Fake News

The Daily Show: Trevor Noah On Trump, Fake News & His Future Goals | Next Generation leaders | TIME

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  1. Dulce Pereira says:


  2. Caligula138 says:

    The Worst

  3. Und9rCr0ft says:

    If it's non violent protest, I don't think its a riot.

  4. Yatesy says:

    Can't stand this guy's smug/sanctimonious demeanour. The desperation in his voice is so obviously showing…you just can't stop the Trump ?, bitch.

  5. Joel Majola says:

    The ever genius

  6. Leo Riggs says:

    He talk about racism in our country but yet he doesn't talk about the racism in his own shitty 3rd world country

  7. sweet rocka says:

    Truth to power? You're part of the establishment bro, listen to your segments, full of hake, full of fake news, genuine? nope, and you guys are just following the trend at the Daily Show, you guys are garbage, Trevor, you're just another condescending liberal asshole

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