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This Generation: Peter Barry Chowka & TC Joseph In-Studio

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  1. Holesinsocks says:

    I clicked the moment this hit, and opened up to see it has 5 thumbs down somehow… how is that possible?

  2. stmarienanette says:

    can y'all please post the two daytime shows and lable them. I see you did one for last week. thank you for everyone's heard work. God be with y'all

  3. lori mcguire says:

    WOW! TC Joseph… I am in love…

  4. FirstKimberly LastPrior says:

    TC was so great laughed so much  …great show ..love you guys ..

  5. thomas schneider says:

    thank you

  6. cronicjointpain says:

    Peter was a FANTASTIC guest. Really enjoyed what he had to say. Brilliant guy.

  7. Deborah Fajardo says:

    I've read all of TC's books and I'm waiting, waiting waiting…for the next one!

  8. Nicole Balmer says:

    T.C. is an amazing guest!  What a smart, honest, loving, funny person!

  9. Nicholas Campbell says:

    It is that bad and worse, that all are much more prone to anonymity. Regarding the msm and whichever of its representative echoed or reverberated criticism of the fascist filth calling themselves antifah, it is a platitude, a spineless vain concession, patronizing bullshitsauce. Tooling for penis.

  10. Nicholas Campbell says:

    Word is bond, I dig Chowka.

  11. Nicholas Campbell says:

    I ain't no ball of fire, and I'm just a working class artist but I will never stand down albeit in my sheltered limited context, and I will never ever abandon the truth for some situational ease or comfort. Don't deceive yourself, it's not right. A smart guy said that I believe.

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