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Studio Bones Is Dropping Some Huge Anime News

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  1. Gurb Deepworld says:

    first and liked

    Simple. l0l no one beats me when I'm actually online and I get the notification at the right time . it sucks u actually upload when I'm in school tho hex

  2. Hex Competitive says:

    Some bombshell folks some bombshells

  3. TheOmgCat says:


  4. Kash Rocks says:

    Good singing

  5. expresser pin says:

    Love your voice seriously dude you should do anime op

  6. daniel diaz says:

    Am here lol

  7. Kimberly Campbell says:

    God damn it, I thought that was Yato in the thumbnail.? Noragami is never gonna get a season 3.???

  8. daniel diaz says:

    Dude ur voices is awesomeness!!!

  9. Dacid Looes says:

    Do you watch echhi animes ?

  10. Zo Moore says:

    Norigami Has to have a season 3 at least by 2019. Just a guess.

  11. Carlos Nite says:

    Hey hex

  12. Federico Luchessa says:

    Love your voice and that singing was beautiful ??❤️

  13. Nick Victory Fire says:

    Nice voice singing btw

  14. DeAndre Dukes says:

    Great voice!

  15. yoloevan21 says:

    can you do naruto website for 403 -414(Btw English dub)

  16. Ian Goen says:

    Speaking seeing anime movies in theaters I saw No Game No Life Zero in the theaters last Sunday.

  17. Joseph Lopez says:

    I think you have to make your vids longer like 10 min to get ad revenue

  18. 桜 asuna says:

    Why have noragami pic and have nothing about it in here got my hopes up for nothing

  19. Eduardo Zamora says:

    That in my birthday

  20. anime time says:

    Hex competitive this dude found akame ga kill season 2 confirmed here is the link

  21. Joshua Reviews says:

    Studio Bones is one of my favorite anime studio's I love the anime that they made in 2004 scrapped princess and number 6

  22. komas says:

    AICO gona be dam good

  23. Josmar Mart says:

    What's the name of the anime?

  24. Aeneas Shinas says:

    That voice was good

  25. 171QA says:

    You've got a good voice.

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