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Syrian Offensive Begins Near Jordanian Border

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  1. J Ramirez says:

    About time. Kill them all. God bless SAA :}

  2. ArgentPure says:

    If they apply for asylum at a official entry point then the families will be kept together.

  3. Glenn Wiebe says:

    Trinity Western University has been granting law degrees for several years but the degrees are not recognized across Canada. There has been a move since 2014 to strip TWU of its degree granting status with many attempts made by various groups through the courts. This latest move by the Supreme Court of Canada was the final nail in the coffin. What is disheartening about this move is that the "rights" of a minority have subverted religious freedoms already enshrined by Canadian law. It appears that the law isn't what it used to be. Feelings trump facts.

  4. mikael brodin says:

    3 dead in malmo

  5. dwbsovran says:

    Trinity Western was trying to get approval for recognition of their law program and many provincial BAR Associations said they would not recognize graduates from TWU because of their religious bias in applying the laws of Canada. Personally, I think Yahweh was looking out for TWU, because the faculty of TWU, a Christian University, do not know the laws of Yahweh or the second commandment. Yahweh works in strange ways!

  6. benjamin holmes says:

    I live in America FACTUALLY THERE ARE OVER12,000 IMMIGRANT MINORS BEING HELD,over 10,000 CAME UNACCOMPANIED! ! Don't BLAME trump report it right plz, That Said:I LOVE WHAT YA DO I'M A FAN

  7. James Braithwaite says:

    Less than 2000 in every 10000 children are with their parents on this illegal border crossing💥‼️ the rest are all part of child trafficking 💥‼️

  8. My Life In The Sunshine says:

    The real Beast is Drumpf. Didn't you back him? I respect your devotion to news: However why havent you voiced your opinion on the goings on of Drumpf using children as biblical shields for negotiations in Amerikkka ? He is literally destroying the US day by day!!! Never taking blame like an antichrist.
    Baruch HaShem

  9. Jason H says:

    Tis all set, nothing can stop it , much love from the UK

  10. BLANCUSO1 says:

    The hypocrisy of the DEMOCRAT/DEEP STATE/LIBERALS is classical, they shed alligator tears for separations of the children of the ILLEGAL BORDERS TRESPASSERS smuggled by(PEDOPHILE?) the George Soros FOUNDATIONS to bring them to the border, but don’t give a damn about the children killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Gaza by the GLOBALIST DEEP STATE regimen change criminal operations …ENFORCE THE EXISTENT IMMIGRATIONS LAWS.

  11. Sunshine MM says:


  12. Jason H says:

    fact of the matter is hear no evil speak no evil and most important, TEACH no evil learning the evil, you know it is bad so why pass it on ? for instance if i said cigarettes were bad for you where did i go wrong? the fact that i mentioned cigarrettes, now thats what i mean, so if i mention video game addiction whre did i go wrong?, ofc by mentioning the word, now with the word of God is so overlooked we know it is an uphill battle and hence we shall win .

  13. Sunshine MM says:

    Parents know that's going to happen so why do they go about citizenship the wrong way? It's there own fault. Think they wld learn

  14. BigBrokeBill says:

    You do know that illegal immigrants are breaking the law and must be deported, don't you?

  15. Steve Vachaviolos says:

    hahahahhahhahaara europe loses the war for best immigrants even our cubans bring us good cocaine llololololol you suk europe
    at least mexicans come here for jobs you guys can keep the rapists and jihadists hahahhaha
    America Winning yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaa

  16. Betty Hensley says:

    Thank you Steven 🌹

  17. Black Crow says:

    Let me tell you all something most of you all prefer to ignore yes you heard me right…… This people so called illegal immigrants, pest and all of (you) what ever they want to call them…. This people's have more rights to be here then any other race that call themselves Americans, let me give you a heads up…. This people's are Native Americans just like me, the only difference is that they are from Central America and also don't forget the ones from South America that they Also Are Native Americans and therefore they have the right to be any part of the America's as they please, you see the Real Americans Are We The Brown People Of The America's not the white people neither the black or yellow people but us The Legitimate Native Brown Americans, remember your peoples genezide us rape our women force another tongue on us and our kids, kill my brothers like animals and stoled our lands So tell me now who the criminals illigal immigrants are??? This is Our Land…..

  18. Kenny Freeman says:

    Assad iz wisslin dixie

  19. Bruce MacKinnon says:

    Quick off the blocks on this Syria news. Always worth a listen.

  20. Tim Richesson says:

    demooo" support abortion and cry foul. Go figure

  21. Oscar Ballard says:

    Please continue to do as he would have us do and speak the truth to power.

  22. Thomas Jefferson says:

    QUEERS win in canada,CHRISTIANS LOSE,canada gets wipped off the map,RIGHT ALONG WITH DEMONIC AMERICA,good riddence to both of them,and their ain't no one with the balls to stand up and save their families or them selves,they'd rather be dead and sent to hell….

  23. stonehillady says:

    Trust me, MOST of these kids are not here with their parents, illegal people taking children with them and being paid $$$ to sell them into the sex trafficking trade….That is why they separated them, don't be fooled Steve, this is not is what it seems. And yes DNA will be needed for any illegal, so called parent will need to do….

  24. Judah Iam says:

    I love it that Steven counted tanks like that, its like sesame street for concerned woke adults. "got a rabbit under my feet… just wondering what that is I'm feeling down there." Loved it. Thank-you for your genuine and authentic uploads my Brother

  25. KELLI2L2 says:

    Steven it's not a humanitarian crisis ~ it's a plot to bring down America both economically and socially… Same as in Europe…
    Keep them together if they're truly family, send them back together …

  26. Doma Agape says:

    If Americans break the law, they go to jail/prison and also are separated from their children. This is a normal law for all people. Having kids is not a "Get out of jail" for free card for anyone immigrant or citizen.

  27. Allen Coniglio says:

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