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Top 10 Anime With Mysterious Main Character

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  1. Otaku Sensei says:

    Enjoy In 1080P ^^ Hope You Like the Video 🙂
    Mondaiji Tachi is No.6 Not No.5
    Its was a mistake so i am very sorry and thanks for understanding 🙂

  2. Ibrikoltron 25 says:

    what anime is to the miniature ??

  3. Laura Corona says:

    The only thing I'm wondering is what the heck happened to the number 6

  4. Ibrikoltron 25 says:

    what anime is to the miniature ??

  5. Huzaifa Azam says:

    Can anyone tell me the thumbnail?

  6. No flex Zone says:

    0:02 what's that anime girl from please tell me tho name

  7. Kayden Bailey says:

    It went from 7-5 lol

  8. BlackCamry says:

    How is death note 10

  9. neko says:

    where is 6?

  10. Gabriel Tapia says:

    He sciped 6

  11. I want to die plz kill meh says:

    It went from 7 to 5…

  12. I'm Franck says:

    Скиньте музыку из интро

  13. wix Deerwater says:

    What was the pin clickbait??? I actually wanna know

  14. Teddy Trevino says:


  15. dede jones says:

    I love ur intro song it makes my day better

  16. Timothy Valdez says:

    What's the 2nd anime from intro

  17. Victor Samehada says:

    Ohh mmyyyy goddddd the introoooo!!!! Soooo KAWAII!!

  18. กู้เน็ต 420 says:


  19. The End of Her says:

    I don't see how Yato would be mysterious. His backstory is given, his real name is given, we know of the faces on both sides of the coin. I don't possibly could see how. Don't get me wrong, I love Noragami but I just hate things that doesn't make sense

  20. Kazuya Minato says:

    (^ 3 ^)

  21. James Enyeart says:

    I wish number one was in Dub

  22. dhehan phekek says:

    what anime from intro song

  23. GiggaRey 75 says:

    Dis dude forgot #6 and did 5 twice

  24. kairyu amin says:

    Darker than black was the best anime of its time. Love tht anime

  25. OtAkU HaSSaN says:

    Man…loved the intro song….

  26. Leon Ace says:

    That song so goooooooooooooooooooood at the biginning

  27. xMisterkinox says:

    Does "classroom of the elite" will have its second season in 2018 ?

  28. SeventhFallen says:

    What anime is the thumbnail? Thank you.

  29. anthonyIII says:

    Who's the guy with the blue eye on the cover pic

  30. Sairasu Garushia says:

    What is the thumbnail

  31. Nylah Franks says:

    What's intro song

  32. blabla blabla says:

    Yumeko's not mysterious, she's so crazy

  33. Samin Ahmed says:

    Dude awesome music and list ill be watching ur videos

  34. james10085 says:

    why is mentai cosmic so good

  35. Iki Satella d'Arc says:

    1:50 ❤️

  36. Youtube Critic says:

    Who else thought they Sensei had the thumbnail wrong because of the way it was written? I knew it was Endride. But it looked different when you added the extra capital. EndRide looks like it would be a different thing.

  37. Владислав Ватолин says:

    death note 10 place?

  38. Serenity says:

    Intro song?

  39. flak 60 says:

    where is number 6?

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