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Stormy Rudy vs. Commie Lefties | The Andrew Klavan Show Ep. 507

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  1. tobyyawn24 says:

    Make the boy scouts great again

  2. masterpainter78 says:

    So the Mainstream Media is endorsing a Mass Murderer for president of the United States.

  3. The Blasphemous Gospel says:

    When can we start purging the commies?

  4. J V says:

    All this 💩 is just another disgraceful display of communist hatred toward a duly elected potus

  5. J V says:

    Tell us specifically what laws / statutes were violated with all this porn star bs? None? Then why is this news?

  6. B Ahve says:


  7. B Ahve says:

    Thank you for the full show. Enjoy the weekend✌

  8. BillboardsOnTheInfoHwy says:

    Full of it. Always liked Gorka, but Christopher Steele fabricated "dossier" – Russians and that poor schmuck Guccifer did not hack squat. His name was Seth Rich.

    CIA disinformation.

    Saudi threatens US economy and petro dollar if they don't oust Assad and cripple Iran. If not, at least secure enough territory for the Saudi gas pipeline. US & UK not idiots, yet they continue to lie in the face of reason – why? They have to.
    Israel? Their lifeline is the US, UK & petro dollar.

    Georgia/Russia, Armenia/Azerbaijan, Ukraine/Russia, Libya, Syria – Horrifying that we are on the wrong side of history.

    Russians are not Communists bent on global domination. They booted the communists or transformed them into capitalists – who maintained control of factories and business after the fall?

    The real threat is the Military Industrial Complex, Deep State, Bankster Swamp creatures – both Republican and Democrat.

  9. Lord Sango says:

    gorka married a quintescential wasp. lol. who woulld of thought he is married to a white anglo-saxon protestant. i do miss the old racial slurs. im korean and i cant remember the last time i heard the word chink. yet we still have a certain curse word that still lives and ironically its kept alive by the people its used against. real life can be stranger than fiction. hence president trump, but in this instance its a dam good thing.

  10. TheJagjr4450 says:

    The media won… that is the story… after 20 years of beating it into the American public's heads that the sex lives of politicians are none of our business we finally do not care. NOW they want us to care…. right now? Anyone with half a brain has to be thinking… this is quite suspect.

  11. ChiefSittingStill says:

    A Klavanless *week*? Good grief, there'll be casualties strewn all over the place by the time Klavan returns! It'll be like a war zone!

  12. Antony G says:

    A 1/3 of the Democratic Party are socialists and communists. The other 2/3 are cultural Marxists. Andrew Klavan doesn't even know that the 2/3 part exists. Cultural Marxists gave up trying to create their collectivist utopia using economics decades ago. They are now focused on destroying the culture. Hillary Clinton is unquestionably a cultural Marxist.

  13. Chuck Hoyle says:

    Muller: "What were you thinking about when you fired Comey?"
    Trump: "I was thinking about banging Stormy Daniels again."

  14. J.W. Jackson says:

    hahaha the Pocahontas questions

  15. Ben Davies says:

    My review of 300 and why the left calls it a “toxic masculine” movie.

  16. jerome sunio says:

    he's gonna pull out of the iran deal like how he pulled out of stormy.

  17. Nick Zema says:

    How do we get the video of the Devil? Just clip it, so I can post it!

  18. Henry V says:

    Have a great rest Mr Klavan

  19. fearindrive says:

    Klavan is the best but you guys gotta drop the whole abortion thing, babies are gross

  20. Nic Winston says:

    andrew klavan you are total dragon energy.

  21. bil e says:

    where is klavan. i can not sleep without hearing him.

  22. Goodie Andy says:

    “You can tell the difference between Westworld or the Chris Cuomo show”

  23. Elyo Doyle says:

    We need to do something about this toxic femininity before it infects and destroys everything. For a woman to be happy they have to make men miserable<< A very toxic feminine trait.

  24. Jay Richard says:

    It's spelled cliaven. Learn how to spell his name people jeez. Ann dreeu cliaven. Not that hard.

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