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The Moscow Project: Trump-Russia Collusion Presentation | The Russia Desk | NowThis World

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  1. Shawn Avery says:

    Hello mcfly think mcfly dont be so gullible mcfly, I can muster up fake news to for the right amount of money…its the swamp they are corrupt our government was corrupt way before trump came last time I checked the greedy will do anything to keep things in their favor come on people wake up, this man has put this office before everything

  2. D'Brickashaw says:

    collusion… possible agreement…jajaja there's no solid proof

  3. Legit Walrus says:

    Has anyone looked into possible U.K. labour – Russia collusion?

  4. John Bush says:

    Hobbes.a while year plus.they sold uranium to russia and got kickbacks.they are trying to get out of the hot seat.

  5. themetalcowboy6 says:

    It was very informative, but would have been better presented in a format without the commentary between the presenters and host, the Q&A sections especially fell victim to this. Nonetheless a great review of the information available to the public.

  6. undertakersarmpit says:

    so who's paying this channel to spread propaganda conspiracy theories?

  7. Logan Brogniez says:

    What about the agreement with big corporations hello!!!!!!!!

  8. Ashish says:

    So when the CIA overthrows foreign governments out of power and breaks different countries and starts wars . the Americans sweat when their own government gets compromised oh the sweet irony 😂. Guess the chickens did come home to roost.

  9. Louis says:

    Killer music. Much objective.

  10. andrewgetwin says:

    Is it not enough the fact which is common sense. Obvious that for RUSSIA president Trump seemed to be better choice. And they campaigned for him. So tell me what is the point for Trump to engage with RUSSIA or take money from them if they already chose to do it for him. Go for RUSSIA not for Trump.

  11. Nurbol Dospambetov says:

    Why so many dislikes?

  12. Dejan/Дејан Kojić/Којић says:

    Ok, Russia meddled in the US elections. So what? America does that all the time to other countries (which is really ironic considering that US officials like so much to preach about democracy).

  13. Kaufee says:

    Literally no one can debunk the facts in this video. Cry more, the investigation will continue.

  14. OneManWolfPack says:

    7 minutes in and I have already lost count of the amount of times I heard / read "Connected" and "Russia" in the same sentence with the provided evidence being either something you would expect to be true REGARDLESS OF COLLUSION, or it is misleading because even though the information itself is suspicious the context surrounding it completely contrasts to what we are led to believe.

    Edit: After skipping through the video almost all of the evidence I have seen has either already been disproved or its context is not entirely revealed (either on purpose or it is simply not yet public knowledge) and can thus not be properly evaluated.

  15. mckennaman99 says:


    28 mins in so far and honestly this seems like meaningless setup, plenty of evidence of questionable bussiness links and financing but really nothing damning, especially when you consider the state of global financial markets at the time and that he wasn't really a politician then (or now). Hillary achieved similar things and more with the Clinton foundation and the arbitrary financing from Russian banks seems like filler so far.

  16. mckennaman99 says:


    The background they gave to Putin's activities undermining the west suggest that what he's doing isn't justified. Western nations did support the coup de e'tat in Ukraine which sparked the Crimean conflict and the other coup's in neighboring states. This has been a well documented objective and foreign policy goal of the US for some time. The idea that this is a "lunatic" Putin lashing out on western "democracy" for meddling in other countries affairs is childish and does not present just facts, it mainly presents bias and presuppositions of intent something this video had a disclaimer again'st at the start :/

  17. DomDiggity says:

    'This is awesome keep it up guys and gals! Love Russia Videos in this day and age, i love all war/cold war type videos, and modern day russia affairs are just as interesting, thank you for providing this content for us! Love them!!!!

  18. ਜੋਬਨ / J O B A N says:

    Hot cheek's..

  19. Nicito Sta. Ana says:

    Bombed syria.
    Syria is allied with russia.
    Russia is disappointed.

    Trump still have a collusion with russia?
    (Although personally. I think he shouldve not bomb syria until there is an official UN investigation of the chemical attacks that points to syria)

  20. SIG Operator says:

    I have only 1 real serious question: what are you using?

  21. TheyCallMeNewb says:

    I know this is going to sound terribly listless, but having been sat here for an hour with this important story, I do quietly hope that the other coming stories aren't so long.

  22. TheVikas says:

    Remember everyone nowthis world is neutral!

  23. amphimixis says:

    Great & informative video – keep them coming!

  24. Core Bliss says:

    Small Crook is loved by Russia and has a Slavic wife… collusion was unlikely to be a real big story if it wasn't the high office but ya passable that they helped some

  25. FreeStyle says:

    There should be a report looking into if the same thing did not happen to other businessmen.

  26. Augustine Appadurai says:

    Just hope that someone will come out with something more credible. What is most worrying is if the chap after Putin falls completely into China’s fold. Putin is too smart.

  27. AL RA says:

    This channel has gone down the drain UNSUBSCIBED

  28. Beastinvader says:

    "NowThis World". More like "NowThis American Politics".

  29. David Padilla says:

    Repent of sins. Plead the blood of christ. Live holy. Pray. Turn away from evil.

  30. Prometheus Jay says:

    This is why I believe the Russian bots/trolls conspiracy holds some weight. Just look at the dislikes. Did she say anything wrong? She literally just pointed out the facts for us to make up our own minds.

  31. berseaz0 says:

    Congratulations for doing a job that effectively puts your subscribers to discuss

  32. HWANG JY says:

    My impression on this video…, Well… Russians did a very capable job…. indeed.

  33. Amit das says:

    Time wasted 😑

  34. Steven Rodriguez says:

    Why haven't you mentioned the fact that Trump works for Israel in cooperation with the Kremlin? Israel made a deal with the devil for Jerusalem. What about Zuckerberg's contribution to the Trump campaign "Cambridge Analytical"? One of the few things Trump has done in office was to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital. How does that benefit Russia? Oh yeah, most of the media in the USA is owned & operated by Hebrews. Bergmann

  35. kevrunnthat says:

    1 hour 😩

  36. Recon Fi says:


  37. Recon Fi says:


  38. 丽王 says:

    How about Trump and North Korea? Why nobody makes a video about it?

  39. Norwegian nightmare says:

    Sometimes you just have to dislike a now this video without even watching it

  40. j pavan kumar says:

    Just another liberals cry… Waste of time

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