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Swiss gold sewage: Switzerland has $1.8 mil in gold flowing through its sewers each year – TomoNews

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  1. Nicole Good says:


  2. Anonymous Soldier says:

    Well one thing I know, I'm searching for it and gold.

  3. CrazyPlayer245 says:

    The armored van is Just a normal day in gta

  4. FriDaObi says:

    YEAH! Let's go sewer diving!

  5. FriDaObi says:

    Well atleast it's not oil…. (we all know what would happen lol)

  6. Rayan Parmaksiz Parmaksiz says:

    Im from Switzerland… GIVE ME THE MONEY (yes I’m from Switzerland no joke)

  7. 張克力 says:

    First World Problems…

  8. RandomUser M says:

    My ass is gonna take a trip to some Swiss sewers

  9. Clorox Bleach says:

    I guess i’m going to switzerland

  10. who got cheese says:

    You know bumbs b getting that shit and never going broke just bumish looking

  11. Nemon Cubez says:

    Who cares Pennywise took them all anyway

  12. LordofyummyPies says:

    I would only do this for… for… well I'm poor as shit so even $1

  13. MrGrombie says:

    People throw away valuables all the time. You can make serious money with trash.

  14. MrGrombie says:

    Why were there more bronze medals made?

  15. MadBomber14 says:

    Clash of clans…..

  16. Keyboard Guru says:

    The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are gonna buy a Lamborghini ?

  17. Nikki Gonzales says:

    There's gold in them sewers!!!

  18. Michael Bishop says:

    Well the only solution for all the thievery is to bring back the gold standard worldwide(especially here in the US).

  19. Zeich says:

    goin there

  20. Oscar Hernandez says:

    1:08 GTA

  21. Lanaya Theslayer says:

    U might find a clown down there


    Well its time to go swim through some sewage now

  23. ITzDotzy says:

    Well im off to switzerland

  24. Death to tyranny says:

    Stole the man's gold and the gave him a fine?

  25. a rainbow Fishy says:


  26. Zelda King 101 says:

    Pennywise is rich I guess

  27. Sania Lorene says:

    One way ticket to Switzerland

  28. tdr124 says:

    "70% of the world's gold is refined here a year". I think that is a misquote. I think they mean 70% of all gold destined for refinement is refined in Switzerland. Otherwise, owners of gold would be sending their gold back to get rerefined.

  29. Barney Fife says:

    Were they near DWS's home when they were robbed? :0)

  30. Mojoblackwhite says:

    The one sewer I want to be in

  31. Tyler Miller says:

    To bad it's in water treatment plant dumb asses they have propelers and blades constantly spinning in water there so you won't make it out alive

  32. Pompeii says:

    Ok, I'm going to Switzerland, anyone coming with me?

  33. Pompeii says:

    Ok, I'm going to Switzerland, anyone coming with me?

  34. Pompeii says:

    Ok I'm going to Switzerland, anyone else joining me?

  35. Pompeii says:

    Ok I'm going to Switzerland, anyone coming with me?

  36. youtube freak says:


  37. Wild Gaming says:


  38. Felipe Ramos says:

    I live in Massachusetts they were going to bring money I'm sad now

  39. Stewert lincoln says:

    See Mom!!!!… grows in sewer!!!!! Mom for dad's sake jump in sewer and make us rich..

    Mom – That's why i stopped your dad to buy a dog…

    Son- Why?????

    Mom – Because we already own it !!!!!
    ….Mom Always Wins….
    Mom ???Thug life


    Pennywise is rich

  41. Akira Billy says:

    That coin has been melted down by now for sure.

  42. Bizzare Toast says:


  43. Lamar LovesFreedom says:

    Damn, now I want to swim in sewage. In Switzerland obviously

  44. Gaming with Kim says:

    Man the swiss are retarded

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