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Steyn: Comey, McCabe’s behavior was borderline obstruction

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  1. The un spoke says:

    There is nothing circumstantial about forwardly lying. Their behavior far superseded real obstruction, I completely concur.

  2. NOREMACG1 says:

    Who in the H is Comey to judge President Trump or anyone? Can't believe that this guy is still walking around and not in prison!

  3. Wyatt Sprague says:

    Incontinent, or incompetent? , one would think this position would require dignity and keep to an oath made as a patriot, and not to smear with gossip and how he was checking out every orifice of the cic, his analysis was quite creepy.

  4. Marilyn Dillard says:

    COMEY won't go to jail…hes wanting ATTENTION BECAUSE HIS EGO IS SAGGING…his wife is mad, she's wanting the moola to keep she's pushing the book an marching for tv time interviews..hes talking nasty an pushing a book cart to peddle around…the well is going to dry up eventually..soo sad…OBAMA/SOROS will have to cut another check to him…he's going to have to beg again…he'll have to bend over..he'll love that part…threesome partying..his gig.

  5. Hose Kim says:

    Comey is a sick man!

  6. Alexander Canovas says:

    Comey's wife has every right to march with the idiots in pink pussy hats or whatever other idiotic leftist causes she believes in. It does, however, raise serious questions about the intelligence of a man who could not have convinced his spouse of the error of her thinking over his years of marriage and also for allowing a whole household of leftist fools to be indoctrinated by that same spouse. He claimed to be a Republican, yet he apparently was so far from actually believing in any of the Republican issues that he encouraged his family to pursue what amounts to anathema to any conservative or even centrist. That leaves us to believe that he was either so emasculated by his wife (she must keep his balls in a separate drawer and only hands them out as she sees fit) as to raise serious doubts of his ability to be effective in the position of top law enforcement officer. OR, and this is more likely, he was a wolf in sheep's clothing all along and has been consistently undermining conservative principles, and that means true law and order principles (for as we all know, the left always adopts the "ends justify the means" principle as their only moral compass). In light of the recent disclosures and Comey's shameful media blitz, it is clear that he suffered from a combination of both of the afore mentioned conditions. In short, he has shown himself to be a disgrace to the nation and the FBI, which very seriously dropped in the esteem of most Americans for its inability to properly vet or ferret out the bad apples in their midst.

  7. Rightwing Hillbilly says:

    I'm here for all the donald Duck fanboys. How's it going … are we triggered yet?

  8. Bearwoman11 says:

    You can't criticize comey's behavior when you have an incompetent morally corrupt person who lacks knowledge, lack of decency, and is a criminal and is a greater threat to world peace then Donald Trump

  9. nooo l says:

    Putin has the Pee Pee Tape!

  10. Daryl Leckt says:

    fox entertainment is the propaganda bureau for putin's republicans and the conservative deep state.

  11. Lamar Passmore says:

    There's no borderline obstruction, working off the clock is obstruction. If Starbuck employee's went to work after the place closes then… Who's liable?

  12. Lamar Passmore says:

    Keeping classified information on personal your personal email server that was set up by a former government computer technician is #CyberCrime

  13. Ryno Xpress says:

    Thank you Tuckuh!

  14. Lewis Graham says:

    No Mc Cabe was as bad as Comey , Comey took the $650000 bribe off Hilary for his wife, and McCabe took the $750000 bribe off Hilary for his wife Jill. They are both 💩

  15. vincent vargas says:

    Where hannity…on vacation?

  16. C j says:

    So if they were borderline then how far over the line is trump?

  17. deathlock deff says:

    On point almost every day👌

  18. Dallas Davis says:

    hopefully comey likes bending over in the shower
    maybe his wife can get him broke in before he goes the prison

  19. jaguar0969 says:

    Hannity. Lock him up.

  20. Tommy Cease says:

    Hannity is proven to have a massive conflict of interest and hides it. What is tiny tucker hiding
    First O'reilly now hannity next tucker.
    It's not the hardest hardcore over half of American voters voted for Hillary and it was a candidate A or candidate B you fuck'n foreigner

  21. Snoopy Snoop Coleman says:


  22. No worries Mate says:

    He was doing the prostitutes in Russia. If his wife doesn’t care why should we? It’s not our business.

  23. Maura Livingston says:

    Borderline Obstruction? I'd say more like Definite Treason.

  24. Cristian Seitz says:

    Oh boy, carlson has another limp dick on air.

  25. Cristian Seitz says:

    Hey trumpsters, look….✊find the finger that represents trump. Hint…'s the middle one!

  26. Dave Bentley says:

    All of that bullshit in the past about giving "Joe the plumber" a job…Maybe they should call a plumber to fix all of their damned leaks. He might just tighten their down spout with a wrench.

  27. EH PA says:

    Chick-fil-A controversy? How about you cover Sean Hannity's chic payout controversy?

  28. Zeef says:

    Snarky English pig-dog. Fox news contributor makes him an expert in the smell of his own farts, and nothing else.

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