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Teen had 50 surgeries to look like Angelina Jolie; Justin Trudeau calendar is a thing – 12/01/2017

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  1. dat boi says:

    Ugly whore

  2. Christopher trollister says:

    Imagine living with her and have to take a massive shit in the middle of the night and you meat her in the hallway. Fuck no

  3. Rory says:

    She's was gorgeous now she looks like a zombie

  4. Romero Styles says:

    The madness is all photoshop crap and she looks like a dead body. But some desperado will still shag this demonic witch. LOL

  5. dv says:

    Its eugenia cooney

  6. Shannon Harvey says:

    Looks scary

  7. Jason Jackson-Wright says:

    Halloween version of the chick on FortNite LoooooL

  8. Tylenol says:

    Fucking degenerate and disgusting

  9. Ultimate Funny And Crazy Videos says:

    lol She looks like a zombie

  10. the pope says:

    Dumb bitch looking for attention

  11. Dennis Van Fosson says:

    she looks dead!

  12. pinkfreud62 says:


  13. I AM NAOMI says:

    She looked prettier before!!!

  14. Kit Kats says:

    Sorry ugly

  15. eslam salim says:

    it's clearly photoshopped
    check out her instagram Videos she looks normal
    but i guess people believe anything these days

  16. carlos castillo says:

    She looks nothing like Angelina Jolie

  17. Steve Smith says:

    She does look like the current Angelina, that old photo misses the mark

  18. drunknmonkeyfist says:


  19. Ira Pacheco says:

    She could be casted on The Walking Dead in order to save the show.

  20. FossilLattice 85 says:

    Fucking nut jobs man

  21. Feather The Wolf says:

    She looks dead I kinda feel bad for her

  22. This Guy says:

    ugly bitch

  23. Elissa boo says:


  24. Samuel115s says:

    Ewww, she looks like a corpse version of angelina jolie.

  25. best hippylemon says:

    She looks fucking creepy

  26. Anna Hunt says:

    This is really being blind,???????she is the walking dead, bad very bad .

  27. Etoya Konechno says:

    she's now the ugliest woman in the world

  28. Katie Levac says:

    She looks so ugly like wtf

  29. Try it youself says:


  30. Lps World Inc. says:

    Holy god.. I just woke up and opened the notification board and the thumbnail scared the hell out of me…

  31. david wyn-jones says:

    another freak show

  32. Killaboy 07 says:

    shes so weird

  33. ReflectAndroidGamer X says:

    Fuck this shit zombie apocalypse

  34. speidi1 says:

    Nailed it.

  35. Johan Selvåg says:

    What the actual fuck is wrong with people? :p And how did I end up watching this?

  36. Breaking good says:

    the resemblance is uncanny twins I tell yas

  37. Fseirst Lrest says:

    Phucking Phugly!

  38. Fly by night says:

    Yes evergreen. She does look like her,,just a Halloween version. Why? I don't know. If the goal is to LOOK like angie,,then eat a few happy meals,put on a nice face of makeup and get your hair done. But looking at these pics, they're either photoshopped, or she's wearing prosthetics and a good character makeup. Again,,,Why? I Have no idea. The whole thing is just strange.

  39. Mr Orb 6 says:

    So that’s where my Halloween decoration went

  40. SHERRIE LONG says:

    She looks really bad because it's like seeing a dead walking zombie.

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