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Top 100 Greatest Rated Anime Of All Time Live Reaction!

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  1. Godzilla says:

    You don't like Spirited Away? Are you serious?!

  2. Hellsing7747 says:

    I prefer "trust and betrayal" because it's more grounded if you know what I mean. I still love the manga though but my first encounter with kenshin was "trust and betrayal". However, I own the whole manga series in Japanese and in French.

  3. ninad nv says:

    lol no one piece or naruto

  4. Grim Bones says:

    I don't get why people rate your name higher than HxH and R2

  5. Julian Solo says:

    Lelouch, Suzaku, C.c and Orange boy where the only truly good characters in code gease. I love the show but if it came out today it wouldn't be as popular. Also Lelouch and Suzaku rivally carries the show. It makes the ending that they worked together finally satisfying. I don't get the hype for madoka magica the mc is terrible and must of its moping.

  6. Epicenter says:

    If you watch kinos journey watch the old one, the new one is fine but old one a classic

  7. Castle In The Mist says:

    Moribito is not a meka. Its one of the most underatted anime of all time.

  8. Top Waifu says:

    Re:zero sucks lol, you're not wrong

  9. Adam Evening says:

    wth how have you never watched Romeo X Juliet are you serious? You lose your weeaboo card. Give it to me now!

  10. Brian ̣T says:

    Aria is not even moe, iis just a slice of life similar to Mushishi.

  11. Asger says:

    You should check out planetes. its made by the guy who made vinland Saga

  12. Sohaib Ali says:

    Samurai x trust and betrayal is by far my favorite anime ova or series it doesn't matter, in fact its one of my favorite movies of all time period maybe in my top 5 its that amazing. im so happy the manga is back (although its monthly) and I'm hoping they do an anime reboot for it from the start and pick it up where the new manga continued. for the guy who asked if to watch or read rurouni kenshin i would say to watch the anime until episode 64 (i think in that range) where the anime divert from the manga then continue with manga (the anime is great imo for its time especially after episode 28 hardcore fans knows what that means) btw its my favorite shounen manga of all time. P.s finish the manga first if you already intend to get into rurouni kenshin then watch the trust and betrayal movie (its a prequel to the story) but if you're not sure about it then watch the movie first it will surely get you hooked up on it but it will spoil stuff in the manga for you but not in the anime as the anime doesn't finish the story to the end.

  13. McDudes says:

    Great video I really like to hear of your thoughts on other anime as you rarely speaks about them.

  14. McDudes says:

    Monogatari greatness <3

  15. McDudes says:

    Kino's Journey is great it got the mushishi vibes! It also has a remake that's airing this season.

  16. killler240 says:

    Zoro Made is the Abyss is FUCKING AMAZING!!! Give it a shot, and don't fully judge it until they enter the "abyss".

    P.S: If you deiced to watch it please live react to ep 10 just a time stamp is fine XD

  17. Trinal Data says:

    madoka magica sucks tho

  18. StarmanipulatorKam says:

    At least Fairy Flail was not on the list.

  19. Thomas Strobel says:

    41:20 That's what she said ???

  20. Thomas Strobel says:

    "Watch Cowboy Bebop with an open mind give it at least 5 episodes" and yet you won't give a series a chance or judge it based only of the name/synopsis or because the characters have big eyes smh ?

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