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Syria’s Lost Generation: The Plight of the Youngest Refugees | TIME

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  1. Eternal Wanderer says:

    The saudi will continue funding the terror.

  2. Bardock M says:

    Down with Sharia Law, and anything else that goes against Human Rights.

  3. Friends of Syria Canada says:

    All the videos are a testimony the Syrian kids need your attention today.

  4. rickster348 says:

    – no wonder the world hates the west.

  5. flute boy says:

    you rob them

  6. Phil the Stalker says:

    If Donald Trump is elected in November it is going to have a direct correlation on immediate changes happening in Syria for you to go home. You will be rebuilt in Syria. All new. Better than before. And you will only go up from this low point. I promise.

  7. Sarah Muhsen says:

    This is getting stupid and tiring…EVERY single video on refugees and whatnot are 3/4 hate speech against Islam. Maybe if you truly studied the cause of the war you would stfu…and also stop generalizing!!!! This is 2016!!! There are extremists in EVERY religion…if you are gonna blame Islam then you gotta blame every other religion ………………….may the Islamophobic ignorant replies now begin…

  8. mcwolfus2 says:

    The generation is list because of Islam, ancient tribal hatred, and corruption. The world would be safer and happier if they would just chill out and not be so mad.

  9. عبد الشكور عبد القادر محمد says:

    they say Syria's Lost Generation as we know americans they did it incha allah syria will rebuilt

  10. Ramiz Raza says:

    yah allah give patience all sister

  11. ضحك الترك says:

    حسابي الله ونعم الوكيال

  12. Ricky. PERSIJA Pardosi says:

    keep praying, GBU

  13. hussian diamond says:

    ya Allah Madad kar in masumon ku.

  14. Jeevan Ghanvat says:

    keep pring

  15. Abdullah Qasim says:

    Please brothers and sisters welcome into Pakistan

  16. Abdullah Qasim says:

    I'm standing with you

  17. Ardhan Khariri says:

    I will marry u sista if u want.. we can live together with peace

  18. Cee Ay says:

    ☮☮☮ Peace, it's a necessity.

  19. Mark Ganus says:

    egah, but syrian women are just plain fugly

  20. Mohammad Naqash says:

    Ya Allah help our brother and sisters in Syria

  21. Malik Nadeem says:

    Hello +966594660305

  22. Chief Runner says:

    Iraquis and Syrians emigrating everywhere to Belize, Guyana, Surinam ,French Guiana, Panama, Paraguay, South Africa, Australia, Canada..the gnment of Belize is taking in immigrants .

  23. ujjwal bhattarai says:

    God bless Syria…god bless these lil flowers…..

  24. Uzman 007 says:

    can I marry u

  25. Uzman 007 says:

    I will give u a safe life and happylife

  26. Uzman 007 says:

    I will help u

  27. Manz jane says:

    Stop smoking sir..

  28. Inkalimeva TV says:

    It's good that they now see where Western-backed revolutions placed them, actually Syria was doing well before that stupid revolution. Eat your own arrogance in peace.

  29. peter kung says:

    From the beginning of this video, it seems this 16 years young girl oppose Syria regime & was running away from Syria government. I think later when grow up, she would regret to have joined the protest which leaded to chaos of Syria. Who told her president Assad is bad and must go? Who fund, gave training & provide arm to the rebels and ISIS? Everybody know it is the American & the West.

  30. Gryazev-Shipunov says:

    Good job bombing stable nations and destroying their societies. Now all the refugees swamp Europe and destroy that continent with their primitive culture.

  31. jasmine bats says:

    this girl had a very beautiful and supporting family. i came here from videos of girls of her age or younger pushed to marry while still kids.

  32. jithin p m says:

    revolution is a rebeliously romantic word that destroyes your old world but often does't create you a new one

  33. Sherry Singh says:

    i hope and i pray jihan and her family is doing well now

  34. Asif Ali says:

    Allah aap sab par fazal karega… INSHAALLAH…. 😥AAMIN.. SUMAAMIN… AUR SYRIA JALD AZAD HOGA..

  35. Kamran S.Khan says:

    they deserve the highest place in paradise. because of these who lives hard life and facing it in this world Allah made paradise. may Allah give them highest rank in Jannat Ul Firdaus.

  36. Abdul Rehman Abdul Hadi says:

    😭sorry sister this is cruel world and I am also cruel we just watch the video for time pass. 😭 sorry sorry 😭no one come for your help we all is selfish

  37. Rakhi Kukreja says:

    I wish I could do something

  38. Tabish Ahmad says:

    They shouldnt have left their country in first place,its better to stay in their home than living like a refugee..because its better to die with proud on their own soil.

  39. Amin Samnani says:

    So sad it is that humans are inflicting pain on humans

  40. Amin Samnani says:

    Why humans like bad humans hurting others innocent people. i hope the people who have done these bad things would be punished by God

  41. Amit Dash says:

    This is islam kill innocent people

  42. Rajendra Patra says:

    i started crying after watching these scenario

  43. SUFI KHAN says:

    I'm looking sriyan girl to marry

  44. mohamed hassan jeilani says:

    يا اخواني الكرام الله يساعدكم والله انا ابكي كل يوم اخوكم من الله

  45. Kelvin Mwaura says:

    may God restore peace in war torn Syria. my thoughts and prayer are with you.

  46. Abdul Rehman says:

    Insha ALLAH , a moment will soon come when muslims will raise ..

  47. Dyson Rocha says:

    Very depressing situation for this beautiful children. God bless your families.

  48. Ali Amjad says:

    Oooh sweet ones don’t worry
    This world 100 years is only 2:40min of the real world time
    Don’t worry wrong doers your time will end fast an you have to come back.

  49. Bunny says:

    This is supposed to pull on our heart strings and make us feel sorry for them??? WAKE UP lemmings!!!! 99.9% of these pig fuckers coming into our country are aged 18-45 MEN!!!! That’s right the better to rape you my dears!!!! They’re getting away with MASS rape of European women and children, bc they’re sexually frustrated, they didn’t know the victim didn’t want sex, her clothes were “too revealing” she didn’t have her head wrapped in a towel or whatever BS virtue signaling excuse they may use!, pick up your guns and arm yourself against Satan’s foot soldiers!!!!!!!

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