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Tick saliva could hold cancer cure: Brazilian scientists

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  1. RennTaPenn says:

    wow thats amazing

  2. Joe G says:

    milkin the ticks

  3. Marcell2aG says:

    Indeed. Government won't allow it.

  4. Marcell2aG says:

    I could tell you exactly why, but the list of reasons is too long to fit in this little comment box. If you study "New World Order" you'll see why.

  5. Eduardo Rivera says:

    why do i find this so cool/??

  6. ObjectableApparatus says:

    When this research turns into practice I would like to take people to Brazil as a companion for these treatment!

  7. Lillllit says:

    so what are the news? as usual?

  8. DuroCabeza says:

    better to swallow it than to wait. just kidding.

  9. lottie says:

    If they found that Tick Saliva can heal cancer, why can’t they find a cure for Lyme Disease?

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