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The Disturbing Truth Behind Trump’s “Make America Great Again” & “Fake News” Slogans

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  1. Abhishek Singh says:

    This isn't a "disturbing truth" this is a fair criticism. #MAGA isn't disturbing, it's slightly flawed. Trump is a liar but he's done good too, no one is perfect.

  2. Josh says:

    Fake news got the title because they lie all the time. This guy is fool.

  3. beck-weth beckweth says:

    We're all Global Citizens? Bring on The New World Order is the mantra.

  4. 1334 says:

    "Make… " is better than "America sucks, make it better" and "(add a self-pity quote here)". This man has an agenda, knows totally well how dishonest media is like everyone. Like if argumenting with the media helps, that is what it wants!

  5. Austin Hannemann says:

    Lol wut

  6. Rajesh Patnaik says:

    What he doesn't realize is US has became a banana republic.

  7. Brad Robb says:

    Rogue nuclear states huh? It would seem with tonight’s news that President Trump is about to solve that problem as well. You may disagree politically but there’s nothing disturbing about making America great again and being a strong leader

  8. Kirbae says:


  9. ledfootfam99 says:

    What a Sad attempt to self validate your own crap propaganda

  10. ledfootfam99 says:

    cough cough… fake news…..

  11. Ian Turnbow says:

    I came. 💊🍆💦💦😍

  12. RedEyeJedi says:

    That's how politicians work.

  13. Milton2k says:

    I really hate that kind of information….double digit ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… is it 10% or 99%… precise.

  14. IRizqah says:

    scrolling through these comments, you mericans got sum probs lol

  15. DawnCrystal tony says:

    1st statement makes sense, full of hole for the second one. Neither fox or CNN got good backchecker lol it is like lying media calling out lying president for lying, president responses by saying you guys are lying too. Lyception at its finest in America

  16. Yacobus Fitri says:

    Is Steven Pinker a Democrat?

  17. YTfancol says:

    MAGA actually means Morons Are Governing America

  18. Because I'm Batman! says:

    Brace yourselves….Trumps lovers are coming!

  19. sadiq ali says:

    business insider fake news

  20. Aykut says:

    Trump is one of the biggest mistakes of mankind of recent times. But you can't do much, when Hillary wouldve been a mistake too. All i can is thank you to Benjamin Franklin.. Less than 3 more years guys..

  21. AMagicProduction says:

    And what’s the disturbing truth behind CNN?
    That they’re a mouthpiece for the far left and increasingly pushing a liberal agenda… while saying they’re unbiased

  22. Shea Sollars says:

    I want to see a great America (again) that doesn't have mass shootings every other month, while ignoring an obvious mental health crisis. Then at the same time welcome and usher in poor mental health choices, by inventing new genders, and claiming that it's completely normal.

  23. Rix Pix says:

    I think you miss the point of MAGA. Entirely.

  24. Dave Ton says:

    #MAGA : White trash wants to make America White Again! Sorry, this land belongs to the Native, According to them,Y'all need to go back to Europe!

  25. Bo Na says:


  26. MOBROOKS says:

    How am I one of only a few people that realizes that the “maga” slogan is extremely insulting to our great nation.

  27. AquaLajo says:

    Hillary Clinton's team and their media outlets were the ones who originally created the term fake news. Now they're upset that it backfired against them.

  28. AquaLajo says:

    By the way, Business Insider, you are losing support very quickly with your political bias.

  29. Jesse Simmons says:

    Well if we shouldn't live in a competition nation world why are domestic companies outsourcing jobs to other nations?

  30. Teri Matich says:

    The sad truth, you are not calling out the real liars or the real fake news. Shame on You! Make it sound as if you are imparting some real wisdom on us while you are simply reinforcing more lies and fake news coverage. Please stop it. Please care about your country. Please stop selling our country off to the highest bidder. So tired of liars and thieves.

  31. sudhir rathour says:

    fake news in india = BJPFENKU(MODI)AMIT SHAH

  32. Josh says:

    I don't get it. How about ballooning debts?

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