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The mood in Moscow as France win the FIFA World Cup 2018

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  1. Firman N says:

    Allah blessed France National Football Team today 🙂

  2. Tichaona Mugabe says:

    The very same french people who hate immigrants are celebrating this victory.

  3. T P says:

    Griezmann CHEATED…what a disgrace

  4. max rider says:

    Croatian are happy and still celebrating being 2nd in world cup

  5. Andrey Pichurin isp-group says:

    In this game, Putin-Killer defeated, it's bad that stupid Europeans did not understand this yet

  6. X Nick Cui says:

    The guys holding the French flags just look so creepy.

  7. silvana pache says:

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  8. Default Name says:

    Africa's biggest achievement was not winning the cup but conquering France .

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