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The Debate – Israel Role in Syria War

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  1. Bart Versteege says:

    syrieen war 1.0 is comming to an end , the syrieen war 2.0 can now begin.

  2. Russell Maxwell says:

    Obviously they were Mossad agents

  3. Yair ‘Son of Zion’ Levin says:

    Israel does what it wants to protect it's sovereignty – simple as that.

  4. First Last says:

    I don’t trust that Mohamad Ali news correspondent

  5. southkim cide says:

    much love to that man refering vietnam !!! how can u escape from a spot leavin your weapon and even leavin your mixed race children and call youself a victor ouuuuahhhh imagine that … transpose that to a ring fight were a small dude get punched by a giant and once the giant saw that the samll dude still punching the giant jumped out of the ring leavin his short and gloves and fans …now what u would reffer that giant as a victor or a coward ?

  6. IFREEDOMI says:

    And they're sending a large amount of these terrorists to Canada, where, they will move into America and bring false flag terrorism to Canada and America to further the police state and erode the constitution even more.

  7. Sorosh Fashandi says:

    Ms. Or Mrs. Hashemi, you are doing a great job.

  8. PlayStation/BDS al asqa mosques says:

    again who? ??. does not exist on the fake maps or geographical maps either too… hilarious.. flops HOLOHOAXE or Nazi's paedophile Europeans scum FUCKERS regime's marches on… PISS keepers or flop yinon projects or Lucifer dog's regime's.

  9. PlayStation/BDS al asqa mosques says:

    who? + roles in occupied Palestinian/Iraqis,
    Hezbollah Lebanon's,
    middle eastern, and finally Yemenis region's too. hilarious aka PISS keepers.
    Indonesian/malaysia and occupied Muslims world's too. and occupied globalization and CGI space too.

  10. PlayStation/BDS al asqa mosques says:


  11. PlayStation/BDS al asqa mosques says:

    wow flops democracy or paganism dog's and religious of PISS keepers led strikes again. non stopped ethnically cleansing, genocide, crimes against humanity animal's, wildlife etc again. and real holocaust marches on.

    more's control's and power's grabbing too. because of the pipelines, wealth, resources, energy resource, water's resources etc too. blood diamonds, drug's, opioid, minerals, and sataergic and flops trade routes too. NON STOPPED ENCIRCLING Iranians Region's TOO.. FOREVER.

  12. PlayStation/BDS al asqa mosques says:

    non stopped encircling or provoking Iranian region's and Persian gulf oceans too. via blockade or sanction happy again. obstacles too.

  13. jamal Bibishahrbanoui says:

    Satan's little helpers on the run back home, the Resistance is kicking Satan's ass once more ………

  14. tmoney77727 says:

    Just white terrorists helping other terrorists.

  15. Fwd Kad says:

    Home sweet home with satanyahoo

  16. Jeff Kay says:

    "by deceit we will win" cowards always always use false flags opps and lies to over throw governments and regimes.

  17. Jeff Kay says:

    The white helmets will be deployed elsewhere, more than likely in Iran next. Under a new outfit obviously. Useful Idiots come in handy. I bet these stupid bastards must forget which country belong to. People without a home land comes to mind.

  18. Vladgorod7 says:


  19. Sunshine says:

    I love Adam from London. please invite him again and again to put these Zionist criminal with criminal thinking in their filthy place. Thanks to YouTube and alternative media the whole world is aware of criminal activities of Zionist regime. THE CAT IS OUT OF TH BAG.

  20. DKmaster Ooolala says:

    Humanitarian effort my arse. Harboring/escaping terrorists are more like it.

  21. Frederico Silva says:


  22. Surud Patel says:

    Why did White Helmets need to be Rescued by the Bandits – Are they not those Syrians doing Humanitarian Good for the Syrian People in a time when Syria was Invaded by the Collusion of Bandits led by the US. The rescue by Israel is PROOF enough for me as to the Evil hand of those who perpetuated Human Genocide & suffering on the Syrian Population and led by USA.

  23. Cephas Dlamini says:

    They have been defeated and are going back home they’re lucky to survive the war

  24. Ssa AA says:

    Maybe they were all undercover agents.
    Proxy war hopefully ending.
    Shame on this evil Jordanian piggy 🐷 🐖

  25. Damien Miquel says:

    And you call this a debate ? It's so one-sided ! Reading the comments, I can tell it does match the absence of nuance of most the audience. Iran/Assad is good. Russia is Okish. US/EU is bad. Israel is super evil. Make your point by confronting your ideas with opponents. It's better to be right with someone's else ideas, that wrong with your own ones. I'm not saying western medias don't carry propaganda. Sure they do. But you can always find journalists doing their job by challenging official version when necessary. It helps developing critical thinking. Where is critical thinking here ?

  26. gerri577 says:

    word is out that the white helmets are being implicated in the behaeding of a 12 yr old palestinian boy. I wonder if this could have something to do with the quick removal of them?

  27. ANDY GONZALES says:

    The WH are hated by the Syrian people who know…. now some of these shitheads are being offered asylum by Isrealhell?….wtf

  28. rothschild war bank says:

    Zionism is war and refugees. Killing people and stealing their land is a crime . Support BDS. 67 borders

  29. rothschild war bank says:

    Expect the zionist warmongers to conduct more false flag attacks. All zionist will ever own is lies,they lie without conscience

  30. serg4truth says:

    This is a point in the evolution of the planet that brings to
    the forefront of each individual’s thoughts the question of why me, why now and what is really going on in the reality that is right now in the time we are experiencing. What really is going on behind the scenes we are aware of through the five senses? Why is there this feeling that there is more to the story than just appearances. Who indeed has set this up and is pulling the strings. Is it really just a group of somebodies that is in charge? If this is the case, then is the God thing really a hoax after all? There are those who believe that to be the true essence of the scenario. Fortunately for the good of all, that is not the Truth.
    The Truth is that there are multiple levels of activity behind what appears to be a play of incredible magnitude. Who then is writing the lines for the characters and what is the point of the script? Would you be surprised to learn that you are writing the lines and until you can figure out a point to the script, there is none? If that is the case, then which of the individuals on the planet can fig- ure one out? Well, indeed there is a focused group that has decided that they would like to put forth their point in the script. There is just one problem with this: they have decided to put forth a focus within the play that is not in harmony with the Creator of the stage and the theatre that this play is to be performed upon. In fact, the plan this group has in mind has a great surprise at the end for the audience and the actors on the stage. They intend to destroy the audience, the actors, the stage and the theatre.
    Since the Creator of this theatre likes this particular theatre and thinks of it as a pet project, this idea doesn’t appeal to Him at all. Since He is not in the business of standing in the way of the creative presentations that are produced within its confines, then He is hoping that the audience will decide to make changes oftheir own. There is a type of presentation that involves participa- tion of the audience other than just sitting and observing. The theatre entrepreneur is wondering whether if the play being presented becomes obnoxious enough to the audience, will they simply walk away and withdraw their attention? This would then allow the cast and its directors to destroy themselves, but then the theatre owner does not want his property destroyed along with them. He is hoping that the audience will come up with some other solution. Perhaps there could be audience participation that would perhaps introduce some new characters that would create lines of script of their own. If a new story line could be introduced with characters that could change the ending, then the performance could be a comedy or a mystery or a love story rather than a tragedy. Maybe audience participation could indeed create a whole new genre of experience. Instead of depicting repetition of experiences already known, could the audience in the intensity of desire change the story line, come up with a creative scenario that would encompass possibilities not yet experienced? Why not? The greater the desire for change, the greater the opportunity for cre- ative new boundaryexpanding story themes. Within the spon- taneity of group focus, without the academic control of leadership with an intended purpose, conception outside of ordinary themes is not only possible, it is probable.
    To what purpose is this discussion being instigated? It is time that you awaken to your responsibility to change the (destination of the) path you are now being pushed to take. It is far past the stage of leading you. It is at the stage of pushing you. It is at the stage where resistance cannot be successful; therefore you are going to have to accomplish this by some other means. A way must be literally created that will bring about a solution. Nothing that you have done before will accomplish a change in this situation.Those who have brought you to this point know your current human nature so well that every possibility you can think of has been blocked. Every cell of resistance is well known by them and is allowed to exist because it has a purpose in their plan. These will be used as graphic examples of what they will not allow.
    Now you must come into the understanding that there is a passage through this experience for mankind, but you must move into a creative stance, not a resistive posture. This is not what is expected of you based on your past modes of experience. I can assure you that your history has been analyzed and studied by minds and computer model to the point that you are known to an extent you cannot even imagine. Every reactive scenario has been dissected to the cellular level and restrictive actions planned for each of them. You are faced with the possibility of your extinction unless you can make a cosmic leap to a level of creative imagination that will completely nullify those plans. Have you not computers of your own? Can you not band into creative dis- cussion groups and ask for entry into the mind of that which cre- ated you? “Where two or more of you are gathered together in my Name (within the focused desire for harmonious under- standing), there am I also.”
    Cries and begging to be relieved of the situation by God, or Jesus, Buddha or Mohammed will not do it. You have allowed this evil to descend upon you and so it is you, individually and collectively, that must take it upon yourselves to conceive this solution. A new consciousness change must take place within you. Not all of humanity will choose to participate. There will be some that will hide their heads in blame and grovel in victim- hood. So be it. Let them. You have no time to recruit among them, for what of creativity could they offer? This is a clarion call to the consciousness of those with the strength of character to stand up within their own conscious awareness and decide this situation shall not be allowed to continue to its planned completion. Even those who are in the midst of that abominable plan have no idea that the end is indeed to be annihilation. Unfortunately, it is not only planned to be annihilation of the people and the planet, but of realms beyond imagination.
    How shall it be done? How can a change come about in the midst of such a lack of understanding of who and what you are? Now, while there is yet time, before the noose tightens, movement about the planet is yet possible. Groups shall come together to stretch their conscious awareness, to invoke the aid of the highest of sources of knowledge to assist them in conceiving a new way of experiencing manifested existence. This must not be copied from any other experience. It must be lit- erally a conceptual leap, not in its entirety, but in invocation of the beginning framework of such an experience. This is not a process that can be spelled out. It is shadowy in the beginning as it is conceived as a possibility, and so it should be. Known boundaries of experience must be transcended. A super-human assignment? Indeed, but not at all impossible. Out of challenge born of desire and necessity comes the conception of that which is different.
    Has mankind on this planet been presented with this oppor- tunity before? Indeed, but each time he reverted to known strate- gies. Now it has been of his creation that this situation exists. It has been his task to make this leap and so he has now made it so that it must be undertaken or face the possibility he may cease to exist. All of this is his own doing. Mankind has no one else to blame, so there must be a 180 degree turn from past refusal to take on the whole project, to taking it on with resolve and dedication.

  31. exorientelux says:

    Netanjahu is under fire from the press in Israel. So he tries to present him as the sole defender of the nation.
    It's no hatred against Syria, just typical behavior of a corrupt politician.

  32. Amadou Bojang says:

    God bless Syria Evil USA Israel will be destroy one day

  33. jCentricity JC says:

    Agitations in world can be traced back to Zionist who want to control all governments and economies in the world. In order to accomplish this you need control of most advanced military in the world specifically USA military which they control you also need control of global financial sector which they control this via world and federal banks and IMF. Only other countries of the world can ban together to stop NWO or else they will become an extension of NWO like European Union. For example in middle east they are trying to create arab union that they can control. Sunni countries like Saudi Arabia have aligned with NWO. Countries like Iran have not aligned with NWO.

  34. Meurig Davies says:

    Some White Helmets are deployed to Argentina to prepare Fake CW attacks over the Venezuela border to expedite an invasion by US regime's forces/Lackeys. See Telesur.

  35. John Schmit says:

    Coming soon crispy fried israeli maggots with BBQ sauce on menus everywhere!

  36. John Schmit says:

    Next stop for white helmets asylum in Germany where they can start killing Germans.

  37. Jamie Holladay says:

    Isreal buys oil from Kurds.
    Other than this they only attack the Iranian missle sites .
    My doctor left his family and a hi paying practice to volunteer .
    The white helmet org is great heric medical personnel .
    Who's exploitomg them ? Could easily be gov agency's in Iran hezbullag USA who knows but the majority are careing people.
    Assads blown up a already shortage of hospitals in 75% of Syria.
    Arab citys have hospitals payed by gov.

  38. Sydney Gladstone says:

    Israel saved the humanitarian aid group white helmets. Love Israel and well done white helmets.

  39. Sydney Gladstone says:

    The days for syrian regime is numbered

  40. Hamid says:

    They’re there to spy against Syrian 🇸🇾

  41. tradin tdon says:

    Just as the US CIA supplied weapons to Contras for coke, to flood LA with crack, so GHW Bush/Clinton could fund regime change and get rich at the same time.

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