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The Big Fight: Taming The Troll Factory

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  1. Feeba S says:

    These ladies are really brave
    Bravo 👏🏻

  2. Raj Dhillon says:

    Sorry you are wrong to say that this very despicable practice was introduced in all its abhorrent forms after 2014. This was introduced before the the general elections to keep out the then government and reduce its representation drastically. Try and be better informed. Many swindlers who scuttled their pyramid schemes eg Speak asia, Japan life etc. took this up as an alternative source of income. They were clubbed together on payment and organized into cliques. They were familiar with the social media and its outreach, even then. It would be good to know how many were charged and persecuted for their MLM / pyramid scheme participation against the crores of rupees lost by the gullible public.

  3. Hadi Albaghadi says:

    Suspend WhatsApp service immediately. Subscribe only by proper ID. No other way 100% ‘ GALI’ proof.

  4. jameel hasan says:

    PLS increase volume.

  5. Sid dalmia says:

    BJP spokeperson facial expression says…. humne to kuch nahi kiya. and Behind the scene…"Sala hum hi to sab kuch kartein hain"… Dogla pan to inse sikho

  6. Veena Bedi says:

    NDTV should know all about fake news, they are experts on FAKE NEWS.

  7. anand Ram says:

    On close observation of the nature n content of the trolls any person of wisdom understands the forces behind this organized mob of trolls n the views of GOVINDRAJ highly appreciated n endorsed

  8. Darth Vader says:

    This is serious case. Ignoring cyber ethical is ignoring society. Which is in another word anti social elements. Sad.

  9. Anhar Miah says:


  10. Pankaj Doharey says:

    Why are the most vicious trolls caught from Gujarat? What kind of underground organisation was Modi running in Gujarat for 13 yrs?

  11. Pankaj Doharey says:

    The kind of hypocricy we see from BJP is so low, that it reminds me of only one thing. "The mark of Vishnu".

  12. Inderjeet Singh says:

    First thing we can do is put ban on whatsapp, facebook etc. force them to have their server in india. Monitor all content and enforce adhar with social account. track everybody with no exception.

  13. raju patel says:

    Why Anti-Modi, Anti-Hindu and Anti-India NDTV always bring these Anti-Modi and Anti-Hindu Jihadi supporter like Rana Ayub, etc.

  14. Suraj Dhankani says:

    BJP started this dirty game. Unfortunately people don't understand this. Hence I say BJP HATHO DESH BACHAOO

  15. Suraj Dhankani says:

    Modi ka Matlab

    Atal bhiari Vijapayee ki BJP was decent unfortunately today BJP is all about abusing and giving false party.

  16. rajat benz says:

    Does this Congress spokeswoman know the meaning of UNGRATEFUL?!

  17. Kamal Lohani says:

    India is a democracy and whoever pushing for restriction on social media is against the freedom of expression . The way these libtards while jnu row said they r chanting slogans doesn't means they can take azadi through guns even cited a case of Chandigarh where some youth chanted khalistan slogans and court exonerated them , so why such hypocrisy here . Media loath social media because social media broke there hypocritic bubble and made then responsible so some how they r trying to melign social media and force govt and court to restrict it so they can paddle any fake news ….. Hypocrites

  18. Rajesh Narayana Rao says:

    Nothing is going to happen. How will they prove the motive. A dry threat is merely a dry threat in the eyes of the judge. On one program you say the death threats to PM is fake while a congress spokes person is true. How on earth do you justify. Rana Ayub calls RSS a terrorist organisation and she will get it back in kind. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

  19. Mohan Shetty says:

    Most deplorable aspect of this crime is some political leaders following such mostor criminal trolls.

  20. Click Watch says:

    Do we need Twitter and FB to express our opinions? It's just depressing…!!

  21. Y. Sayed says:

    BJP's lip servicing deserve a deep throat.

  22. Meena Isaac says:

    Trolling is done to provoke and pull people into fights. Offensive or not it is meant to destroy meaningful dialogue. Why should any political party keep paid trolls. Has accountability and course correction gone out of the window completely?

  23. Georit George says:

    How come only BJP spokespersons reached the studio?? Just glad none of them behaved like Patra.

  24. waseem thakur says:

    Bharat jaloa party, bjpigs

  25. waseem thakur says:

    Hat's ndtv…

  26. jack reacher says:

    o bhai lul…they arent only organised..they r being paid by bjp.

  27. Ibrahim says:

    People are of India are not fools they know what politicians are doing and their intentions. if politicians lies and spread rumors they are bound to take them to task. Similarly they also take to task TV Channel Anchors who promote in disguise the economic issues and corruption of a particular political party.
    Now, we are witnessing TV Channel and Politician abusing public taking excuse of what happened is one frivolous incident OR Criminal Offenders don't threaten like in public is common sense. But look at this panel, how they are making out of proportion debate like SheikhChalli……..does.

  28. Sajjad Hossain says:

    The nation wants to know: why Amit Shah is getting so fat daily?

  29. Rahul Kumar says:

    BJP is worst party in India..they can do anything to get power

  30. Naved H says:

    The BJP RSS dogs have such typical bania faces… LOL

  31. Ashley Rodrigues says:

    Ban social media

  32. seamer112 says:

    Why these fucks talk in English the people they are talking about don’t even know what’s going on theses Hippocrates Indians

  33. Rajeshwar Sinha says:

    We do not believe NDTV at all. NDTV is anti National and it must be closed .

  34. ibunmuhammed says:

    BJP & RSS are just goons , gundas and hate mongers without any God or Bhagwaan fearings. May Bhagwaan punish these RSS and BJP goons .

  35. Nitin Dandekar says:

    Out and out Anti Hindu channel. Most of the time panellists r anti Hindu.They dont have guts to run any programme which is even slightly against Muslim or Congress.

  36. g ray says:

    Trolls r voice of INDIA.

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