

    Best example of CNN fake news: "Hillary leads in all the polls!!"

  16. Mick D says:

    A CNN "journo" talking about facts – immediate vomit material.

  17. Jimmy Myers says:

    The Fakest News in Fakeland !!

  18. 8K Trading says:

    Form now on, I'll only trust TrumpNews

  19. Jennifer Puhl says:

    Cnn sucks!!! Don't watch this channel anymore . Too liberal!! One sided a holes

  20. Dave Beckley says:

    Great factual evaluation of 'Fake news' CNN. Something you should have included was a practice all msm is involved in; the sin of omission. If you wanted to hear that Judicial Watch sued the Justice Department and the FBI for more of Hillary Clinton's emails, you know, the ones that she swore were all turned over to investigators, you wouldn't watch CNN or any other msm news outlet. They are more than willing to present any bad news related to Trump or Republicans but bad news for Democrats, no way it makes it to thier air.

  21. Aqua Lung says:

    uh-kin, not uh-keen.

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